You guys were feeling pretty sure of yourselves this time around.

70% thought that OPTION B was the thrifted one.


You were right!


Dress: Target ($10)
Shoes: Dillards ($7)
Jewelry: Beall’s ($5)
Bag: Ross/The Sak ($30)
TOTAL: $52
Dress: Mossimo/GW ($6)
Shoes: MIA/GW ($3)
Jewelry: GW ($5)
Bag: Fossil/GW ($4)
TOTAL: $18

I hesitated to use that shiny silver bag since somehow the way our brains automatically work is that shiny = new (I actually bought that bag about 2 years ago).

But I was surprised that I didn’t get more comments on the earrings in OPTION B.


I was pretty excited to find those puppies at Goodwill, but maybe that’s just me.

Oh, and my favorite commenter this week was Erica who said:

“Ok, it’s always a sinking feeling when you click “vote” and you’re in the minority! Eek. I voted A to be thrifted. I don’t know what it is about the first outfit, I just love love love B so much that I don’t know if I could stand it if it were thrifted! (hmmm, dramatic much?) Both are way cute…and that smirk at the end…no I’m not sure, ok Abbie, I’m just not!”

Not only did this comment make me smile, but all of Erica’s do. She recently wrote me an email about trying the 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge and a lady eyeing her with disbelief and suspicion as she raced through aisle after aisle, while her little girl yanked every other shirt right off the hangers into the basket (can we say, next generation of thrifters in training?).

I can’t tell you how much that tickled me!

You know what else has me pretty jazzed?

The fact that I get to meet my girls soon!

Not that I really need to explain the desire to meet my babies, but I thought I’d share 5 reasons why I’m especially keen today.




When I had to chance to get the twins some footwear from Joyfolie—my favorite line of little girls’ shoes, which just transitioned from handmade to mass porduction—for a deep discount for bloggers, you better believe I snapped up two matching pair in a heartbeat!

Sure, the girls won’t be able to wear them for a while after they’re born, but can you imagine how crazy cute their little matching tootsies will be when they do?

Joyfolie now carries a to-die-for women’s line as well:

Yup, I’d be happy to clad my feet in all three of those designs.

Actually, if I had a bottomless shoe budget, I’d buy everything on Joyfolie’s site. It’s all that gorgeous!


My other kiddos can’t wait to meet to them either:

2012-08-211 This is from the other morning when Della spotted Ezra sitting on the ground and promptly ran over, turned around, and backed her little caboose up until she could plop down in his lap.

Simon didn’t make it in these shots, but he and Della are known to be just as cuddly (just this morning I glanced over at them sitting in their stools eating their cereal and saw Della reach over and gently pat Simon’s arm, to which Simon responded by leaning over to give her a hug and kiss on top of her head…heart melt).

Just the other day, Ezra said, “Mama, God sure must love us to give us so many kids in our family.”

Best. big. brother. EVER.

And Simon tells everyone we meet that “My mama has two babies in her tummy. We get to have twins!”

And if you ask Della where her babies are, she immediately starts patting my belly with gusto.

Yeah. These girls are in for treat.


My Album 4-001

I know that sounds insane since I’m pretty much guaranteed to be as sleep-deprived as I’ve ever been in the upcoming weeks and months, but we’ve been in hardcore project mode for a while now, and I am so looking forward to having a really good excuse to not sew, paint, glue, or rearrange anything for several weeks.

I’m incredibly blessed to have a husband who works from home and can usually arrange his schedule for a decent amount of time off when our babies come, so we’ll probably end up watching movies with the kids, playing games, reading books, and napping when the babies are doing this:

twins sleeping


Sounds pretty good right about now.


Room to breathe!


I guess that belly is pretty self-explanatory as a reason for wanting to have the girls out, but yesterday at my appointment with my midwife, I was measuring 39 cm (at 36-weeks-pregnant), and if the girls came soon, that would mean that I didn’t quite make it to 40 cm. with twins inside me, which—I’m not gonna lie—I would kind of get a kick out of.


Labor Day is Monday.

‘nuff said…

I love hearing from you guys!