Edit: I just found out good ol PW (this will make sense when you read #4) is having another mixer giveaway. Yeeeehaaaaw! I’m sure to win now!

Well, since I’ve had my two front teeth for a while now, I figured I would list 5 things on my fantasy Christmas list (fantasy in that I do not expect to receive any of these, but it’s fun to dream).

I am an absolute sucker for everyday items that are way prettier than strictly necessary.  Pretty much if something can come in a fun color or pattern, then that’s the one that I prefer.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not interested in crusting my toothbrush in rhinestones and leopard print (although I’m sure that exists somewhere out there in a dusty forlorn corner of some Southern truckers’ stop).

But a pretty book jacket or a painted small kitchen appliance just makes me swoon a little.

So, with that in mind, I give you 5 unnecessarily pretty things I sure wouldn’t turn down if you were determined to give them to me.



A gorgeous, whimsical tea set from P2 that strikes the perfect balance between fancy and funky. I’ve actually seen these in person in an adorable little shop called Mrs. Tiggy Winkles on our trip to Fairyland (aka Riverside, California), and they are even more beautiful up close.

I can just picture Della, Evy, Nola, and I all sipping away with our pinkies in the air! (We are, of course, all wearing appropriately flouncy dresses, and none of the cups are broken. I told you this was a fantasy).


I already posted once about these colorful Penguin Classics (on a 5 Things Thursday, no less), but I still love them.


I adore the idea of wearing pretty aprons while I cook, but I always forget to actually put mine on (maybe it’s a subconscious objection to getting them dirty?). Either way, the Bahia Apron from Anthro is lovely.


Believe it or not, The Pioneer Woman gave away two of these custom Kitchenaid stunners about a year ago. Of course, I only found that out in my search for “floral Kitchenaid mixers,” so I was a bit late to that party. Serves me right for not keeping up with good ol’ PW (because I’m so sure that out of the 567,899,086,987 entries she got, mine would have been one of the two).

P.S. If you want to see more amazing custom mixers, check out Un Amore by Nicole Dinardo (she’s the one who designed that lovely above, and she has all kinds of other mind-blowing designs). I have a serious itch to paint my mixer with some fantastical design now (you know, since I kind of have a history of such things), but I don’t think mine would turn out so well.


Trust Anthro to come up with something else I put on my list. I saw these beaded clutches in the latest issue of their catalogue (every time it shows up in my mailbox, it feels like someone’s sent me a special gift) and immediately felt the *need* to carry my makeup around in a fancy, sparkly bag. (And, yes, I know that the way they have them artfully piled up, with the colors oh-so-casually placed in perfect complement to each other is a huge part of the reason they look so appealing).

Well, there’s my fantasy wish list. It’s really too bad that I don’t have an independently wealthy maiden aunt who needs someone to blow her extra cash on because, when I’m shopping with fantasy money, my taste tends to get a bit expensive.

So, what about you guys?

What’s on your fantasy list?


  1. I also posted about pretty aprons today 😀 I see we have fairly similar wishlist’s tastes 🙂


  2. Lovin’ all the stuff on your wishlist! I’m also a sucker for many of the things you listed….totally unnecessary but make life beautiful 🙂 I have sewn several “flirty” aprons for gifts, but never one for myself…guess I should! And, I’ve entered to win one of those PW mixers SEVERAL times, but she has never called….LOL! I will keep trying 🙂 They are just fab!

    These aren’t even close, but I’ve been eyeing some vinyl for my mixer…..cheaper and less of a commitment….haha! I’ve been loving these designs….esp “curly sue” https://www.thehouseofsmithsdesigns.com/product/mixer-decals

    I’d get it in gold or copper since my mixer is black and my kitchen is gold, red & black.

    I’ve also been eyeing some nice leather brown riding boots. Still not exactly sure of a brand, but I want leather so they will hold up for a while. And some of the nice leather ones are pricey! Won’t get any of these, I doubt, since nobody has any idea that I want some 🙂

    I LOVE these with a simple braid:
    Or would I rather have a buckle?? Not sure….maybe Santa will put a little somethin’ in my stocking so I can buy some after Christmas!

    Thanks for sharing your list with us!

  3. That mixer is so much fun! I want one in red – it’s at the top of my wish list. I also would like a sofa table from Ikea, or maybe see if my husband could get around to making one. 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!