Well, here’s the only exercise outfit you’re going to see from last week’s Mexico vacation because it’s the only one I wore (I actually did exercise while wearing it though, so it’s legit).

That’s right.

I only worked out once…

Mostly because I was too busy hanging out in the infinity pool, singing underwater songs to my hubby while he tried to decipher them. (Turns out “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is pretty easy to identify. Elvis’s “Hound Dog”…not so much).

Or beating him in 4 straight games of air hockey (sorry, baby, I couldn’t resist), which, when played as vigorously as our games were in a non-air-conditioned room sure felt like a workout. (P.S. We also played foosball for maybe 5 minutes, and he scored on me at least 5 times).

Or people-watching while eating good food in the centro historico…


…which we only discovered on our last night there (we were kind of bummed because we just might have gone there every night if we’d known where it was, but it was an absolutely enchanting way to end the trip).


Or taking naps on the condo’s comfy leather couches.

Or playing Words with Friends…with my husband…while sitting next to him on a beach chair.


Well, you get the idea.

We made a concentrated effort to relax and recharge, knowing full-well that the next several months will be jam-packed with work trips for him, a bit more travel for us both, house projects, and prepping for the twins’ delivery (so weird that if they come at “full-term” for twins—36 weeks—I only have two months left).

The good news is that our goal was to come back rejuvenated, and we succeeded pretty much 100%.

Our vacations are infrequent enough that they’re usually stuffed with activities—lots of walking, tours, shows, museums, movies, shopping, etc.

But, honestly, other than beautiful ocean views and plenty of restaurants, Mazatlan doesn’t have too many other distractions (part of the reason we chose it).

We did do a couple of tours—including one to a little island called Isla de la Piedra, which was so. much. fun (think wave-surfing, kayaking, lunch by the beach, cool breezes, and picture-perfect weather providing the perfect backdrop for a super-cute island setting).


{The water was a little colder than I expected}

So, we didn’t feel like we were culturally depriving ourselves if we just lounged around the condo for hours (which we did several times) or read by the pool.

I don’t think I’ve been this relaxed in weeks (months?).

Of course, then there always the after-vacation-effect—the return to real life, which can be a bit jarring, if not downright overwhelming.

But it feels so darn good to have my kiddos piled on the couch with me and to get to sleep in my own bed that I don’t even mind the extra laundry (plus our condo had a full washer/dryer, so we mostly brought back clean clothes).

Plus, I have a secret to tell you about why I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things without losing my vacation cool.

But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear it.


  1. Glad you got to relax! Please do share… I always feel like I need a vacation about 2 days after coming back from vacation! ~L

  2. I loved everything about this post- so good to hear you having a relaxing time before life gets crazy 🙂 You look so happy and relaxed in all your pictures- yay!

  3. Of course you realize there are alot of people out here that are jealous as all get out, I’m first in line on that one. But we won’t be when reality hits and sleep deprivation is a constant for awhile at least when the twins are born.
    You two look so much in love, a requirement for having two babies at once. Very glad for you having that time you most richly deserved. Glad also to hear you didn’t run around madly and took time just to be together. REally am happy for you two even tho I’m jealous my hubs and I didn’t get to go.

  4. Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun! I would totally play Words With Friends with my hubby sitting next to me too.

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