I mentioned an “experiment” I hoped to share with you a few weeks back, and the day has come to share it, so here we go.
Have you guys heard about the new rage that is belly-wrapping? (Okay, so it’s not even that new; more like new-ish).
Well, so have I, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pretty skeptical.  A cloth that you place on your abs, which will magically shrink fat cells and takes multiple inches off your waist—no change in diet or exercise necessary?
Sounds too good to be true, right?
So when an acquaintance from church offered to let me try the It Works! Skinny Wrap after the twins were born, I thought, “Eh! Sure. I’ll give it a try. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.”
So, seven weeks post Evy and Nola, Traci kindly drove all the way out to my house to “wrap me” (her reaction once she got here was the same as practically everyone’s when they first come: “Man! You really do live way out here, but it sure is a pretty drive.” Yes, it is).
Fortunately for me and my somewhat cynical personality, Traci didn’t try to do a big “sell.”
She merely told me that the wrap has varying degrees of efficacy for different people and that the first wrap of the series (4 total in a box, though you can use more) usually works to tone and tighten loose skin more than melt away a multitude of inches.
She also assured me that this was not simply a dehydration process and that drinking water—and lots of it—was key.
The wrap application took approximately 20 seconds, and I proceeded to wear it for the next several hours (the packaging says a minimum of 45 minutes), while chugging water along the way.
I’m not one for showing my belly to the world, but I did have Traci take some measurements and some before pics while I was wearing fitted workout gear, and they look a little something like this:
Okay, so we’re not talking about anything too terribly catastrophic. Not too many lumps or significant overspill, but what I really want to know is…
After I had worn the wrap for several hours, I took it off (Traci wrapped my entire midsection in plastic wrap to keep the wrap in place and to prevent the lotion on the wrap from getting on my clothes), rubbed the excess lotion into my skin, and went about my day, continuing to drink water.
I waited the full recommended 72 hours before re-measuring, at which point, we had this (these pics are actually several days later than the 72-hour-mark because my husband was out of town that whole weekend, and I didn’t have anybody to take the “afters”).
If you stared at these pictures, blinked a few times, rubbed your eyes, and then scrolled up to look at the “befores” in confusion, I understand.
The contrast isn’t too drastic.
So, here’s a side-by-side to help out:
I was actually a little surprised when I saw the side-by-side, since there was more of a difference than I even realized initially (which, I think is still legitimate, even though I’m definitely standing up straighter in the “after”).
Here are the key things that I noticed when I reassessed 3 days after removing the wrap:
1. When I re-measured, I had lost 1/2 an inch from my lower and middle abs and an entire inch from my upper abs. The upper portion was where I could see the biggest difference.
2. My skin looked considerably smoother and less “stretched” than before. I don’t get traditional stretch marks (don’t have a clue why, but I’m not complaining!), but I definitely have the “crinkly paper” look on my skin from its having to shrink back down to (relatively normal) size after covering a belly full ‘o twins.
So, did I get what I wanted out of the experience?
Honestly, yes.
Although I would have been (happily) shocked if somehow all the extra baby fluff had miraculously melted away, I certainly wasn’t expecting anything of the sort, especially after Traci informed me that most people experience what I did with the first wrap—a small loss and some skin tightening—and only receive the more drastic results after multiple applications.
P.S. Just as a point of reference, by “baby fluff,” I mean that my waist is a full 4 inches wider/thicker around the middle than it was before the twins. I’ve got some work to do.
So, what does all this mean for you?
Well, for one, it means that you’ve got a chance to repair a little of that damage you did with that (5TH!) slice of pumpkin pie!
Traci—who is an It Works! independent distributor—is offering you a chance to see what the It Works! Skinny Wrap can do for you.
In fact, if you win, you’ll get to try two of It Works! bestselling products—the Ultimate Body Applicator (aka Skinny Wrap, which can be used on other problem areas besides the belly) and their Greens—an orange-flavored powder, which is added to drinks that provides “the nutritional value of 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving,” according to the website (I have not personally tried this product).
For your chance to win 1 It Works! Body Wrap + 1 container of Greens—a retail value of approximately $70—simply fill out the easy Rafflecopter form below! a Rafflecopter giveaway If you check out Traci’s site and like what you see and want to get it for less, you can always sign up for the It Works! Loyal Customer program (click on the link and then the “get the best price” box to see how it works).
For each new sign-up, Traci is offering 1 Skinny Wrap + 1 container of Greens as a thank you!
Just email her @ tracidixon{at}mac{dot}com to let her know about your sign-up, and she get you the goods!
Disclosure: I am in no way associated with It Works! products or marketing, and I received no compensation for this post, unless you count a free trial of one It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator wrap. All the opinions expressed here are my honest and candid reactions to the product as I experienced it. Results will vary.


  1. I see the difference. 🙂 Wish I could enter. I have too much crinkly paper skin (that’s what happens when you carry a 10lb whopper of a boy – no, not the last one – the middle one!) and some extra, um, “fluff” that needs to be tamed.
    Hope your week is splendiferous. 😀

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