Today is BODYCOMBAT launch. It’s the day we look forward to every 3 months or so when everybody on the BODYCOMBAT team at our gym can have a real, live, grown-up excuse to buying new, matching fitness gear and punch, kick, and yell to our hearts’ delight.


Got a load of laundry you don’t want to face?

Come to BODYCOMBAT instead and picture that stinky pile of clothes as you back-kick your stress into the next zip code.

Potty-training driving you crazy?

Come to BODYCOMBAT! It’s non-contact, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t imagine karate-chopping your way through those dirty diapers! (Just wear proper protective gear).


I mean it when I say I’d probably be a lot meaner person without BODYCOMBAT.

Some people do yoga (which I like it). Some people watch TV (and I’ve been known to do that too). Some people go shopping (you know I love me some shopping).

But for stress relief, nothing quite tops the exhilaration of beating the air to a pulp with my fists for me. Pure. Adrenaline. Rush.

(We’re going to wear purple, in case you were wondering).

bp launch

Here’s our BODYPUMP team from last week’s launch (and yes, the tall, beautiful girl in the center did used to be a beauty queen and totally has the pose down; we all try to emulate it, but nobody does it like Tiffany…especially not me).


So, why all the fitness talk?


If you’re a long time 5D5W reader, then you probably remember when Move-it Monday was exclusively dedicated to feats of fitness…okay so not much “feats” (I just used that for the alliteration) as fitness tutorials, suggestions, and various other (hopefully) inspirational tidbits about working out and whatnot.

And then I got pregnant with twins.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I did not stop exercising. Oh no. I dragged my expanding self up to the gym over and over again, ad nauseum (sometimes literally) until those two little girls in that huge belly finally came out.

And I’m glad I did. It never failed that, no matter how little motivation I felt going into my workout, I always came out revived and invigorated, not to mention considerably smellier. And I have no doubt that my home delivery went considerably more smoothly because I had maintained my fitness level (if not my shape).

But at a certain point, it seemed a little bit ridiculous to be doing fitness vlogs and photo tutorials when I couldn’t see my toes, and I had a habit of turning around in the kitchen and knocking down some small child or another with my girth.

So, Move-it Monday broadened its scope and began to include other topics such as home decor tweaking and, every so often, even a completed project or two.

And I’m sure some of you breathed a big sigh of relief and starting reading my blog on Monday again. : )  And I get that.

But still.  This is January—AKA: National I’m-Actually-Going-to-Make-Fitness-a-Priority-NO-I-Really-Mean-it-This-Time Month.

And I’m well aware that going to an actual gym is not necessary to be successful in a fitness regime.

So, here’s my question for you:

If I were to begin working in Move-it Monday fitness posts every so often again, what would you like to see?

Home exercises? A focus on toning? Printables? Fitness logs? Technology?

I’d love some feedback so that I can better know whether I’d just be annoying you with fitness talk, and, if not, what would best suit your needs as you work towards a healthier lifestyle/body.

Make sense?

Hope so!

So…fire away. And wish me luck tonight (or come join in on the fun if you’re local!)

I’m ready to kick it!


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  2. I am amazed at how fantastic you look for giving birth to twins such a short time ago. I have four children of my own. They were born over a six year time period. After my first, getting back into shape was relatively easy. I was still in my twenties, too. Between nursing and being pregnant for most of the the following few years, I never did get in shape. After my youngest was over 2 1/2 years old, I finally made the decision to get myself in shape. I started counting calories and I started exercising 5 days a week. Most of my exercise DVD’s are Jillian Michaels, 30 minute workouts. I don’t have time for more. I say all this to ask you to share advice for real moms on getting toned back up after birthing multiple children. Overall I am quite happy with where I am now, but the dreaded tummy area is just stretched out! While it’s flat under the extra skin, there is extra skin that just doesn’t want to budge. Outside of a tummy tuck (no way is that happening), is there anything that will help?

  3. You really look amazing after having twins not too long ago! I want to be like you when I grow up! 😉 I’m not married yet and therefore have not had children… yet. Lord willing I’ll be both wife and mother one day. And I want to look as good as you do after my FIRST child let alone five (and two at the same time)! My mom was actually smaller after having her first (me) than she was before she got pregnant. So I guess I want to be like both of you when I grow up. 🙂

    As for Move-It Monday posts, I LOVE the mixture! I would love to see both fitness posts and random, fun, not-related-to-exercise posts. Keep it mixed and therefore fresh. And home exercises that emphasize good cardio and toning would be awesome! I don’t have the money for a gym membership. 😛

    By the way, what’s your opinion of Zumba? Just curious. 😉

  4. I joined a gym a few months ago and I’m having a hard time getting motivated to even walk out the door! Advice? Also, I just started running…just a few laps right now. How often and how much should I increase the distance. And…home exercises for my yummy!


  5. I need some serious inspiration. My hubby and I joined a gym recently and it’s sooo haarrddd to get myself there. My goal is three times a week.

    I think some workout motivation would be great. Maybe you could get some reader before/after stories. Those ALWAYS inspire me!

  6. I would really be interested in work outs that can be done at home. Also, I had my first baby in September and had to have a c-section. I’ve been wanting to work out but I’m finding the actual motivation to do so hard. If you could have some “ease into it” work outs that would be good too! I would loooove to get really into working out and work out through the rest of my pregnancies too!

  7. Abbie!
    I’m two weeks away from my due date with babe number two and haven’t really kept up my fitness level (ok, I’ll be honest…I have really only done some weird monotone prenatal yoga video to keep from cracking every muscle in my body when I awake from bed…which is like 4 times per night) TMI? Ok, back on track here, but I would love to hear about getting back in to the swing of things post baby. Circuits that you think are great for the gym or at home, printables to take to the gym, videos you might recommend, helpful tummy exercises, etc. I got a double jogging stroller, but oh Lord help me, I’m not even sure I can handle that thing! Haha.
    I’ve said it before, but I love your blog to pieces and am so encouraged by your whit, alliteration and baby-producing skills. Yay for lots of kiddos!
    -Erica Aljets

  8. I would like to understand more about toning, especially if I can do it at home with minimal equipment. I would particularly like to learn more techniques how to tone up my arms and stomach, but I don’t have a gym membership so it’s me at home with a few hand weights. 🙂

  9. I agree that, as a mama of a 7-month-old, post-partum workout tips/ideas would be great! How about an ideal workout for doing in short bursts while watching Downton Abbey or other Anglophile shows/movies? 🙂 You’re a constant inspiration Abbie! I did BodyPump through the end of my second trimester last year and was very thankful for it. They don’t offer it at the gym I’m at now and I miss it!

  10. I’d like some motivation and inspiration tips. I mean, I have some workout dvds, gym access, and most of the know-how…but when it comes down to actually working out…well that’s another story! I haven’t been able to find anything that works to keep me going. I work out for a couple weeks and then quit again. I can always find something else to do 😉

  11. What would I like to see…. hmmmmm…. my face on your body? Your body on my face? Oh heck even your face on my body but that would look like Sid from toy story put it together.

  12. If i lived even closer than 10 hrs from you….I would be at one of your Body Combat/Pump classes! I think I would love it!

    I have never done group fitness before, mostly because I live in a very small town that is pretty far from a small town that is even further from a big town….haha!

    So, I am on my own! I just started a 60 day DVD series by my favorite mom fitness guru….Lindsay Brin. www. I am doing the “Pretty Fierce – Lean Out” to try to get some more tone.

    I’d love some tips for some quick exercises I could do say while watching the kids at the park. I like to do lunges & squats, but then I run out of ideas 🙂

    I do enjoy your fitness posts, so I’m for one and glad they are back 🙂

  13. Home exercises? Check. Toning? Check. Printables? Check. Fitness Logs? Check. Technology? Check. Yep, you have pretty much covered everything I am looking for. Oh, you asked for focus…..sorry, fresh out of that because I need it ALL!!!!

  14. i’m a new-ish mom to an 11 month old and do my workouts at home when he’s napping. i used to do all cardio but the extrememly post-baby flabbiness encouraged me to get into doing weights for the first time and i love it so i’m always looking for new living room toning ideas. love your blog! thanks for sharing 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!