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Yeeeeehaw! We are partying down today for our 50th (FIFTIETH!!!) Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL party, and to celebrate and as a great big thank you to all of you for reading along and linking up to show off your creativity, I’m giving away a $50 gift card credit to Target—a dollar for every party! Not too shabby!

target gift card

You have two ways to enter:

1) Click through the easy Rafflecopter form below


2) Leave me a comment on this post telling me what you would buy with your gift card if you won

Actually, there are 3 ways to enter.

3) Do BOTH! I am providing the comment option for those of you who don’t have a FB account, but you can get an extra entry for leaving me a comment after you fill out the Rafflecopter form!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: this giveaway is not associated with or sponsored by Target. It is simply my “thank you” to y’all for being amazing!

And now for last week’s party’s awesome features!

PicMonkey Collage

1. 12 out-of-the-ordinary crockpot recipe ideas from Practical Stewardship

2. A Coffee/Tea break party from Bear Rabbit Bear

3. A dreamy home tour shared by It’s Overflowing

4. Friendship Key Fobs from Freetime Frolics

5. Mammoth Red buffet makeover from Martha Leone Designs

6. DIY Iphone covers from Limemade

7. Peanut Butter and Jelly mini donuts from Shaken Together

8. DIY T-shirt art from Turtles and Tails

And, now, for the 50th time, it’s time to link up your awesomeness!

If you would, please grab the button code (or provide a text link) to put on your post so others can join in the fun! : )

five days five ways | feature friday free for all

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  1. First of all Abbie I’ve been following your blog for like a year now. It all started when I was looking for ottoman ideas. And then I was contemplating a haircut, and I loved your bangs and your style. And then I fell in love with your thrifted or grifted (if you can’t tell, why should you pay retail, seriously!). And now I look forward to reading your blogs everyday. If I only have time for 5 minutes of blog reading time, its yours. Anyway, I could totally use a target gift card. I’d get a couple of lamps, I’ve got my eye on the black and white owl ones, for my bedroom redo thats almost complete.

  2. Target’s new home collection that features all that lovely mint and blush and white designs, I’d blow the whole $50 on that—’cause it’s not happening any other way! 🙂

  3. Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love some white bathroom rugs and a white shower curtain. I am recently loving how soothing and soul-calming white looks.

  4. 50?! Crazy! That made me realize I started reading your blog when I still worked in the WAC nursery and Della started coming. Time is flying by and I should be too young to feel like that! ha! Target is the best. My husband decided he wants a floor lamp for our living room and saw one at Target he likes. Considering he NEVER says he wants anything (seriously, the hardest man to buy for…”I’m fine, I don’t need anything…”), I would love to get it for him 🙂

  5. Can I just say, your blog is my favorite one, and the ONLY one I visit every.single.day. Even on the weekends sometimes, when you’re not even posting! I just love it that much! Haha!

    And FYI, I was the one who bought the brown leather jacket from you, and the first day I wore it I got several compliments, and then I wore it to church and got MANY compliments! 🙂 Made my day!

    As for what I would buy with the gift card if I won it… Probably coffee. Lots of it. And anything that I like that’s on sale. Bargain shopping all the way!

  6. Thanks so much for featuring Mammoth Red. You’re blog is super informative and I can tell you invest lots of time in it. Thanks for hosting these great parties!

  7. This is a fun give-a-way!! If I won the Target gift card, I would use it to decorate the nursery! I’m 6 months pregnant with my first baby!!

  8. Thanks for the giveaway! so hard to choose what to get, I mean its Target!:) I bet I could use some new workout clothes ( you know, you see me , I wear the same 3 outfits over and over and over :)). Or a small lamp for my desk knook in the kitchen, or clothes for the kids, or house organizing stuff or……well you get the idea:)

  9. Ok, so do I really have to pick one thing I would buy? I mean, a free fitty bucks to peruse around Target with sounds glorious! Pick me, pick me!! Thanks!

  10. I’m not sure what I’d buy; I’m just waiting for the new Target to open up in our town (Target’s coming to Canada – yay!!!). Love reading your blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Sweet! Thanks for the party, the chance to win and for featuring my PB & J donuts 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  12. Hi Abbie!
    I just discovered your blog tonight….and even linked up! Wow…you’re a busy gal…there’s so much here….I could get lost for hours! teehee!

  13. I am in the process of organizing my office space, so a few organizing boxes would be a great purchase at Target.

  14. I have three wishes on my Target list – a lamp for the sofa table my husband is supposed to make for us; new bedding; or a panini press.

  15. Thanks for the non-FB entry option!

    Congrats on the big 50! That’s awesome…..keep it rollin’ 🙂
    What would I spend it on……the question is, what wouldn’t I spend it on! I heart Target!
    Clothes, accessories (I’ve been wanting a new purse), home decor (always awesome!)
    I’d have a great time!
    Thanks for donating the card from your own cash…….so nice of you 😉
    Hope I win!

  16. I love Target and would like to get some new bedding- I also have my eye on a great chair for the living room.

  17. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve decided to enter giveaways and use all my “winnings” as Christmas gifts, this year. But, let’s get real…I might put it towards a much needed high chair. lol

  18. I’d buy some fun Valentine’s Day surprises for my family, and some things to make some Valentine’s treats for my son’s preschool class

  19. It’s funny, in a not funny way, that I have really been wanting new pillows for my living room couch just to spruce it up a bit. I would love the Target gift card to be able to do that. Your next post features pillows I absolutely love. (Actually for my bedroom though as that’s the color scheme.) Would love to know where you purchased it and for that picture to be in a post I could pin for inspiration, but it did not seem appropriate to put this comment there due to the nature of the post. Thank you!!

  20. Today, glass candle jars are on clearance at Target. I would buy all the clearance candles that I could with my $50 gift card. 🙂

  21. I would buy work out clothes! I got an elliptical for Christmas and am currently rotating and washing my 3 pairs of pants and 3 sports bras. Definitely not enough when I am working out every day!

  22. I would love to get some organizing supplies, a table lamp to brighten up my living room, and of course diapers for my little guy.

  23. What wouldn’t I do with a Target giftcard! Fun crafty items, a new cardigan for me and dress for the little one? Yes please! The options are endless! Well, $50 and then that’s it- so not quite endless, but I would just have to get creative. I think i’m up for the challenge though… 🙂

  24. Thanks for hosting, Abbie! If I won the gift card to Target, I’d probably spend a little bit of time in the ladies clothes and then go back to check out the fun household accessories. Congrats on 50 parties! Have a fabulous weekend!

  25. Hmmm, shopping. Well, among the things I would consider at Target would be some new PJ’s for the kiddos, kitchen gadgets, including a couple of new knives, a better colander, and other window-shoppy things. Thanks!

  26. Target is always so fun. I think I would use it for houseware things for me or makeup and clothing for my daughter. I love to shop with her:)

  27. I love me some Target! I’m pretty sure if I won I’d buy a rug, really need one now for a room I’m redoing! I’m already a happy follower and have a great day!

  28. Congrats on 50 parties! One of my goals for this year is to make myself more of a priority, so If I won the Target gift card I would spend it on ME.

  29. Oh my goodness, i would spend my Target Gift Card on whatever suites my fancy! Maybe a little something practical and a lot of something decadent. ha!

  30. Target…wooohooo! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! And for the feature, too! Totally fun way to start the day! I’m feeling like I can breath again…give me a ring when you have a minute, kay!!!

    XO, Aimee

  31. Instead of just spending $50 at Target and not being sure what I got (it’s happened before) I think I’d try to be purposeful and buy things for our latest addition – we’re expecting our first baby boy in May. He’ll join four eager older sisters but I’m thinking their hand me downs are not going to work too well. 😉

    Thanks for the chance!

  32. I love Target!! I would buy a cookbook (Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – sold online and my next adventure) and use the rest for some cute new shoes! (Especially because ice creams + any-clothes-other-than-yoga-pants = maybe not the best idea. LOL!)

  33. Wednesday and Friday are my favorite days to check your blog. I love all the cute clothes you inspire us with and the fantastic DIY inspiration. While I’ve tried some fun clothes, I haven’t ventured into the DIY project world. It might become an obsession.

    As for how I would spend the $50 at Target if I was lucky enough to be the winner… I’ve been eyeing up a cute little sweater dress and a fun top–both found on clearance right now.

    Thank you for all your inspiration!

  34. ohhh target..love that store! no clue what I would get, there are so many awesome things there! Would probably just walk and look til something grabbed me 🙂

  35. Well, knowing what shopping trips to target are like for me, I will probably have a plan on what I’d buy, then get totally distracted and end up with a bajillion things in my cart that I didn’t plan on. Oh well! C’est La vie!

  36. I’m a huge Target fan. I probably spend way too much time/money in Target every month. I would probably buy some cute clothes for either my daughter or my son who’s due in May.

  37. I don’t have anything in mind that I’d buy if I won, but I know I could find something. I love Target! I’m in need of some new clothes, so it would probably go towards that. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway AND for having such an awesome blog. <3

  38. What an awesome giveaway! I know this sounds lame…but I would probably grocery shop. My husband has Crohn’s disease and his snacking is limited. They have great fruit strips with little sugar/no extras and almonds! 🙂

  39. I would out the gift card to a fun chevron ottoman for my living room. I use a yoga ball as a footrest with my favorite chair, not cute,

  40. Well, since hubby’s been job-hunting, I’d probably buy something boring like household supplies or food. But I’d want to buy colored skinnies and some cute shoes 😉

  41. We just purchased a home and need a lot of everything… what wouldn’t I buy is more the question! Thanks for the chance what a great way to join a new site!



  42. I would like to think I would buy something for myself as a special treat but I would probably fond something for the twins or the boys and get them stuff. But if I look at my favorite section, clearance, I’m sure I could probably find something for us all

  43. I need some outdoor furniture so I would use it to spruce up my back yard -Carmen dot Goddard at yahoo dot com

  44. I already have items in my shopping cart! Home items are on sale and my windows need some new drapes! I Just can’t decide if my need is really a want. 🙂

  45. First, yahoo!!!! I was featured!!! {I’d like to think the little people…. Ha!}. Second, what the heck WOULDN’T I buy at target?! I just was there this morning. ;

  46. I’m sure this will make me post as anonymous which I dislike but I’m not too shy to identify myself! If I won the card, the practical part in the head would say use it to buy diapers for the baby we’re having in a few weeks and the impractical part in the head would say get some new earrings or a watch to keep track of those nighttime feedings! Since it’s Target, theoretically you might be able to manage two out of three which ain’t so shabby!
    Cheers to Friday!
    Eugenia Book

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