Last Monday, we “launched” a new release of BODYCOMBAT. It is, by far, my favorite fitness format I’ve ever done or taught. It’s a mixed martial arts/kick-boxing regimen that lets you feel like Bruce Lee, even if you don’t exactly look it when you check yourself out in the mirror.

Thanks to Tiffany, our gym’s group fitness coordinator and a fellow BODYPUMP instructor, we got lots and lots of pics of launch this time around (as opposed to the usual two sweaty cell phone pics we manage to nab after the class is over). And also thanks to Tiffany, I discovered that, not only do I not look like Bruce Lee while I’m teaching, I do look like a flaming lunatic most of the time.

Take this winner for example:


I did not even know my mouth could do that (did I seriously just post that incredibly unflattering picture on my blog???).


Of course, i like the zoomed out version of this pic even better. See that foot down there in the bottom right corner? I cannot even imagine doing Combat wearing pink glitter TOMS, but to each her own, I suppose.

And then, what about this one?


Apparently, it takes great concentration and mouth-positioning to set up a side kick. (Also, I appear to be the only one interested in setting up a side-kick; everybody else got a different memo).


Uppercuts require equal concentration.


As do plyo-pushes.


And Muay Thai knees.


Cheesy, posed high-fives, on the other hand…those require matching, cheese ball grins.

And then, there’s my favorite of all:


The BFF sneak-attack.

It all got a little more civilized-looking once we had Tiffany, a former beauty pageant contestant, coaching us on foot and hand placement. “Now pop those chests, ladies! Shoulders back!” : )


And then, of course, we had to do the “tough pose.”


Are you skeered yet? (I am a little after seeing my face in most of those “action shots”).


The caption for this last one should definitely be: “SUCK. IT. IN.”

With 9 children between us, spandex is not exactly the world’s most forgiving fabric.  But COMBAT makes it all worth it.

And that includes the extra lines I now have on my face from all of those, ahem, animated expressions.

I may not have any dignity left after this post, but that’s okay because I have Wednesday’s Combat to look forward to.

Bring it.


  1. I teach Zumba and have a similar face problem, but I think with Zumba it’s even more ridiculous because it’s not even like I’m talking/yelling! lol

  2. The glitter shoes look more like a Vans type shoe rather than TOMS. Either way, not ideal for combat…body or otherwise! 🙂 You look amazing and make me want to move myself to look better!

  3. This is HILARIOUS. I am literally laughing out loud at my desk. In the least pervy way possible (I typed it and then realised it sounds a little weird), bodies like that and 9 kids is impressive to say the *least*. I have zero kids and my nearest body doppleganger is closer to Mr. Blobby than Elle McPherson.

  4. How funny are those action shots? Thanks for posting those…..I needed a good laugh 🙂
    And you are looking fab BTW! Can’t believe you had twins in Sept?!? How is that possible?? And Mandie looks super fit too….would never believe you guys have 9 kids between ya’….way to rock it mammas!

    I started a new fitness DVD series and am get a little leaner by summer. I am sore & feeling great so that is motivation!

    PS: I can’t seem to comment from my iPad?? I left a comment on this post and it even appeared yest, but when I logged on this am from my laptop, it wasn’t here?? Hmmmmm…on my iPad it doesn’t have the Disqus comments, it looks more like Blogger where you sign in w/ your google ID and then type the funny word to make sure you aren’t a computer (can’t remember what that thing is called!).

  5. All these pictures make me wish I could take your bodycombat class! You look better than me and I’ve only had one kid!

  6. This made me giggle. So, sports bra recommendations for nursing mamas? I’m 4 days postpartum with a high school reunion staring at me. I never found something that really worked after our first.

  7. 5 kids and you are rocking the spandex…. makes me thin I should do a combat class here in Australia. You look sooooo fit!!

  8. I loved all the pics! You are so brave to post the
    them, but I love how you really get into it! I think I would love that class! So wish I could take it at your gym ;).

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