Today, this little cutie-pie is two-years-old.


I would do the usual shtick about how time flies, and I can’t believe she’s so old already, but honestly, although time does seem to slip through my fingers like Della’s hair whenever I’m trying to fix it in a hurry, what I really can’t believe is that she’s only two.

She seems so much older to me.


Maybe it’s the hair.


After all, not too many just-now-two-year-olds have hair to the top of their—ahem—diapers.

Or maybe it’s the way she busily marches around the kitchen, unloading silverware from the dishwasher.


Or the way she gently pats her baby sisters’ tummies when they’re upset and says, “Shhhhh, it’s otay. I help you.”


Whatever it is, this little girl just has something special about her that makes her seem old and wise far beyond her two brief years on this earth.


She’s definitely starting to come into her own. She has a firm grasp of the word “no,” and she doesn’t need much practice to perfect her pouty face.


But the vast majority of the time, she looks like this:


{Darn Daddy’s shoulder for getting in the way! : )}

And she draws comments of, “Oh, my! Isn’t she pretty?” or “Isn’t she just the sweetest?” everywhere we go (not that I’m a proud mama at all).


She is my precious little Lady Bug, and I love her so much my heart kind of aches from it.

And I can’t wait to see how she uses that special spark that God has so clearly placed inside of her to change the world some day.


P.S. These little critters are all over our house.


I had no idea that they had any kind of seasonal pattern, until I started noticing that they show up almost exactly on Della’s birthday every year (this year, it was two days early), which only makes it all the more fitting that we chose “Lady Bug” as her nickname even before she was born. (If you haven’t read how the appearance of the ladybugs helped me through my labor with her before, you can do so here; it’s pretty cool).


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! She is so adorable! What a cute smile, dimples, and wow her eyelashes are gorgeous! And it sounds like she is a great big sister. Precious. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Della!! What a doll! She does look soooo grownup….I think its the hair too 🙂 Just beautiful!

    And I LOVED the ladybug story…..why haven’t I read that? I checked it out and it was sooo sweet and special…..God is good!

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