..sweater, that is.

Couldn’t leave you (or my husband) hanging too long on that one!

I scored this little purple cardigan (did you think I was going to say “people-eater?”) at—where else?—Old Navy. Honestly, it seems like the only place I shop anymore. I’ve hit the sales wrack several times on days when I had a 40% off your entire purchase coupon, and it’s just hard to pass up cute clothes at Goodwill prices and {relatively} clean floors.

So back to the sweater.

I think it maybe cost me $5, and I’ve already worn it 3 times, which breaks down to $1.67/ wear (so far).

Not too shabby.


Ready for a true story?

I wore this outfit minus the cardigan to that baby shower I mentioned I was going to cohost on Saturday (you’ll get to see pics on Friday; it turned out so cute!).


Do you ever have those moments when you plan an outfit in your head and then either forget or can’t find just the right finishing touch?

Well, if you do, I hope it doesn’t bug you as much as it does me.

I had planned on throwing my new purple sweater on at the last second and instead rushed out the door with a twin on each arm and a van full of last minute things for the party.

About a mile from my house, I realized I’d forgotten the “finishing touch” to my outfit. And I almost pulled a Blues Brothers style U-ie in the middle of a tiny asphalt back-road and raced back to grab it.

I’m serious when I say that I had to majorly grapple with my vanity/desire to “get it right,” but I’m happy to announce that (this time) common sense and a realization that if I went back for the dang sweater, I would be a lesser person than I’d like to be, won out.


I’m a big time selective perfectionist, which means that if you’re reading that mildly neurotic-sounding narrative from above and thinking, “Holy moly, she sure is high-strung,” then I’d have to say, “Yes, but only sometimes and only about certain things…and not even always the things that matter.”

It’s something I’m constantly asking the Lord to help me get better at; right priorities are hard for me sometimes.


(Dress: Old Navy, $7, Belt: GW, $1, Boots: Nine West/Marshall’s, $60)

Of course, now that I see the ensemble with the sweater, I’m glad I didn’t have it—because it really isn’t that grand, and it was really warm that day, so my “crowning touch” would have made me a sweaty mess.

(I am now, though, thinking that I really should have worn a necklace; ha! and the cycle continues).

I wore my sweater again to church the next day over a Target clearance dress (which I ordered online and which, miraculously, fits great!)


Because it’s a clingy knit and a halter top to boot, I doubt I’ll ever wear this dress without something over it, but I have added it to my growing collection of “dresses I can wear while breastfeeding.”

{And yes, I was wearing a dress in the first set of pics too, but that one was NOT nursing friendly, and let’s just say that, since I accidentally left at home the skinnies I had planned on throwing on underneath it when I needed to feed the twins, I’m really glad that baby showers are comprised entirely of women : )).


And finally, we have Purple Sweater Combo #3.


Jeans, a polka dot tee…


…with sparkles! (What do you mean, you can’t see them??)


(Jeans: GW, $5, Tee: J. Crew (girls), $12, Flats: Payless, ?? {old})

And a cozy scarf that Jolinda gave in various colors to all her hostesses (mine is the perfect shade of blue-green; she knows me well).

AND a chilly enough day to actually warrant a sweater and a scarf (I was actually freezing in those pics!)

So…what about you guys?

Any items you’re steadily lowering the price-per-wear on?

And, c’mon, fess up! If you don’t get your outfit “right,” does it bug you if you let it?

Or am I more neurotic than I thought?

{Don’t answer that!}

P.S. Anyone want to come rake my yard?


  1. I love old navy cardis! I also have a navy polka dot sweater that looks remarkably like your brown one from, you guessed it, old navy haha. I’m currently wearing out a cobalt blue cable knit cardigan I found at a thrift store, so it’s down to $0.18 a wear or something!

  2. I’m the same way… you’re not highstrung at all! I guess some would call us vain, but I prefer to think of it as detail-oriented. =)

  3. Oh the joys of finding clothes that are breast feeding friendly – breast feeding clothes while out in public is a whole new story. 🙂

  4. I love the color of your cardigan and how you transform it into different looks! My favorite is the one with the stripes dress. 🙂

  5. I totally loved this post! It is sooo true of me too. I can let so many things go, but others I am a little too obsessive about. I would have been the same way if I forgot my purple sweater. Sometimes, in my rush out the door, I forget my jewelry (wedding ring included) and it bugs me all day. So, I can totally relate!
    I do LOVE the purple sweater! I would have never thought to wear it w/ the things you did, but it looks great! The boots are super cute too. I would sure take that scarf from the last outfit……adorbs!
    PS. I’d love a twin update with some yummy cute pics! Curious if life is getting easier as you are gradually moving out of the newborn stage? Or is it just KRAZY all the time 🙂

  6. This doesn’t sound high strung at all!! At least not to me…because that’s exactly something I would have done!


I love hearing from you guys!