Hey guys!

First off, let me say thanks for your gracious response to yesterday’s post.

It’s never easy to say what you really think in such a public way, especially when you know that plenty of folks won’t/don’t share your beliefs, but I appreciate the encouragement from those of you who agreed with me and the civilized way those of you who disagreed expressed yourselves.

So, so grateful for you all!.


In other news…

I just wanted to check in and announce the winner of our fun 3 item giveaway from last week.

The winner is (drum roll, please):

Emily Dercks!!

Congratulations, lady! I’ll be sending you your info very soon!. : )


In other news, I haven’t been getting dressed in anything interesting enough to show you (unless you feel compelled to view my extensive collection of p.j. pants)., but I did make a decision about my purse dilemma from a few weeks ago.

The big Lucky purse went back (too floppy and too expensive for the quality—or lack thereof—of the leather), and I’m considering reselling the striped Fossil bag because I can’t stuff enough junk in it!

(If anybody was completely enamored with it, feel free to message me because I’d rather sell it to one of you guys who loves it than Ebay it).

This is what I ended up with instead (they even threw in a very cute, very hungry little girl as part of the deal).


{This shot is also pretty indicative of what today looked like—entertaining/feeding little girls while studying for BODYCOMBAT launch and then teaching a BODYCOMBAT/BODYPUMP double; gotta work off that Hungerbuster somehow, right?}

This bag doesn’t have a crossbody strap, which I said was a deal-breaker, but it turns out that pops of orange and gold + a playful multi-colored star-themed interior (did you catch that?) + enough space for all my paraphernalia + the fact that it was half the price of the Lucky bag, which I didn’t just love = enough reasons to make me compromise my purse convictions!


It certainly doesn’t seem like either of the twins was super-impressed with my new purse (although Evy did seem fascinated with the pattern on the booth), but I’ll think I’ll keep it just the same.

P.S. Everywhere I go, people help me carry the twins (when I let them). It’s really sweet. Today, I was helped out by a mom of 18-month-old twins (who, when she saw Della and then learned I had two more boys not with me said, “And hopefully you’re done, right?” :When I smiled and said that was still open-ended and up to God more than me, she said, “Well, good for you!!” But her eyes said, “YOU CRAZY!” I’m inclined to agree :  )), and when I got to my table, I looked over and saw two identical twin boys right beside me.

Kind of made me wonder if it was National Twin Day.

Can’t have been, though, because the post office was still open. : )

Happy Wednesday, folks!


  1. I for one LOVE having twins (girls!)… although the stage they’re in now isn’t my favorite (16 months… AHHHH!). But I can’t imagine how boring it must be to have a singular child! I love how that interact and play together. When one is crying, the other one comes over and pats her back or rubs the top of her head. Cutest thing ever. 🙂

    Beth @ SawdustAndEmbryos.com

  2. On with the twin theme (although I do love the new purse…and I have survived 5 kids…3 girls and then twin boys…without a cross body strap just fine, so I am sure you will too;) My boys are now just potty training. Not my favorite stage for any of the kids, especially the boys, but I do love how they motivate each other. Anyway, reading this post brought back a lot of memories…diaper bags, two car seats, double stroller, extra kids in tow…now I am down to just the boys, my smallish everyday purse (with an emergency supply “kit” left in the car), and the occasional big sister along to help. It’s amazing how fast time flies! You have some precious bundles there!

  3. Your girls are sooo cute! And I LOVE your answer to the “you’re done, right?” question. Children are such a blessings from God and I love hearing of people who let HIM decide how many children they will have. Hanging out with my sisters 3 yesterday (ages 2-1/2, 1-1/2, and 2 mos.) I was overwhelmed with how blessed she and her husband are! Children are a gift. 🙂

  4. Abbie, Now that you have entered the world of twins and all that comes with it, you should know there is a Twins Day Festival in Ohio. It is in August every year. My twin sister and I have been and it is UNBELIEVABLE!! Thousands of sets of twins and multiples. You should look it up online. Hopefully one day you will be able to take your sweet babies!! 🙂
    Christina Edinger

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