Hey guys! I have somebody I want you to meet.


{No, that’s not my long-lost twin; read on, dear folks}

Or something, rather. But that just sounds weird.

Either way, I’ll get on with the introductions.

Blog friends, meet my new favorite outfit.

Outfit, blog friends.


So…what’s so great about her?

Well, she’s uber-comfy and forgiving (a fitted waist with a flair on all the bulgy parts? yes, please!).


Plus, hello? Red pants. You know I love me some pops of color.


And then there are the stripes. And patterns are definitely a close second behind color for me.


Yeah, I’m a fan.

Oh! And let’s not forget the bag, which is my idea of the perfect blend blend of classy and funky (I really do need to snap a shot of the lining so y’all can fully appreciate the “funky” reference).IMG_6178

So…wanna hear a secret?

That shirt is actually a dress.

From the girls’ section at the Gap outlet.

I hesitate to tell you that since I can see quite a few of you rolling your eyes in disgust and exclaiming, “You have got to be kidding me that this chick can shop in the little girls’ section!”

But, really, the “little” girls’ section of many stores like Gap or Target or even J. Crew is not so little after all.

The fit can be a bit strange for a full grown woman—with narrow shoulders and too short hems and such.

And I promise you I am definitely a full grown woman.

I’m almost 5’7”.

And I exercise a lot, which means no skinny arms or legs here.

Plus, I’ve got a good (bad?) 10-20 (!!!) pounds of baby weight left to lose (depending on my weight at any given point in the past 2 years), so this is not me at my lightest wearing clothes from the girls’ section. 

And I’m still only wearing the second to largest size they had.

Granted, it might not work past a size 8 or so. 

But I say all this to encourage you to at least give it a try the next time you spot something cute (half the time, I like the clothes from the girls’ section at Target better than the women’s. Though…after this experiment, that may not surprise you too much).

And the best part of all? Girls’ clothes are typically a little cheaper than the women’s version. {I got my shirt/dress off the clearance rack for a little over $5 (with a 40% off coupon)}.

So, what do you think of my little secret?

Too weird?

Do you ever shop outside your designated section? (I’ve also been known to raid the little boys’ and the men’s athletic sections).

P.S. For the record, I do not buy pants from the little girls’ section. Why? One word: hips.


  1. Ok, I’ve actually bought clothes in the maternity section. Especially now that they are fitted and meant to show off the prego belly. I’ve found some darling tops on clearance. But I’ll never forget my first purchased years ago when I really could have gotten pregnant ~ I would give all my debit receipts to my husband at the end of the week, and he saw on one of the receipts a “maternity” purchase. Needless to say he took a double take and quickly asked me why I was buying maternity clothes! We had a good laugh. haha!

  2. SO CUTE! and congrats on the babies! I haven’t been on your blog in ages – looks like I have catching up to do! And yes, I am thinking this chick can wear girls clothes after having a baby – phesh!!

  3. I used to work in a store that sold kids close and am not ashamed to admit that there were a few shirts that ended up in my wardrobe! Definitely have to watch with the shoulder fit though.

  4. She is adorable!! It is so nice to meet her. I love her stripes 🙂

    I actually would have never thought to look in the little girls section, but now I’m all over it!

    And I love how you put it all together! The red skinnies are perfect. I tried on some skinnies the other day and they were SKIN TIGHT! Ugggh! I didn’t enjoy that feeling. The only time I wear spandex is my Spanx….LOL! Maybe I need to size up??

    Thanks for pairing the dark belt w/ your boots (cute!). I would have thought they should match, but now, I’m learning otherwise…..cuz it totally works with your outfit. I’ve been searching for a cute pair of riding boots, but I’m too cheap. Prob gonna have to wait til the end of the season. I’ve been checking Craigslist/ebay. But I’m kinda picky too 🙂

    Thanks for the fashion inspiration today! You rock mama!

  5. Such a cute look Abbie! Can I ask wear you found your red skinnies? I have been looking for a pair, but I don’t want them to be skin tight, I still wanna look like a nice Christian girl……..lol! 🙂

  6. I like to look for shoes in the little girls section. I have small feet (6 1/2 in women’s sizes), and girls’ shoes are cheaper. The issue I deal with is finding shoes that are grown-up looking, but I noticed in Target they often have mini versions of the ladies’ shoes. Score!


  7. Yepp, I work at Olive Garden and they have really strange requirements for the shirts (Pocket on left side, buttons for the collar, etc.) which you absolutely cannot find in women’s clothing. All the girls at OG either wear boys or mens shirts. Although with no little boys like you have, I feel like a creeper shopping in the boys section!

  8. I am way too curvy for little girl clothes – they would fit perfectly if I didn’t have giant girls – but I west little girls shoes all the time. 🙂 I wear a six which equals a four in the little girls. Some of my fave sandals are from Target’s little girls section. 🙂
    Love that top/dress on you. Totally adorable.

  9. Shopping in other sections is one of my money savers. I love collegiate wear from the boys section (why is a long sleeve University of Michigan shirt $25 in the womens section and only $10 in the boys?) and one of my favorite sweaters is from the girls section. Also, the tank tops in the pajama section are the same quality as the other tanks for a lot less money.

  10. I worked in the kids’ section of a department store when I was in college and I would buy girls’ shirts fairly regularly! Hey, if they fit, why not?

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