Well, I said yesterday that there was one day to go until spring had officially sprung. But something about that didn’t sound right. So, I said to Shaun, “It’s the 21st, right? The change in seasons? It’s always the 21st. Right?”

And he agreed that, yes, the 21st sounded right. Turns out we were only half right. I googled it and discovered that the first day of winter and summer fall on the 21st of their respective months.

But the first day of spring was yesterday. (And the first day of fall is the 22nd of September).


Oh well. I suppose that my post for today is still legitimate, since it’s all about the little spring-y happenings around these parts. And it’s been spring for a whole day already.


Mud baths


We have a pond. Sort of. More like we have a giant muddy hole in the ground that more or less holds water. But that “less” part means that it never stays completely full, and the water quality could be described as “cloudy,” at best.

So, we got a man and his very large, intimidating machine to come in and pump the water out so we could, after 3 1/2 years of living here, finally have something that is more pond than giant mud-bath.



Giant mud-bath – 1

Large, intimidating machine – 0

So, in the meantime while the “dirt guy” finds a truck big enough to pull his fancy doohickey out of our mud, my husband came up with the brilliant idea to do a little wallowing. mudcollage1

To say that the boys loved it would be a little like saying that Southerners enjoy saying “y’all.”

Speaking of which…


I’m not sure they’ll ever stop talking about this day.


Yup. It was epic.


Short sleeves

While her brothers won the award for most dirt particles per cotton underwear thread, Della ran around in a decidedly spring-ish outfit.

She became enamored of a particular stick, so I decided to do a photo shoot with her and her stick.


Dang. That girl. I regularly consider offering her to GAP, Gymboree, and Osh Kosh, only to say, “Soooooorrrry! Nothing doing!” when they all show up at my door clamoring to have her star in their next ad campaign. Twisted? Yes. But I sure do think my girl is purdy.




There’s not much point in stumbling around in the mud unless you come back with a whole mess of critters like minnows, frogs, crawfish, and the teeny-tiniest, most intricately patterned little turtle you ever did see.




We’re training hard for our first season. And by “training hard,” I mean piddling around the in backyard and trying to remember not to pick the ball up with our hands every few minutes.


Pretty flowers


P.S. I know that there two little people are conspicuously absent from this round-up (they were napping), and they were the two little people you were most hoping to see more of. I’ll make up for it soon, I promise.

What signs of spring have you seen lately?


  1. I bet your little guys will love soccer!

    The whole no-touching-the-ball-with-your-hands business was too much for my daughter! I’m talking all out dramatic sobbing, and not even youtube videos of Mia Hamm could convince her it was cool 🙂

    In retrospect, though, I think there wasn’t quite enough crafting and jumping rope in soccer for her 🙂

  2. Oh what fun! My boys would have been in heaven in that mud hole! How awesome! And all of those fun critters…..they would love ’em too 🙂 They are really into bugs, rocks, sticks & critters. All of our critters are still in hibernation …..boo!
    Not too many signs of spring here yet. Had a bit of a teaser last week when we busted out the shorts on one day….kids were so excited to get to wear “short pants”…haha! Now, just kinda chilly again. I am soooo ready!
    I am just hoping it is warmer than 40 on Easter so we can enjoy some outdoor fun 🙂

    1. It actually got a little colder last night, but otherwise, the warm temps have been holding steady. Hope you get your good Easter weather, friend!!

  3. Gorgeous spring photos, it looks like it was an awesome day! Quick question,to whom do the third set of muddy calves belong?

I love hearing from you guys!