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Good Friday morning, everybody!

So excited that I’m not getting sick this week (I lost my battle against the scratchy throat and ended up with a fever and nastiness last week but only briefly).

Oh! And I think I’ve made you all wait long enough to find out the winner of the Family Rules Printable download, so without further ado…

Tammy Eblin, you won!

I’ll be in touch very soon! : )

In other news, this weekend, I get to cohost a shower for my dear friend, Jolinda, who is, quite possibly, the most adorable and stylish pregnant mama I’ve ever seen.



Oh, and I was cracking up on this week’s Try-it Tuesday post, since the general consensus seemed to be, “Yeah, yeah, Abbie. That glitter tree you made was cute and all, but what we really liked was that reindeer!”


Ooooookay, then.

Several of you asked for the template, so here it is:

 reindeer head

(Right-click to save it to your comupter. You can stretch it to any dimensions necessary since you’ll be glittering over the black).

My very last announcement before we get to this week’s features is that, if all goes as planned (big “if” around here), we’ll be having a Shop My Closet sale tomorrow (Saturday, December 8) starting @ 9 AM.

{Think lots of cute jackets and coats!}

I took all the pics last week, but the aforementioned fever kind of sent that one off the rails.


I do believe that’s all the housekeeping business for today. So, now it’s time to check out just how incredibly, craftily awesome you guys are.

And since Christmas is soclose, how about a bunch of fun inspiration for your festive preparations?


{That gorgeous collage just makes me smile}

1. DIY advent calendar from Creative Chaos

2. Heart Ornament from Zu Haus at Home

3. DIY music paper ornaments from What Makes Up My Life

4. DIY Christmas party from Love Sparkle Pretty

5. Hazelnut Chocolate Pinwheels from Keeping Up With the Times

6. Christmas Front Porch from Creatively Living

7. West Elm felt mistletoe knock-off from It’s Overflowing

8. Winter Ribbon Sash from Shop Ruby Jean

9. Tinfoil ornaments from I Gotta Create

10. Tree-shaped advent calendar from Meeha Meeha

Aren’t they fabulous! If only I had enough hours between now and Christmas to make every single one (but we all know I’ll be doing great to make one).

And now for this week?

Whatchoo got? I can’t wait to see!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my advent calendar! And of course for hosting this cool party!

    Love your reindeer 🙂
    Have a great day

  2. Wow, thanks a million for featuring my Advent calendar, Abbie! And for the deer template! (You must have glitter in every corner of the house by now…)

  3. Abbie! Thanks so much for featuring my Tinfoil Tree Ornaments. I appreciate it and the party.
    <3 Christina

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