As I’ve mentioned several times already and am amply proving with my current state, my body is sloooooooow to go into labor and even slooooooooooower to get my babies out once it actually does.

Given that fact, combined with my preference for natural labor, which kind of precludes my ability to slap a Pitocin IV in my arm and get down to business, I thought I’d share 5 supposed surefire natural labor inducers which were complete no-gos for me.


Spicy Foods.

For the longest time, I had no idea why you were supposed to eat Mexican if you wanted to evict your baby from his warm, cozy womb-home; I just knew it was a “thing.”

Of course, when I learned the actual scientific reasoning behind it, I mostly just thought, “Ew.” (and, pass the Pepto Bismol?).

That hasn’t stopped me from consuming spicy Thai food, spicy eggplant parmesan, and spicy chicken pizza…this week alone.

To no avail.


Long drives on bumpy roads.

We can only access civilization from our house by driving 3 miles one way on one of East Texas’s most pitted and scarred back-roads (high praise, indeed).

I made that drive no fewer than 6 times yesterday.

But did I go into labor?

No, I did not.

My bladder, however, is not on speaking terms with me at the moment.



1,245 squats and a fair number of jump-kicks later, and I’m still pregnant.

Need I say more?


Castor Oil.

Yup, I’ve actually drunk the stuff…when I was in labor with Adelaide, and my contractions just wouldn’t stick.

But they had already started back up by the time I guzzled my oily orange juice cocktail, and the oil didn’t take effect until after she was born 6 hours later.

But, boy howdy, is “effect” an understated term once it did get going.




That other method that people always mention with a wink and an elbow nudge.

Yeah. Total myth…probably perpetuated by men. ; )


So…what about you guys?

Did any of these actually work for you?

Or have I missed some obvious ones that, in your experience, are little more than wishful thinking or old wives’ tales?

P.S. A quick Pinterest search produced this:


Oh goody.

Because having only 39 different methods for booting your child out would never have done the trick.

Guess I’d better get busy.


  1. I don’t know, spicy foods, massaging pressure points, walking and squating and *ahem* got my labor rolling with #1. And *ahem* walking and squating helped with #2. We will see what works with this current pregnancy. I can’t wait to “meet” your girls!

  2. After 8 late babies, I’ve decided ours are a special variety that just take a little longer! All were more than 41 weeks gestation, the longest was 43 weeks 5 days! (yes, I’m absolutely *positive*, I was “charting” etc.) None are handicapped, special needs, etc., and none were problem deliveries. I do have a longer-than-28 days cycle, and have heard many times that pregnancies are longer for women with longer cycles- exponentially, actually!
    With all the suggestions I had (castor oil, long walks… “deposits”), I just decided baby will come when it’s time. And all 8 did, with no nudging. Most of my labors were long too, overall- not the active part. It’s not at all unusual for me to labor regularly for 2-3 days before active labor kicks in.
    I guess I’m sharing all this TMI to hopefully help you relax and wait without stres- I know it can be so hard to wait!!

  3. Sorry but its true the “other” thing works. It’s not a one time and watch out for labor thing but several “deposits” must be made. Sorry for the tmi. Have fun!

  4. Sit on an exercise ball and swivel your hips in a figure-8 motion. It’s supposed to allow the baby’s (-ies’) head(s) to move onto your cervix (tmi??) and speed things along.

    Didn’t work for either of my single-baby pregnancies, but I’ve heard a lot of success stories from it!

    Hang in there. I can only imagine your anxiousness and excitement. But I think the bottom line is that labor happens when those babies are good and ready. 🙂

  5. Raspberry leaf tea worked for me 3 times! I drink a ton of it and on the third day of it my water breaks. Pregnancy #1 my son was 1 day late #2 my daughter 19 days early #3 my daughter was 8 days early. Hope those babies come out soon. I can’t stop stalking your blog for the news of your precious babies.

I love hearing from you guys!