Aaaaaaand….it’s Monday again.

How does that keep happening?

But you know what?

It’s the first Monday of DECEMBER!

And you know what that means?

{I have the sudden sensation of being a kindergarten teacher; I can’t imagine why}

Yes! That’s right, class!


So, to start off Move-it Monday with a bang, some friends of mine and I decided to throw together…

Each one of us partnered up and sent our designated victim recipient a piece of vintage junk to be transformed into a bit ‘o Christmas cheer.

Here’s what I got in the mail:


Okay, so I actually only got the Jell-o mold (that is what that is, right?), but the paint and the glitter just seemed like a logical leap, especially since the shapes of the mold reminded me of a snow-capped mountain.


I got my spray-paint on (two coats, 10 minutes tops, pure awesomeness).


Then, I painted every other “peak” with Elmer’s…


Sprinkled dumped the gold glitter on top of the entire thing, and then shook it off. Then I repeated the painting/glitter-dumping process in silver with the peaks I’d left alone the first round, plopped a snow-flecked fir tree or four atop my creation, and…



Mount Glittermas was born!

Wanna see the rest of the “tablescape?” (I use that term very loosely since this is basically a bunch of Christmassy paraphernalia that I threw together on my sofa table, which serves as the very begrudging replacement for my nonexistent mantel (I’m working on remedying that lack).


Trees, trees, and more trees!


{Oh, and that cute little Guatemalan nativity scene from last year’s “sofa-scape”}


The green, “lacy” wooden cutout tree is from Hancock fabrics, 60% off. The little fir trees are from…somewhere. Heck if I remember where specifically. And the glitter tree art? Yeah, I’ll show you that tomorrow.


As always, I went more colorful than not (those fabulous yellow shades are from Lowe’s, in case you’re wondering), and I kind of love the interplay of the crisp black and white Premier Prints “chipper” fabric that I used as a base with the rest of the textures and colors going on.

Oh, and here’s a slightly different version with another example of glitter art that I played around with:



Thought I’d leave you with one last shot of my Jell-o mold (if that’s not what it is, please email with its true purpose because it’s going to bug me!) turned glitter-capped mountain (with Rudolph there sparkling in the background).

If you’d like to see all the creative ingeniousness that all my fellow Junk-Swappers got up to, you can visit them all (and you should; they’re fabulous!).

Here are their links:

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Happy Monday, lovely folks!

Time to get a move on!



  1. I think it’s a jello mold too. Back from the day when my aunt would add cottage cheese to jello. Yuck. It’s much better as snow capped mountains.

  2. Very cute! Yes, it’s a Jell-o mold and a lovely one at that. Have you been to this vintage cooking site? She uses these AND the recipes that came with them (many of them so much worse than adding cottage cheese, I gotta say). It’s a good way to kill an hour, especially to see her poor husband have to taste test some of these…ahem, creations. 😉

  3. Very creative! I would’ve hung it but making it a glitter mountain, complete with christmas trees is genius. Love the whole tablescape!

  4. How fun, Abbie! I would have never thought to do that with, what I totally imagine is a Jello Mold, btw! Thanks so much for joining in our fun event!

  5. How fun is that? A junk swap… it!

    And, I love the creative idea you came up with……I wouldn’t have ever thought of it. But it does look great as snowy peaks 🙂

    Yes, I need to get a move on cuz Christmas is bound to sneak up on me!!

  6. How funny is it I sent Abbie almost the same vintage item and your projects are so similar?!? Great minds, I tell ya!

  7. Very cute! The swap idea is great–can’t wait to check out the other creations. I have a couple of questions. First, I’m wondering where you got the trees from. I’m making snow globes out of jars and glitter with my son and am looking for cheap objects to put inside for the winter/Christmas scene. Also, I did not intend to have my last name posted and am not sure how to remove it. Thanks!

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