I know fabric flowers are super-trendy, but even though I tend to buck trends—even the ones I like—I have to admit that I’m an absolute sucker for a pretty rolled or fluttery flower accent.

Another trend I’ve succumbed to?

Bib necklaces.

So, although the concept is hardly original, I thought I’d take a shot at combining the two into a fun and feminine take on one of the easiest ways to dress up a basic tee.

Here’s what you’ll need:


{I chose four different fabrics that I already had in my stash in shades of white/ivory with varying levels of texture and sparkle, including a champagne satin that I used the candle to singe the edges of}



(I ended up ditching the lace for some ivory tulle)

1. I made a variety of flowers, using my old standbys—the three versions of fabric flowers that I showed you how to make for the Skirt Challenge I issued myself back in the spring.


Here’s an in-progress carnage shot.

2. Once I had as many flowers as I thought I needed for the size I was going for, I started playing with arrangements, laying them out on top of the felt, which serves as the anchor for the bib portion of the necklace


3. Once I found a configuration I was happy with, I hot-glued the flowers to the felt, then started filling in the gaps with beads, faux pearls, and tulle. There wasn’t much rhyme or reason to this part. I just messed around with different combos until I had a reaction of, “Ooooh, pretty.”


{All arranged and glued within an inch of its life!}

4. Then, I trimmed the felt so that no part of it was showing from the front view. Here it is from the back:



5. The last step was attaching my ribbon, which I did again with generous globs of hot glue. Then I tried it on and trimmed my ends to the right length (and by “right,” I mean long enough to make a bow with decent streamers, so….long).


Really, outside of the fabric flowers, this is a minimal effort, uber-easy project that anybody (even the kind with 3 children under 6 plus 2 more on the way!) with some scissors and a hot glue gun could tackle in an hour.

And the results?


I’m kind of a fan.


And you know what else?

You’ll get also get chance to own Talia, the bib necklace, and support a super-worthy cause, so stay tuned because I’ll be sharing all the details tomorrow!

See you then!

P.S. I haven’t forgotten about sharing my views on the whole “what you would you do with a future Olympian child” scenario I posed yesterday, and I very much enjoyed reading all your thoughtful (and quite wise!) responses yesterday, but I’m still mulling over what I really think and how to say it (can’t even imagine your pins and needles right now ; )).


  1. Super cute! I made a flower bib necklace but with only a few flowers. I like the addition of the other stuff. And the ribbon for a tie is genious 🙂 Can’t wait to see it on! Thx for the inspiration!

  2. Obviously.. the bib necklace is yet to hit our shores…down here in Aussie land.. OUI OUI OUI… arn’t the olympics great. Not sure I would wear this one… maybe with just three flowers.. still a grand project I would say.. Very antique looking. Its a gold winner for Abbie. LOL. I have two kids – neither are sporty, but they are very intelligent. Do you push your kids to go to university to excell – using their god given talents. Remember on BLINDSIDE and sandra bullock says..”its your life, its your decision”- about whether to attend university or flip hamburgers – he was testing her. I want my kids to not have regrets in life and sometimes as parents, we have to gently push our kids in the right direction. Anyway thats my thoughts.. take care of all your babies 🙂

  3. Nope, not the big dummy at all, Audra. I actually meant to mention that, but I forgot to once I’d mentioned the other tutorials for the flowers (one of them requires a candle to singe the edges of the fabric). I need to go in and clarify that!

    Thanks! : )

  4. So pretty! I’ve made a rolled flower before – and it took me quite a while (mind you, I didn’t use a hot glue gun, I stitched it all). Really looking forward to seeing what it looks like on!

  5. I think you use the candle when you are making the flowers with the “burnt” edges. love this, Abbie! you are so creative!

  6. I love it!!! This may be the Christmas gift for every woman on my list!!!! You are so creative and crafty!

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