Last weekend was a bit of a mash-up.

In fact, there was a little bit of all of the following:

Spray paint, Words With Friends, stomach bugs (which every single member of my family, including me, was obliging enough to get), church, naps, laundry, Corner Gas, dishes, bulk cooking, and backyard races (after we got over the upchucking).

And since I haven’t succumbed to the lure of Instagram (yet) and therefore have little to no documentation of most of these activities (not that you wanted to see any photographic evidence of the stomach bug), I figured I would model today’s post after my weekend’s theme (which was randomness) and show you a couple of things I actually got accomplished (there’s my Move-it Monday tie-in…smooth, huh?) and a couple of things I’d like to get moved out (yet another reference; pure talent, I tell ya).

First up, this crazy-huge barrel shade that I swiped from my mom’s house (Hi mom! It just now occurred to me that you weren’t there when I snagged it; blame your son! : )).


Let’s just say that it’s seen better days….

BUT…it’s the perfect size for sprucing up the light kit in the boys’ room (it’s attached to a fan, which, while practical here in the land of molten lava Texas, is still my least favorite kind of light fixture).

It only took a little Goodwill scrap fabric, some grosgrain ribbon (embarrassing side not: I discovered last week that I’ve been pronouncing it just like it sounds for years when it should actually be “gro-grain”), and a little help from Glenda the Hot Glue Gun to fancy it up a little.


Better, no?

Actually, despite the fact that the twins could come any day now, and not too long after they do, Della, who is still sleeping in her (soon to be their) crib will need a room of her own, I’ve actually been working on the boys’ room as much as, if not more than, the girls’ (all three of them; such a weird thought).

Which means that, if I can actually get all my decorating balls correctly juggled, I’ll soon have three room reveals for you guys (and probably no will, energy, or sleep-enabled brain cells to show them to you).

Here’s another little project for the boys’ room that took the familiar elements of grosgrain ribbon and fabric from above and threw in a little spray paint just for fun.


From room décor mooooooo-urder (couldn’t resist).


To a bit of prep.

{I think that big expanse of white to the left of the wheel could use some help; suggestions?}

Oh, and speaking of the twins’ room and Della’s old room, I thought I’d see if anyone is interested in the following items:

A full, unopened roll of Amy Butler Lacework wallpaper in the Midnight colorway (measures: 20.5 in. – width X 32.8 ft. – length):

amy butler nursery

I know you guys have heard me talk about it to no end in relation to the twins’ nursery, and I haven’t changed my mind or anything.

In fact, it’s already hung (except for the single strip I ended up short; boo!).

But, long story short, I ended up with an extra roll that I don’t need and can’t send back, so if anyone’s interested, I’m selling it for $70 + $10 shipping (It currently sells at Graham and Brown for $85 + $17 shipping).

Also, I’m selling the bumper that I recovered in Alexander Henry’s Starling (in natural) and the matching curtains from Della’s old room for $50 for the set.

I absolutely LOVE this fabric, and there are zero stains or wear on any of it, but I don’t see myself hanging onto it and redecorating a room with it in the future, so shoot me an email if it’s your style.

If you’re interested in more pictures or exact measurement, just shoot me an email, and I’ll be glad to supply them.

Disclaimer: I am not, nor do I claim to be, a professional seamstress, but while there are small imperfections that can be found in any handmade product, the curtains are lined, the fabric high-quality, designer fabric, and the workmanship represents (and embarrassing large amount of) hours of my life.

Ooooookey dokey.

And thus concludes an extraordinarily random round of Move-it Monday.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you another project I finished for the boys’ room (assuming I actually, you know, finish it),

P.S. We have our last (hopefully) sonogram this evening, and I can’t wait to see the girls’ faces in 3D again!

Please pray that they are both head down and growing healthy and strong if you think of it!

What’s on your Move-it Monday agenda?

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