Edit 1: I get the pleasure of posting the (uber) easy tutorial for how I made my party tablecloth today over at My Sister’s Suitcase, so be sure to swing by and check it out! : )

Also, remember that adorable marker onesie tute those talented sister showed us last week and how they promised to make a pair for my twins?

Well, today, they have fun poll on their blog with their top three favorites from all your suggestions of what to put on them, so go vote for YOUR fave! (I’m about to). I can’t wait to see who wins!

Edit 2: Have you seen my party post from yesterday? Lots of fun pics, plus a brand new, straight-from-my-noggin (scary thought) idea for an icebreaker game for a party of your own!

So, last week, you guys were so nice to help me choose what to wear to the party.

Just as a quick refresher, you voted on these options:


So, which one did I choose?



That would be Option E (and some really puffy legs).

For the record, I already had Option A from a super-sale at a boutique (it was originally $280, and I talked her down to $25!) and Option C (which was a $5 Goodwill score from a while back…I’ve yet to wear either of them). Option B was a $13 clearance buy from Ross that I plan to wear throughout my pregnancy, and Option D was $27 from Urban Outfitters online, which I almost love but can’t quite decide what to do with (meaning, it might go back…woot for free return shipping!).

I was definitely with you guys on Option C being the best in terms of light, summery fun and baby-bump hiding potential, but the fact that I needed to take up the bodice for a safe fit made me a little nervous since there was so much else going on.

So, I ducked into Ann Taylor Loft 2 nights before the party, emboldened by the: “Extra 50% off all sale items” sign displayed in the front window, and, just as I was about to leave, saw Option E tucked in a corner.

They had my size, and it fit like a dream, disguised the bump, left me room to move, was nice and cool, had polka dots AND ruffles (two of my faves…boy, do I sound like a girly-girl), and was only $25 with the extra 50% off—a price-tag I could deal with for a dress that had so many elements I loved and could be worn for a while longer in this pregnancy and definitely afterwards.

So I bought it but kept the receipt, still hoping to find time to alter the blue dress.

Needless to say, considering that I got dressed and did my hair and makeup at 6:20 when the party was at 7, the alterations did not happen.

But when I walked out of the bedroom, and my husband, who had just bounded up the stairs to change as well after just finishing stringing the patio lights (I promise we didn’t wait ‘til the last second; it’s just how it went) stopped dead in his tracks, hugged me, and said, “You look good,” (after having responded with a polite, “Sure, I like that one, baby,” to most of my other options), I knew it was worth that extra trip!

All of the other girls at the party looked absolutely lovely, including:


Jolinda…who made that adorable polka dot number she’s wearing.


Mandy and her sister-in-law, Cayse.


…and my brother’s girlfriend, Hannah (they had to leave early, and I didn’t manage to nab a better picture of her).


I really loved my $4 necklace from a super-cheapo mall store called Body Central.


And I couldn’t help but laugh at how perfectly Mandy’s green dress and coral necklace matched the party’s color scheme. (I promise I didn’t drop any hints!).


Our expressions in this pic really crack me up. It was a really breezy evening, and I was feeling some serious heat from that tiki torch!

As blogworthy as a Wardrobe Wednesday shot of me with my hair on fire would have been, I wasn’t feeling quite ready to make that kind of sacrifice for you guys.

So selfish, I know.

So, what do you think of Option E?

Yay? Nay? Eh?

Do tell.

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  1. That polka dot dress is adorable, and I love how you styled it! The red is classic but the pop of jade with the necklace was a great addition:) Glad to find you via WIWW at The Pleated Poppy

    Pink Chai Style

  2. You look great. The party looked like a huge success. I still love option D and think you should keep it.

  3. Ooooh I just LOVE Option E!! What a GREAT find! I love polka dots & ruffles too.. very lucky! That will be a fantastic dress for summer baby bump cover up 🙂

  4. Love your final pick! So perfect. It has all the elements of the other dress and none of the work. (And who wants to be tugging on a strapless dress when you’re running a party!) Especially adorable with the mint and red. Gorgeous. (And hon, your legs look just as lovely as ever.)

  5. You are so crazy…holding a poll and wearing a totally different option! Ha! It’s such a cute dress… you can’t beat polka dots and ruffles! I LOVE Loft!!!

  6. So cute and totally the right call given the alteration situation. 🙂 It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Good job!

  7. Yes. Yes. Yes! Especially with that necklace and shoes. Definitely a “keeper”. You look fab Abbie. And if you are in need of a maternity skirt – pop by my blog, I just made one and it was super easy! (I’ll point you in the direction of the tute).
    So are you going to show us more of the decor and table setting??? I’m hoping so! 🙂
    S xo

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