No, my post title is not a mistake.

It’s what Simon, my almost-5-year-old, says every single night when we pray before bedtime.

{We’ve tried to correct it to: “I’m thankful for,” but by this point, it’s kind of his thing}

And there are plenty of things I am “thank you for”: health, (relative) wealth, freedom, friends…

In terms of eternity, I am most thankful for salvation through grace alone in Jesus Christ.

But in terms of earthly “treasures,” nothing can beat:



This incredible man. He is the best mate for me and the sweetest daddy for my children. Oh my word, I love him!



This big brother. He is sensitive and kind (and the teensiest bit OCD, which helps when he’s on hand-holding duty in the parking lot).



This dreamy dreamer. We’re all a little worried about all the hearts he’s going to break when he’s sixteen and still flashing those dimples, but I’m trusting his easygoing nature and innate sweetness to win out in the end.



This busy miss. She’s loving her new birthday “twins” and is the best little mama.



These two sweeties. So glad God didn’t listen to me when I begged him not to give me multiples. Clearly, I had no clue what I was missing.




…from our family to yours!


P.S. There will be no Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL tomorrow (and, no, it’s not because I’m hitting up the Black Friday sales), but we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program next week!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Your family pics are ADORABLE! You truly are soooo blessed! (I am too!)

    If that was one of your “failed” family pics….then I think it turned out sooo cute! Love setting…wish I had a lake for pics!

    Many blessing!! Leigh Anne 🙂

  2. I love these pictures. I am so happy for you, my friend! what a beautiful gift from God you have in your sweet little family. well, not so little, I guess! : )

  3. TDCK…… Usually I just type TDC for too darn cute, but this one requires a TDCK…..too darn cute KIDS! Wish I had some heartbreakers left of my own to have arranged marriages.


  4. What a lovely family! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We do “thank you’s” at nightly prayer as well and the 3-year old is always thankful for the three buffets in town (Thank you for Chuck-a-rama and Souper Salad and Golden Corral and Jesus, Amen!) which just cracks me up since we mostly eat at home.

  5. Just seeing this picture now. How cute! What a great family picture and what joy is on your faces! Praise Jesus!

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