Here’s what Valentine’s Day looks like around here:


This guy has been out of town since Sunday, but I get him back this afternoon.


I swiped this shot from Instagram.

{I think Della will be pretty happy to see him too; every morning this week, she’s asked me “where Daddy?” as soon as she wakes up}.


This is the outfit I landed on in my attempt to “Dress My Love” for my husband.


  • Those jeans that I mentioned yesterday that he loves so much.
  • A simple striped top from my J. Crew haul.
  • A monogrammed circle pendant necklace that I asked for as my gift for Valentine’s Day (I got to open it early since I already knew what it was when it came in the mail).
  • Fun, floral flats (say that five times fast)…because he kind of, actually likes my funky accessories when I keep them to a minimum
  • Bobby pins to pull the sides of my hair back from my face and leave the rest down. It’s his favorite hairstyle (I think, because it makes me look young and girlish), and he always notices when I wear it this way.


I’m making him a repeat of his birthday dinner as a surprise.  He’s been talking about that dinner for weeks now.


Horseradish crusted filet mignon, rosemary garlic roasted veggies, and four cheese toast.


We’ll probably also partake of some of this:


Chocolate Chip Heath Cookies + Symphony Bars = two of our faves. (I’ll share the cookie recipe soon).


I imagine we’ll listen to this song at some point today.

We’ve never really had something we call “our song,” but if we did, this would be it.

Not only is the melody achingly beautiful (when the choir joins in on the chorus at the end, I get goose bumps), but in a sea of love songs that talk about how the lovers feel about each other or about how “it’s so wrong, it’s right” (*gag*), the words to the chorus stand out:

I won’t give up on us

Even if the skies get rough

I’m giving you all my love

I’m still looking up


How’s your V-day shaping up?


  1. That song just came on my Pandora stream and I’m sending it to my hubs now… I agree it’s really beautiful. The lyrics “In the end, you’re still my friend, we didn’t bend or break” are just perfect! Dinner looks yummy too. Enjoy your day with all your sweeties!

  2. Adorable outfit! I love that song for the same reason and I also get goosebumps at that part! I bought 2 prints from an etsy site with those lyrics for above our bed….they’re gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful Valentines dinner!! 🙂

  3. I love that song and many hubby and I just danced to it in our living room. .. thanks for giving us the chance for an impromptu romantic moment

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