Remember how I wrote that post about dressing for your husband?

Well, this is the antithesis of that post.

Because today’s post is all about a shirt that just about made my husband’s eyebrows shoot past his hairline.

Wanna see?


{Old Navy camp shirt—on sale for $17, but I had a coupon and some reward points, so it was pretty much free for me}

After my claims that my husband loves all things UNpatterned and neutral, it should come as no surprise that my loud, floral shirt was a bit of an assault on his senses.

It was even a bit much for me. But when I commit to something a little out there, I go hard, or I go home. (Which is, incidentally, where all of these pictures were snapped, so it’s perhaps not the best idiomatic expression in this particular instance).

In this case, “going hard” meant styling my attention-grabbing shirt not one, not two, but three different ways.

First up:


{Button-up: Old Navy, $17; Jeans: Lucky/GW, $6, Shoes: Olsenboye, $24; J. Crew bauble necklace knock-off: Etsy, $15; bag: Big Buddha/Ross, $40}

This is the look that I wore to church and which my husband found most palatable. In fact, he liked the combo of the jeans, heels, and necklace so much (although, let’s face it: it was mostly the jeans) that he said it almost made him like the shirt.

That is high praise indeed, people.

Which means that my flower-power shirt has at least a chance of making it out on a date night, provided that I wear husband-approved jeans and keep everything else pretty simple.


And then there was this version:


{Button-up; Skirt: GW, $4, Jeans jacket: Abercrombie/Ebay, $23, Boots: Marshall’s $60; Belt: Target, $9, Bag: a gift from my mom from Italy}

This is the version I would have worn to work when I taught high school Spanish. Let me assure you that it is important to wear bright clothing when you’re conjugating subjunctive verbs. The same goes for stripes with florals. There’s less chance of your students’ dozing off if they have that kind of visual jolt to keep them awake.


I feel like I post a lot of half-naked pictures of Della on the blog. She really is clothed and in her right mind (mostly) the vast majority of the time. But this is how she was attired when she noticed that I was taking pictures, and it took a bit of coaxing to convince her that Mama’s pictures did not have a prerequisite of a pants-less toddler to be complete.

And finally, we have:


{Button-up; Pants: J. Crew, $18; Flats: Old Navy, $7; Bib necklace: made by me; Belt: ?; Bag: gift}

Allow me to tell you a story:

Once upon a time, there was a blogger who decided to write a blog post about wearing a brightly-colored floral shirt three different ways. In order to document this process, she needed a photographer. So, her obliging husband agreed to capture her efforts for posterity (oh yeah, and her blog readers).

But as he was photographing the option you see above, his brow wrinkled in a most quizzical fashion, until the blogger asked, “What is it?

And he replied, “I don’t know. You just remind me of something. Like from a TV show.”

Blogger: “?? Not sure what that would be.”

Obliging husband: “Oh! I’ve got it. It’s Scooby Doo. You remind me of Scooby Doo.”

Blogger, eyes narrowing in an expression that the obliging husband would have done well to observe closely: “Scooby…Doo?”

OH: Yes!

B: But Scooby Doo’s a dog!”

OH: Ruh-roh


Of course, he immediately back-pedaled and compared me to Thelma and Louise, “Or somebody like that.” And I’m pretty sure after decoding it all, this is who I was reminding him of:


That is, of course, Velma from Scooby Doo, and she’s sporting: Bright colors…check. Horn-rimmed glasses…check. 60’s vibe…check.

I guess I’ll give it to him.


So, what do you think of my loud shirt?

It is screaming STYLE!!! or just screaming?

Did you have a favorite among the three versions?


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  2. You look so cute in that shirt!!!

    I was ALL over the whole lot of new patterned shirts when Old Navy put them out….I had Old Navy cash, a sale and credits so I bought EVERY.PATTERN! I wanted to love that floral one…had grand visions of the many different ways I could wear it, but, when push came to shove, turns out I am a black and white gingham addict and I kept that one (and the lavender check one); plus I bought it for my BFF and my sister…I loved all those florals, just not on me…you carry them beautifully…

    If I had a blog though, you might see me with my gingham shirt next to my buffalo check pillows near my buffalo plaid panels and and all the ways I could fit that shirt in, every week…I’m in love with it 🙂

  3. I think I like the first version the best but I love these type of posts! I just remixed a pair of polka dot jeans. It makes us think outside the box and stretch our closets a little! Thanks for the inspiration on a floral shirt! And btw… You are gorgeous!

    Stopping by from wiww.

    Come check out my post if you get the chance at


  4. Ofcourse the first one is great! I especially love the shoes in it. But I think my favorite is the 2nd one (although I don’t know if I could ever come up with that combination on my own). Love the earrings. So darling!

  5. I love the blouse! Think it looks best in number one though I probably wouldn’t use the shoes. Two is ok. Three is great if you lose the purple purse (doesn’t go at all) and the neck thing (too straight laced looking). You’re an amazing person!

  6. I love the second outfit. I would have never thought of putting that outfit together. Your wardrobe and how you wear things is such an inspiration. Each week it makes me think about things in my closet and how I could wear them differently.

  7. I love this blouse, especially with your hand-crafted necklace!! But if I were you- I would just embrace it and rock all three looks! You are beautiful and can pull it off so well! Thank you for the inspiration…you always make me push myself to do more with what I already have! ❤

  8. The first look is my fave, but you look fabulous in all three! I love your bold color choices and pattern mixing abilities. I hardly ever wear patterns, because I’m pretty much fashion-ignorant and don’t really know how to make it work. When I do wear something with any sort of print or pattern, my husband always comments on how “bright” and “overpowering” it is..hahaha go figure!

  9. I actually contemplated buying the same shirt!
    I think the second outfit is actually my favorite but maybe I just love the pencil skirt?? Or the toddler accessory haha.

  10. I laughed out loud when I read this because my husband and your husband must have the same ideas about “wife fashion.” And when we were at Old Navy this weekend…I picked out the same shirt!! I love it! Maybe it’s b/c I live in WI and I am soooo ready for Spring…and color! (I say that as I am watching it snow AGAIN!) lol. I love the first and third outfits. -Aunt Pippy

  11. I really liked all the looks! The last one was great, minus the belt, it reminds me of a macramé hanging basket 🙂 Good choices, love the colors!

  12. I like the shirt a lot! I agree with your hubby, the first look is my favorite, I love it with the necklace! I think it would look great with mint colored pants too! 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!