I know today is Wardrobe Wednesday and all, but how’s about we start off the day with a big fat project fail?

Those are always, ahem, fun.

So…in my research (read: Pinterest trolling) for Simon’s and Della’s Pirates and Princesses party, I kept running across some uber-cute pirate cake pops.

And they looked totally doable.

So, I decided to whip out a batch for Simon’s actual birthday to take up to his little school since his birthday happened to fall on one of the days that he attends (yesterday).

And then I thought, “Oh! I know! I’ll show to it to my blog friends for Try-it Tuesday. At least two birds with one stone. Suh-weet!”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I was at least 3 hours into the cake-pop making + dipping process that I attempted to draw the first pirate face with my edible marker (the ink, not the marker itself, is edible, in case you were wondering)…

…and discovered that apparently I needed a completely different kind of edible marker because this one did not fulfill its one purpose in life…and that would be marking worth a darn.


I should have shown you one more pop so could have fully appreciated the progression, which went something like: 1st pop: streaky marking, 2nd pop: barely visible marking, 3rd pop: is this thing even marking?

And there you have Try-it Tuesday in a nutshell. I tried pirate cake pops. They didn’t work.

So, if you choose to make pirate cake pops, do not use Wilton’s Foodwriter edible markers, or you might end up wanting to chomp a big bite out of them just to teach them a lesson!

Okay, rant ended.

On to the real reason we’re here.

And, that, of course, is this:


{What do you mean, “What does this have to do with anything?” Keep reading!}

No, there’s no need to adjust the settings on your monitor. My hair really is that big.

And no this is not another Pinterest fail.

This is just what happens when I blow dry my hair “straight.”

Fortunately, my trusty flat iron is able to finish the job because, really, who wants to be responsible for giving the elderly heart attacks and the young nightmares just because you leave the house with hair that looks like the result of an encounter between a fork and an electrical outlet.

(Or, as someone put it when I posted this pic last week on our facebook page: “the younger/cute sister of bride of frankenstein.” Thanks? : ))

Oh! And since the title of the post says “Big Bows and Straight Hair,” here’s a shot of the two together:


I rarely straighten my hair, and when I do, I let it stay straight (which is a nice way of saying I don’t wash it) for quite a while.


It tends to go through several stages, and these pics are from Day 1, which means, fluffy, poofy straight hair.

As its state of unwashedness progresses, it actually gets tamer and sleeker (notice I carefully avoided the word, “greasier” : )).


{This is day 4, by the way}


But back to that big bow. I generally try to avoid dressing like a toddler, but sometimes you just gotta love a ginormous bow at your waist, especially when it’s chocolate brown (although, just looking at it makes me a little bit hungry).

Throw in some boots…


…and a girly top…


…and you’ve got…well, I don’t really know. But I like it. And that’s pretty much the extent of my fashion reasoning.

Happy Wednesday, folks! May your projects be successful and your bows extra flouncy!


  1. Oh my word. Love. The. Outfit. So chic! Please tell me you didn’t make the skirt because I would be crushed! (Only because then I couldn’t rush out and buy it for an upcoming Christmas party!)

  2. It must still be warm in Texas! (We just moved to NC from TX).

    You look cute as always! Love the colors of the top and skirt together. 😀

  3. So many things to talk about on this post! 1. I have had numerous pinterest food fails…especially those really artsy ones. Note to self on this one because it looks like one I would try to attempt. 2. I think you pulled the adult toddler outfit off very well! 3. My mother has hair like yours that can goes for days without being washed. 4. number three makes me envious of you both 😉

  4. Okay girl, I have similar hair and straighten it about ONCE every three months. I should add that I have one child and am not working any jobs outside of the home. I’m so impressed that you are managing to embrace all of the daily tasks AND straighten your hair. Oh…and I totally get the value of unwashed hair. 🙂 I wash mine about twice a week, tops!

  5. You are too cute! Having only ever driven through Texas, you totally fit my idea of a cute Texan.
    Love the hair saga. Thick curly/wavy hair does have it’s own set of challenges.

  6. Well, bummer on the Pinterest fail! I’ve had some too. Those lil pirates were gonna b awesome! And, I have to say that I hair looks sooo much the same when I try to blow dry it straight. U forgot to mention the profuse sweating that much blow drying causes…..lol! Maybe that’s just me! And when I do brave the time-consuming sweat-inducing hair do…..I wear it for many days! And then a few more days after that with a hat….haha! Yours looks great! I do love the skirt and boots too…..don’t tell me u got them while thrifting or I will have to pout ……and then do a happy dance for you ;). Cuz they are sweet!

  7. Puts me in mind of the time I tried to make a ‘swimming pool cake’ for my daughter’s birthday. It looked really good on the cover of Ladies Home Journal! Blue jello for the swimming pool and those cute little bear cookies with icing bathing suits. Hmmm…is there something wrong with this picture? Have you ever tried to carve a swimming pool shape out of a cake?

  8. I just wanted to recommend a product for your hair: Alberto Vo5 Miracle Mist Heat Defense Conditioning Spray. It’s only about $3 and is super awesome! I’ve tried more expensive sprays that just don’t work as well. Just spray while your hair is still wet (I do it while I’m still in the shower) make sure to get it all over and run your fingers through it. Also, use a t shirt to wrap your hair in and don’t flip your head over, that just tangles it more. I hope this helps!

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