I’d look like this:


Or at least, so said a reader when I posted that picture on Instagram a few days ago. Now, I may not completely agree (I mostly ♥ that couch, but there are a few patterns in the mix that make me a little crazy…of course, I am a little crazy sometimes, so maybe it’s perfect). But I couldn’t deny that it represented many of the things that I talk about, dress about, and decorate about here on the blog. Patterns? Color? Ringing any bells?

And it brought up another important question: why has the furniture personality test never been done? (or has it?)

After all, I can choose between being a lion, a beaver, a golden retriever, or an otter (lion/otter/retriever mix here, folks). And I can decide that I am a ridiculously long acronym like EEVNP (I just made that up…I think), and that’s supposed to mean something profound. I can even decide which Winnie the Pooh character I am (I’m a Kanga/Rabbit hybrid with a splash of Tigger’s energy).

So, why have I never thought to describe myself in terms of armchairs and armoires? After all, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to cool furniture I see. And I can spend ridiculous amounts of time searching for just the right chair for my craft room (I found it, in case you were wondering…for 1/3 of the Ross price; check out FB or Instagram if you want a sneak peak). Clearly, I have a thing for furniture.

So today, I thought I’d share 5 pieces of furniture that are just so me that I wouldn’t mind being them (you know, if I weren’t already pulling this whole mama/wife/girl-trying-to-live-life-well-and-glorify-God gig).


The Tufted Ottoman


This room is more formal than any room in my house is, ever will be, or could even dream of being (I’m shuddering at the mere thought of jammy little fingerprints all over that beautiful beige fabric). But that aqua tufted ottoman? Swoon. And I can see it working in a wide range of spaces, from subdued and elegant like this one to funky and eclectic (can’t you totally picture white walls and a gallery featuring a Union Jack print?). 

Plus, I’ve totally proven my love for the tufted ottoman with my coffee-table-turned-DIY-Tufted-ottoman tutorial and even an entire post about Frenchie, the usurper.


The Floral Chair


I’ve loved this Anthro chair ever since I first laid eyes on it. I don’t have a specific place in my house for it (although, I might consider clearing out an entire room and redesigning it just so I would), nor am I willing to foot the bill for it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t adore it.


The Tufted Headboard


Okay, so apparently, I just love tufting. And aqua. But seriously. How could I not love a velvet tufted headboard in a gorgeous wood frame? I really want to make one of these for our bedroom, but my husband keeps reminding me that we have a perfectly good bed that he likes very much. Maybe the guest room. Some day. When I’m 80. (Who am I kidding? I’ll be too busy with my great-great grandchildren!).


The Coral Dresser


I think this version is just divine (especially with the DIY gold confetti on the wall), but I’m also pretty partial to Collette, my very own coral dresser:



The Embellished Piece


It’s no secret that I prefer details to austerity. I can admire clean lines and neutral palettes in others’ houses, but I will always be drawn to something classic with a twist. And the scroll design on that gorgeous gray-blue-green chest above just makes my heart beat a little faster.

So, that’s me in furniture-terms.

What about you? I’d love it if you played along!

If you were a piece of furniture (or 5) what (and what color) would you be?


  1. So… I have been giving this a bit of thought.. and my final answer is… Our dining table. Odd I know. Until I explain myself… you see my husband of 23 years made it for our first house over 22 years ago. We had very little money and he had a father-in-law who was a carpenter and joiner… anyway he made the table from scratch. He went to a second hand wood supplier and sourced the wood, cut, sanded and crafted a beautiful simple table. Our children have scratched, played and eaten at that table. It has our heart and soul etched into the surface… I don’t think I could ever part with it. So that sums up me… not perfect but I put my heart and soul into my family, my friends, my life. cheers celina

  2. Hmmmmm, so interesting to think about. I think I’d love to be an old rustic long farm table w/ chipping paint. I’d love to listen to all the stories & convos as people gather round to eat 🙂 And I wouldn’t have to worry about imperfections, because I’d get better w/ age.

    I have such a hard time choosing a favorite color, though. The other day, my oldest son asked me my favorite color and I couldn’t really name one…..seriously, I have to choose 1?? It totally depends on what the color is being used for….am I wearing it or painting w/ it? I am drawn to turquoise just like you. Also, reds & jewel tones……So much color to enjoy 🙂

    Love all the pieces you picked out! I’d take one of each, please. That tufted ottoman is amazing 🙂

  3. I love Judy’s thoughtful comment…it is so true that a beautiful patina offers much interest and warmth. My grandmother’s soft wrinkles were my favorite part of her lovely face.

    My first choice, if *I* were a piece of furniture, I’d be a sinking bed with worn soft vintage cotton sheets (mismatched), downy pillows and old snuggly quilts layered on (books and tea close by), like this:


    or this:

    the beds in our home are similar to these, and are our favorite places to be.

    OR, I’d be an antique chest of drawers, like this:

    or a shabby one this:

    or maybe a swoony reclaimed card catalog like any of these:

    lastly, this chair:

    this chair:

    these chairs:

    and these:

    all kinda make me go crazy.

    Don’t get me started on sideboards, farm tables or vintage sofas 😉 Yea, I have a thing for furniture too, sister 🙂

  4. I’m nearing 50, and though I may not be looking forward to wrinkles and the signs of age, I actually happen to think they are beautiful, and far more interesting than anything plastic surgeons can offer.
    I see signs of aging as a beautiful patina. So I would LIKE to see myself as a beautifully carved antique mahogany chair, like the ones in my dining room. They are creaky and worn, and the finish polished over decades. I wouldn’t part with them for anything, nor would I ever choose to be younger than I currently am. I love the patina of life! Judy

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