You guys already know I’m expressive.

I use weird figures of speech like “sure as peaches” and “tarnation,” apply exclamation points liberally when I feel it absolutely necessary and appropriate, and have been known to capitalize an entire word or seven two.

It’s very similar to the way I talk—though, as you’ve seen in videos of me, I tend towards dry humor more than bouncing and squealing (more like jumping and yelling, BODYCOMBAT style).

So, yeah. I’m expressive.

But one thing I’m not is gushy.

I sometimes have trouble telling people how I really feel if the emotions are strong.

I cringe a little at phrases like “my heart’s overflowing,” not just because it’s a cliché but because it implies a level of emotional commitment that I’m not always comfortable with.

So, understand now that I mean it from the bottom of my overflowing heart that you guys blessed my socks off all day yesterday with your response to my announcement that—surprise—we’re having twin (IDENTICAL! see? there I go) girls.

I don’t know most of you in person, but you still took the time to comment, encourage, promise prayer, email, recommend books, and just all around rejoice with me in my unexpected news…

And it was kind of like having an “I’m having twins!!!!” party all day long.

Here’s what I accomplished yesterday: homeschooling, a shower, making dinner, a nap on the couch, some snuggles with my kids, spending at least an hour poring over baby girl names on the couch with my husband (we think we’ve got them!), and reading (and answering a few) comments, emails, and facebook responses (on the couch…see a theme?).

I totally should have: exercised, cleaned, crafted, and picked up.

But I was having too much fun soaking in the love from you guys and taking courage in the ever-growing excitement at the thought that I not only am going to have twins…I GET to.  (You guys make it sound so doable and, dare I say it, fun).

So…thank you.

God is so good. And you are His handiwork.

At one point, I told my husband, “Man! These people are nice!”

And he said, “Yeah, they sure are.” (He loves to read my comments almost as much as I do).

ANYhoo, if you offered your services as a “twin consultant,” I’ll probably be in touch with all kinds of questions and maybe even sob stories later on down the line.

And if you offered your “condolences” or just a hearty amen to my “kids are hard” speech, those helped too!

Just know that your kindness has blessed my life this week, and I am grateful for each one of you. Truly.

Oooookay. I think I’m done. (Hey, I said I wasn’t gushy. I never said I wasn’t longwinded).

So, what did I wear this past week?

Well, the short answer is: polka dots.

Which I love.

And I’m not picky. I’m a fan of the teeny little Swiss dots and the great big fat ones.

Wait, I’ll prove it.


See? Teeny dots! (So teeny you probably can’t actually see them).

What you may see, though, is a water-stain on my pants, which occurred as I hoisted my tiny, water-hating daughter out of the tub while she screeched at me for the indignity of forcing her to take a bath (really? what kid despises baths so much that she acts like it’s torture to take them when she’s 17-months-old?).

Let’s try again.


Now, can you see them? (Hmm…I really should have taken the flat iron to my bangs).


Honestly, the scarf is a bit of joke since it’s been in the lower 90’s here a couple of days this week, but we’ve had a cool, rainy day or two as well, which let me tolerate the scarf long enough to take a few pictures with it because I want to know…

Should I keep it?

It’s a $7 Walmart purchase, but I still don’t know if I’m completely sold.



I didn’t manage to get a close-up, but I was also wearing my Lisa Leonard “Hope is the thing” necklace, which I love.

And since I just announced I’m having twins and all and haven’t exactly been liberal with the belly shots, here’s how the girls and I are looking so far (at almost 20 weeks).


Everything I’m wearing here is old except for the Target top ($11, just bought it a few days ago).

And now for the slightly bigger dots.


One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed about this pregnancy is how hard it is already to bend over. Even though my belly doesn’t stick way out (yet), there’s very little give when I lean down (too much baby in there, I guess).

Which means…


…that I wore this outfit to smile for the pics, but I did not actually go anywhere in it. Fitted matchstick jeans are not conducive to sitting. Or walking. Or breathing.

I think those are getting put away for a while.

(Again, everything except the top is old, and it’s from Marshall’s – $10).


And finally, for our grand finale, we have the giant polka dots (in almost exactly the same silhouette as the shirt above; apparently I like ruffle-front polka dot tops).



The top is Old Navy from about a month ago (I got in on sale for $7.50 because I had some sort of 50% off coupon). The belt is from Target. The rest is thrifted.


And the dandelions? Well, those were free, courtesy of our backyard and the rain.


So, yeah.

I’m a bit polka dot obsessed.

What about you?

Do you have a pattern that just makes you happy every time you wear it?

(Is it plaid? C’mon, you can tell me).


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  2. oh my goodness, just sw that you are having twins! My twins turned 12 this year, both girls, and as my first, I was way bigger at 20 weeks. I didn’t know I was carrying twins until my first sono which was at 20 weeks. I woke up one morning, and voila! Huge! You have such a fun road ahead of you. I used to want to punch those people who told me that. I thought that fun and twins in the same sentence should not be used. It is an awesome blessing to be blessed to be the mother of two. I did go on to have another, another girl. You are exactly where you are, doing exactly what you need to be doing, experiencing life just as God planned. Congratulations!

  3. P.S. I bought that same Target top in the floral pattern…it was $17 here in Michigan though :/

  4. I am in the same polka dot/swiss dot “love boat” family…can’t pass ’em up!! I LOVE that scarf and will be looking for it at one of my 2 local Walmarts 🙂

    I didn’t know about this other blog of yours and, when you went “missing” 18 or so weeks ago, I knew you had to be preggo…how THRILLED and EXCITED I was to come over here (finally) and see it was twins God has given you!!!!! I was so encouraged by your post…I relate, parenting is “blood, sweat and tears” and thinking of 2 at a time can be overwhelming…and yet, in our weakness HE is strong!

    And, 20 weeks now???? With twins??? YOu have got to be kidding me…you look amazing!!!!!!!

  5. Ok, I seriously can’t believe you are 20 weeks!!! You’re so TINY! I’m almost 18 weeks with twins and I look like an elephant compared to you! Pre-pregnancy I’m a size 2 and all of my weight gain is baby. Goodness. You look adorable, though. 🙂

  6. Correction for your little polka dot heart…..too much baabIES…. in there. You are speaking twinzaneese now, so think in the plural.


  7. Polka dots are my favorite too. I seriously can’t believe your 20 weeks with twins and don’t even look pregnant. When you posted yesterday and said you were showing I figured a lot, even though I had seen pictures of you and didn’t notice. But the picture with you showing your (not there) belly, I was shocked. Better be feeding those girls…LOL.

  8. You are a beautiful mama to-be! And the polka dots are adorable in every outfit. You look great. Congrats to you and your hubby. 🙂

  9. I LOVE polka dots too! I also am totally in love with that scarf so if you don’t want to keep it let me know 😉

    and again, yay twins!

  10. I’m glad your so excited! Kids are hard, so more power to you!!
    I love polka dots and ruffles. I know ruffles aren’t a pattern, but they’re just so great!!

  11. One more thing. I really really like it when you don’t flat iron your bangs. Goes better with the wave of the rest of your hair.

    Go eyelashes! They look great!


  12. I love this post. Its fun when you get gushy. And please know that many many other lurkers who don’t comment much are also sending you love and encouragement. You can do this. And it sounds like you already are!

    Also, you look great. I have a 3 year old and I still….have a pooch almost the size of your twins. 🙂


  13. Hullo Abbie!! I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I read about your twins! So excited for ya. Patterns that make me happy……hmmm…. I’d say bright colored plaids and neon stripes

  14. Gingham makes me smile. I have a pink gingham shirt with pintucking from Coldwater Creek that I love to wear.
    I congratulated you yesterday, but I failed to say I’d be happy to be a “twin consultant” should you need any extra advice…though I’m sure you won’t see a shortage of that coming through. One thing I can recommend as far as products go…is a wonderful angled twin nursing pillow. I had the cushion one, but now I see there are inflatable versions out there…and ones with privacy fabric (I didn’t have that and probably wouldn’t have chosen it anyway). Here is what I’m talking about and it comes with a variety of patterns to choose from
    It was a lifesaver, especially in the beginning when the babies cannot latch on by themselves or stay latched on without help. You can have your hands free to help them while their bodies are supported by the pillow.

  15. Thirty-five years ago, my grandmother told me while I was pregnant with my first:
    “You can’t get pregnant while you are nursing.”
    I smiled and said that I thought that was an old-wives tale.
    She said, “No, you have to put the baby down first!”
    I was horrified at my GRANDMOTHER saying this. Now, I think it’s the funniest thing I’ve heard, or will ever hear.
    Love your blog, but I’m not great at commenting. I do subscribe, though. 🙂

  16. Wow! Congratulations of the twin girlies, I just found out! You are still so tiny though, it hard to believe there are two in your belly!! I love the polka dots, the small ones in the scarf and the large ones too!! You look beautiful and I always look forward to your fashion posts! God Bless! 🙂

  17. Twenty weeks means you’re halfway there – and you’re barely showing WITH TWINS! I can’t believe it. You look terrific.

    And I love polka dots, too. So much so, that I once had a dog named Polka. He was polka dogged. You know?

  18. Polkadots are a favorite of mine. I think the scarf is pretty cute with the flowery shirt. Then again I like polkadots and stripes too;-) You look gorgeous as always…and I am totally envious that your tiny little baby bump is 20 weeks along!!! Sadly I was showing way more by then and only had one at a time;-)

  19. I’m visiting from the pleated poppy, and I must say you will LOVE having twin babies! My twinsie and I love being twins and always have. Our momma said having twins was the best because we entertained ourselves…so, congratulations! And your outfits are darling!!!

  20. Ok, you look fab and I love polka dots on you! 🙂 I am digging the scarf but it’s ultimately your decision. 🙂

    I am glad that you were just overjoyed and felt so loved yesterday, while we don’t know each other personally I do know you from the gym. You are precious as are your kids and your love for your husband. If you need help with the kiddos after you have your twin babies your more than welcome to hit me up and I will be more than happy to help for a few hours (even if it’s just to let you sleep or shower).

  21. Wow twin girls, congratulations Abby!! Two baby dolls to dress up. ; ) I’m a new reader so I’m not quite sure, you already have two kids? Boy and girl? Anyway, you look soo cute! I love all your outfits. And yes, I am a polka dot lover too. You should see my youngest daughter’s room – polka dots galore!! I have always had a thing for plaid too. Even wore a kilt back when I was in school. I ended up marrying a Scotsman, haha.

    Have a great day!! =)

    ~ Catie

  22. You might try making a gathered scarf. There are approximately one go-zillion tutes out there for them. You might like the scarf better if it’s free!

  23. That last outfit is my FAV. Color blocking with that belt…high five, girl. And, I think your day sounds perfectly acceptable. Cleaning can take a backseat to a couch sitting, kid cuddling, baby naming day.

  24. Congratulations on your twin girls! I have triplets, two girls and a boy so I know all about having multiples. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. My triplets are 20 and I have a 23 year old son as well so it’s been awhile but I’m sure I can remember something from that time ;-).

  25. YOU are so gorgeous Abby!!! Forgot to tell you that I am a twin as well, fraternal, if you look at my facebook page with a taller, thinner, short blondish haired person beside me….that’s her! Judy and Jody:)
    Loved being a twin, always had someone to play with, fight with, grow with. She was my bodyguard growing up, she ‘took care’ of her little sister. No one could touch me (except her) but we’ve grown so close even though we’re far apart (1500 miles). We visit each other as much as possible and she is trying to move this way as well. Love, love, loved having a twin (and 3 brothers) I was very protected!!! Good thing I married well:)
    Thanks for sharing your life with us its so fun to read and be apart of your journey!!!!

  26. You look gorgeous and congratulations on the twins!! I have twin boys (fraternal)…they are almost 4 years old and they are such a blessing. It was rough the first year, but they were our first babies so you definitely have the parenting experience I was lacking. 🙂 So happy for you and your family! And I don’t know how much advice I can offer but feel free to add me to your list!

  27. polka dots! Love them! I have this strange thing for weird prints…zebras, giraffes, bows, cameras…I have it all. And wear them proudly :).

  28. Polka-dots, yes… Plaid…hmmmm…. somedays I feel Plaid….

    You don’t even look like there are ANY babies in thar…

I love hearing from you guys!