Well, our sonogram last night was the stuff of dreams (good ones).

Both girls are head down and in the perfect position for delivery.

In fact, they’re pretty much face to face, and I can already imagine them chattering away and whispering little secrets to each other in a language only they can understand.

Not only that, but they are approximately 5 1/2 and 6 pounds each already, which would be pretty impressive for a singleton, much less two little twin girlies.

They passed their bio-physical exams with flying colors, and we even got both of them to turn their little faces toward the screen, so we could get one last inside-the-belly glimpse of them before we get to kiss those sweet, chubby cheeks for real.

Oh! And they both have tons of hair (which might explain all the heartburn I’ve been enjoying recently; old wive’s tale or not…there it is…your own little tidbit of TMI for the day).

It was such a fun time of rejoicing and grinning at each other like fools, and I am so, so grateful to God for His great mercies and hand of protection on this pregnancy.

I know that I could have had complications like many other twin mamas do, and it wouldn’t mean that He loved me any less or wasn’t sovereign, but the smoothness of this pregnancy has been incredible testimony of His grace in my life, and it leaves me in awe a little bit that He loves me and my girls so fiercely.

In fact, the sonogram was such a flying success that it pretty much wiped out yesterday’s only disappointment, which was that we didn’t get to do a last minute prenatal photo shoot because of rain.

Of course, I suppose we need the rain more than I need pictures of my belly ‘o twins (imagine Eeyore saying this…and then try not to giggle), but I thought I’d show you a fun, little craft we put together for the pictures.

It was my husband’s idea, really, and I can’t wait to see the girls wearing their new “X2” onesies!

Why X 2?

Well, outside of the obvious twin reference, Shaun had the idea to print out both the X and the 2 in extra curvy font to achieve “twice the love”—an effect I’ll show you in pictures rather than words.

I started out with:

    • A paper X and a paper 2 (printed out in large black font)
    • Two onesies
    • Fabric (I used an Amy Butler Cameo print called Harriet’s Kitchen in Sugar)
    • Fabric glue
    • Sewing machine/thread
    • Fabric paint pens

And did the following:

1. Pinned my paper letters onto the fabric and cut around each shape.


2. Glued the fabric letters to in place on the onesies.

3. Stitched around the edges.


4. And, finally, sealed the edges to keep them from fraying (and to give them a little more definition) with fabric paint.


Of course, it’s only a Twice the Love onesie if you get the full effect of both side-by-side:


See where I’m going with this?

If not yet, then how about now?


{Can you see it?}

Not that we’ll ever get our girls lined up like this while they’re actually wearing them, but I still think the effect (and the sentiment behind it) is super-cute!

Now all we need is some cuddly little babies to wear them!

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