If you’ve been reading along for a while now, then you probably know who Parental Care Ministries (aka: PCM) is.

If not, you should!

It’s a ministry in Uganda founded by the incredible Pastor Emmy and his wife, Sara, aka Super Mom, (yes, she earns that title—they have 5 biological children and over 60 adoptive children within the PCM schools)—that started with one goal in mind: to provide the parental care that so many of the suffering and orphaned children in their home country of Uganda, Africa were lacking and which they, themselves, so desperately longed for when growing up in broken homes.

pastor emmy

{We got the chance to meet Pastor Emmy this past spring, and he is exactly how that smile makes it seem like he would be—kind, warm, humble, and hardworking}

You can read more about their story on PCM’s website, but the short version is that they began small—at one point housing more than 35 orphans in their own home (which is a very generous term for a tiny dwelling with mud walls) where they slept head to feet on the floor.

And then they grew.

And grew. And grew.

Until now, when they have grown so much that they have several schools across their region—each full of hundreds of orphaned and needy children.

A huge part of their ability to help more children stems from the involvement of Dr. Mark Barret and his wife, Monica—a local Christian couple who, along with a small team of staff, have come alongside Pastor Emmy to help provide much of the financial and practical support needed for such a rapidly expanding ministry.

We’ve supported PCM for about two years now and sponsor Harriet, one of the orphans, who writes the most beautifully selfless letters that I’ve ever read  Even with all that she “lacks,” she prays for us and our spiritual growth, health, and well-being.  She calls my children her brothers and sisters and us her parents.

To call it humbling is to say that the Grand Canyon is kind of big.

I first wrote about PCM last September (almost a full year ago…wow!), when it occurred to me (it was my husband’s idea, actually) that my little blog might be able to contribute in a very tangible way by raising the money to build a classroom for the much needed building expansion project at the Mbarara school.

We ran a month-long giveaway and fundraiser (to which many of you sweet readers contributed items for the giveaway).

We had a Super Night with Super Mom.

And then…after all that….

We did it!

We (okay, really God) built that classroom!

Since then, we’ve had several Shop My Closet events, with percentages of the proceeds going to support PCM.

But I wanted to make things a little more personal, both for me and the blog.

So now, Five days…5 ways (which means you too!) will be sponsoring Sarah Birungi.


{Look at that sweet face!}

She is 12-years-old.

She is not an orphan (praise Jesus!), but her parents are poor farmers who can’t supply all her needs, which is where we come in.

In her own words, she loves to study. Her favorite subject is math. She is thankful for God’s protection. Her favorite Bible verses come from Proverbs 1-7. And she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

(I like this girl already).

Here’s how it will work:

We have already raised enough money from our last two Shop My Closets to support Sarah for 4 months.

I will continue to host Shop My Closets as the need/opportunity arises, and, if you feel led, you can contribute to Sarah’s monthly support through the blog (email me about how).

But since this is a decision I’ve made, and it is my blog, then I am, of course, responsible for Sarah’s support.

Your participation is purely optional and only if you feel the tug on your heart to do it.

Here’s how you can take part:

    • Pray for Sarah. There’s nothing more powerful. As I know more about her, I will pass along specific prayer requests to you guys. And, if you’re the praying sort and would include her, I (and I’m sure she) would be so grateful!
    • Participate in Shop My Closets or other blog fundraisers
    • Write (we’ll have the opportunity to communicate with her via letters/small gifts; I’ll keep you updated with how)
    • Give (again, you can email about specifics if you want)

Which brings us to today!

I’m auctioning off 3 items—100% of the proceeds of which will go toward Sarah’s monthly support (which is only $35/month).

I’ll place a starting price on each item, and then you guys will contact me via email with your max bids (the highest amount you’re willing to pay).

Every bidder will have the chance to up her bid once (I’ll contact you), and I’ll respond by Friday to the highest bidder with a Paypal invoice and shipping details.

Then all the money we raise will go straight into the Sarah Birungi PCM fund to provide for her monthly support.

Make sense?

I hope so.

Please feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear.

Okay {deep breath}…Here we go.

ITEM # 1


These lovely Green and Mint Double Drop Earrings donated by the super-generous Hilary of Accessory Dash (if you haven’t liked her page yet, go do it! She has an auction full of equally pretty bling going on at 8 PM CST TONIGHT!).




The Ivory Sparkle Flower Bib necklace that I made (and showed you how to make) in yesterday’s post.


…modeled by a ridiculously pregnant moi.


{The shoe shot has nothing to do with the auction; I just like them}

Starting Bid: $20

ITEM # 3


A brand new (without tags) zebra print Michael Kors canvas tote, donated by my super-sweet cousin-in-law (I’m slow, Sue, but I get there eventually!).


It holds tons and comes with this coordinating detachable zip pouch:


Starting bid: $25

I can’t wait to see what God does through today’s auction, but more importantly, what he does to me (and you!) as we invest in Sarah’s life.

Oh, and if you have 3 minutes and 15 seconds to spare, this PCM video about how even the seemingly smallest efforts to help others can impact the world  is a 3 minutes and 15 seconds worth spending (as long as you’re okay with goose-bumps and teary eyes, that is).


  1. First time here…met you through your homeschool post over at Aimee’s which I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed. Thought I was having flashbacks! You nailed the jumper outfit…in fact…they would have been J-E-al-ous (in the most godly sort of way of course)
    I’m your latest follower and will be back soon 🙂

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