Leigh Anne, a longtime faithful reader, asked me yesterday whether I might possibly be planning an update on the twins any time soon, complete with “yummy pictures.”

And it made me smile because I had this post all planned out before I ever read her comment, so…here you go, Leigh Anne: a twin update—with yummy photos included.



Age: 11 weeks and 3 days

Weight/Length: According to their most recent measurements—done at home, last night, by moi—they both weigh 13 lbs. even and are 23” long (give or take; measuring babies is an exercise in guesstimation). Which is kind of crazy since Nola has consistently been almost a full pound heavier than her sister since birth. Go Evy!

Comparison percentiles: According to those measurements and About.com’s comparison growth percentiles calculator, that puts them both at the 84th percentile for weight and the 55th percentile for height for 2-month-old singletons (they’ll be 3 months on the 24th), which is absolutely fantastic for twins (it’s almost better than their sister’s stats). And that’s with 100% breast milk (I haven’t supplemented once).


{It’s fairly common for one to be awake while the other cat-naps and then for the other to wake up just as her sister drifts off, especially when they’re taking turns “exercising their lungs”}



So far, they seem pretty similar. They’re both extremely sweet, smiley, content little girls.

When I think about it, Evy is definitely “Evy-ish” to me and Nola has her own things too, but I couldn’t really spell them out just yet.


{They still like being “stacked”}



Nola’s head is rounder/wider across the front, and she appears to have less hair than Evy. Because they’re constantly with me, I don’t have to think about it too much, but most other people can’t tell them apart, and both Shaun and I have been known to misidentify them if we only see them in profile.


Their voices, however, are completely identical. We like to guess who’s who based on listening to both of them cry in another room, but we’re wrong more than we’re right.



We are a nickname-obsessed family!

Ezra = “Ezra Punkin” or “Ez”

Simon = “Simon Doodle” or, as you will often hear his brother call him in all seriousness, simply “Doodle.”

Della (whose name is already a shortened version of Adelaide) = “Ladybug.”

As for the twins, Shaun often calls Evy, “Evylicious,” and I have a tendency to add “Lou” to all my girls’ names (Della-Lou, Evy-Lou, Nola-Lou…it works).

But the ones that have stuck the most and for which we will pay the big bucks in therapy bills are the following:

“Big Head” (Nola) and “Hairy” (Evy).

{See #3 for clarification}



First, let’s start out with a little pictorial evidence, shall we?


Life with twins means lots of double armfuls of baby goodness.


And last minute nursing sessions in the gym parking lot so they stay full while I teach class (I know, I know; if looks could kill…)


…which, hopefully, result in this kind of behavior while they’re at the gym.


Life with twins also means lots of snuggles with sweet big brothers.


And some, though thankfully not lots, of grocery trips with all five (can someone please tell me where I’m supposed to put the food and still be able to access it??).


It means lots of help from sweet friends like Mandy and Cayse and a fair bit from complete strangers as well.


And, quite honestly, it means loads of fun and tons of blessings.

And, no, I’m not just being all trite and perky when I say that.

My husband and I literally looked at each other the other day and said, “What else could these girls do to be more perfect and still be human babies?”

The answer is really nothing.

They smile (practically laugh even) and coo, snuggle, sleep all night (to the tune of 9-12 hours!!!), take naps during the day, eat great, and are growing like little weeds.

I’m about to lose some of my beleaguered-mama-of-five-small-children cred when I say this, but I’m serious when I say that—especially in the last two weeks—this whole twin-mama experience has pretty much fantastically exceeded any of my hopes or expectations, subconscious or otherwise.

It’s definitely hard too (especially when the two-year-old decides to be, well, a two-year-old), but, especially lately as we’ve started to establish a good routine, it’s more than doable. It’s a downright joy to have these babies around.

I was telling a fellow mama all this at church the other day after she leveled her gaze at me and said, “So, how’s it really going?” And she said, “Girl, you know what that is? God’s blessing and favor.”

And I couldn’t argue one bit.

He. is. GOOD.


  1. They are beautiful! All five of them! And you are so blessed.
    One of my shopping helps was to wear my baby. That did away with my bulky car seat. You’d still have one seat (unless you put a baby on the front and a baby on the back – now I’d like a picture of that!) but it would free up a little room. When my oldest got big enough to push a stroller, I’d bring in the double stroller – that occupied three kids and was a little less in the way than if he were pushing a full-sized cart.
    My favorite part of shopping with all the kids is all of the looks and comments. I want to make a tshirt that says something like, “Yep, I’m CRAZY!”

  2. Such sweet babes! We are going to have twins in the Spring and I love to read your updates about the twins. Makes me a bit less nervous about our double blessings 🙂

  3. Abbie, the girls are ADORABLE! I too was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was in the early days with twins. I do have to admit it’s gotten harder for me as they get older (17 months now), but nothing too overwhelming! 🙂 Paisley and Adelyn slept through the night from the very beginning… I couldn’t ask for easier babies!

    Also, I majorly struggled with the shopping cart issue too. Since I do my grocery shopping at Walmart, the first place I would go is the isle with the Rubbermaid tubs, and throw one on the very bottom shelfy thing on the cart! Then I could just put all my items in there since the rest of the cart was… OCCUPIED!

    Being a twin mama makes you a pro at problem solving! 🙂 You’ll find what works best for you!

  4. Oh my, this brought back memories. Except for that part about you nursing before you headed in to the gym. Wha???? I didn’t see a gym for, well, a very long time after I had twins. You are amazing. But, you totally had me at that picture of your kids hanging off the grocery cart. YES.

  5. Beautiful girls!! So sweet. Abbie, they make me want another one already!

    Your babies sleep through the night?!? Mine is 4 1/2 months and still gets up 3-4 times a night. If you have some secret sleeping wisdom, please pass on that nugget of gold. This mama is tiiiired.

  6. They are adorable! My husband and I have 3 children already (incidentally, an Ezra, Abigayle, and Sophia!) and he would love to have twin boys next! Thankfully, that’s up to God and not us 🙂

  7. Oh that is complete ‘yumminess’! I think they are so sweet! Makes me wish my own bundle would hurry up and cook and meet us out here on the other side of the womb!

  8. Awwww……thanks so much for the sweet comments and the TWIN update!! LOVE IT!
    All those pics are soooo yummy…..I could smell their sweetness through the computer screen….and squeeze their little cheeks! Keep up the good work nursing…..that deserves a huge pat on the back for sure!!

    The LORD is good! And it is awesome to hear your testimony about how well it has gone. What a blessing!

    I have to admit, if I found out I was preggo w/ twins, I would FREAK out! But, after reading your posts and knowing what a blessing from the Lord they are……I realize that my freaking out wouldn’t be an exercise in faith & trust. So, high-five to you momma for keeping it real, but still seeing the AMAZING silver lining!

    They are just adorable too…..so, feel free to throw a twin pic into any post you please 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness….it actually looks like the one being cuddled on her big brother’s chest is smiling. How content and absolutely precious. I always wanted twins but was blessed with 4 singles in 5 years! 🙂

  10. I LOVE how they love to be stacked!! What a sweet thing!! Thanks for sharing. I loved the yummy-licious pictures, personally. And it’s fun to get a glimpse into your life with all those kiddos! You are right…blessed for sure…pressed down, shaken together, and running OVER. Thanks for the happy feelings you emitted into my heart. The endorphins you produced will help me get through the day in the life of my little life with my two littles 🙂

    btw, my little corner of the internet world lives here: http://www.enjoymyharvest.blogspot.com

  11. Oh…they are so adorable! I understand the lack of grocery space! I had another friend who would only buy as many groceries as would fit in her cart with all the kids!

  12. I couldn’t agree more! 3 months is when it stopped being impossible and started being good with my twins – it’s about the sleeping, I think. Everyone gets more rest, everyone is happier and easier to manage.

    I love how you tell them apart visually but that their voices are identical. And the nicknames! I don’t think my poor kiddos actually knew they had appropriate names until they were 2 and started getting into trouble (cuz that’s when you break out the FIRST MIDDLE yell, as in “Nicholas Michael, get off the table! Nathaniel David, we do not leap off the sofa arms”).

    Bravo for you in the feeding department as well. That is a feat – I always had to supplement. 🙁 You ARE super-mom!

    And nooooooo shopping with 5. I don’t even like to with 3 – if I have to, I try to shop at the grocery that has the free Playland for the littlest. Thank goodness he really likes it.

  13. Great post Abbie – thank you for sharing your life with the family!!! I have never seen a shopping cart like the one you posted.. maybe they dont have them in Australia, and you are right where are you suppose to put FOOD. I would leave the kids with my hubby to do the grocery run but its always a juggle. The photos are so precious and the girls are growing up quick. Isn’t it great when they start to really smile at you. Take care.

  14. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls. They look just like you and you are so blessed. May it continue. My friend just had her third baby plus a 5 and 3 year old. She is trying to adjust and has her days. Merry Christmas

  15. I didn’t realise that Della’s name was short for Adelaide…I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I think it is a beautiful name however could never name a daughter that living here, it would be too weird!

  16. And what a blessing it is that you can see it as His favor. It’s so easy to fall into ‘works’ when what He really wants is for us to rest in Him and glorify Him the way you are doing with your family.Praying for more blessings your way Abbie!

  17. Hi – i just had boy/girl twins on Oct. 3rd. I have a question for you regarding how you breastfeed them and how often/your schedule. Do you feed together or one then the other and how do you have enough to not have to supplement? How often do you feed them as well? i am too grateful for them and they are good babies but we are having trouble with reflux and their schedule and me having time to eat and they are my only children! I know you are super busy so take your time to reply and thank you very much!

I love hearing from you guys!