Anybody else humming that Counting Crows song now? No? Then you probably didn’t read the title of today’s post.

Okay, how about now? Good. Now we’re all going to have the same song stuck in our heads all day. Won’t that be fun?

So, I posted this pic to Facebook and IG (oh, and Twitter too…always forget about that one) the other day, and the response really surprised me.

moody road

Lots of likes…on a rather fuzzy cell phone shot.

Of course, something in my soul goes, “Aaaaah,” every time I see it, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that you guys liked it too. It’s my favorite view on the return trip from the gym, partly because it means we’re almost home and partly because…I don’t know. There’s something moody and haunting and mysterious about it.

And it got me thinking you might like to see a little more of where I live. I’ve told you before that we live in the boonies, and the inevitable comment I hear whenever someone first visits us is: “How did you guys find this place?? It’s in the middle of nowhere! But, dang, that drive sure is pretty!”

It really is. But I’m usually so focused on getting somewhere or getting back to finish dinner that I forget to appreciate all the natural beauty that is bursting into bloom at every bend and crook of the road.

So, for my sake and yours, here are five things you would see ‘round here if you rode with me to “town.”


Deserted back-roads lined with pine trees that carpet the ground with their needles and reach out friendly hands toward each other overhead to form a canopy of gauzy green.

There’s definitely a reason that East Texas is called the Piney Woods.



Cows. Of every shape, color, and size. Sometimes, all together in a smelly, glorious tangle of steaming flanks and swishing tails. If only we humans were so colorblind. IMG_1591


Trees, tress, and more trees, all jumbled together in a profusion of variegated shades of chartreuse and lemon and ivory.


The dogwoods are blooming just in time for Easter like they always do. They’re my favorite at the moment.



Hilly vistas like this one. We certainly don’t live in the “hill country,” but if your impression of Texas is flat and brown, you’re definitely not thinking about my side of Texas. Especially near where we live, the views can go on for miles but change every few hundred yards.IMG_1604


Winding roads that seem to stretch on to eternity. IMG_1625

Yes, that’s my same beloved “home-stretch” curve from above.

Of course, then, every now and then, there’s the unexpected treasure on the side of the road.


You better believe I pulled over for this little girl. She’s pretty rough around the edges at the moment. But you just wait. She’s going to be gorgeous!

So, what do you think of my “neighborhood?” Pretty, huh?

Yes, it takes me at least 13 minutes of solid driving before I’m anywhere close to a gallon of milk, but I’ll trade city amenities for the road less traveled any day.

I’m pretty sure it’s this one, in case you were wondering.


What are your favorite views on your drive home? (Even the little things, like a sign that makes you smile, or a favorite restaurant, count).

Oh, and which do you prefer? City or country living?


  1. I’ve had you “bookmarked” for a while now and I check in every now and then. I clicked on today and thought “well that looks like home.” I grew up around the Tyler/Canton area but now live in Dallas, which has waaaay to much concrete. I’m thinking I need a weekend back home to visit the folks.
    Thanks for this and now you’re extra special awesome just because you’re a country girl.

  2. I live in the boondocks too, 15 minutes from a very small town. I’ve always been asked the same question, “How did you find this place!?” I’ve always said that I would rather drive to go somewhere than to have to drive to get away. For me, home is a haven and where I would rather be.
    BTW, love the chair, so glad you picked it up!

  3. So Abbie … I was giving your blog a bit of thought… and thinking about the trips I do home from work… and the ones that feel special… I remember traveling home to my parents house after a day’s work and that feeling of BEING HOME when I pulled in the drive, I was 18 and just got my licence. I also remember the drive 30 mins to home when we lived in a sea-side town. The sun would be going down as I drove home, and you could see it slowly descending. It was a good reminder that He has made some beautiful things. Now I live in a city, and it takes 5 mins to get home by car but the view is of houses and cars and although I love our home… the drive home is mundane. Sometimes the open road warms the soul. cheers celina

  4. on our way to therapy we see a sign on the side of a closed up building tht advertised FLOOR COVERINGS AND ICE CREAM. the combo is interesting huh? and for a building that remains in good condition as well as the sign and it has been closed for decades. Mystery.

  5. Wow, east Texas sure is nothing like north Texas! Where you live is what I have wanted, unfortunately, that is nowhere to be found here in big ol’ Dallas. I have always said that south (and apparently east) Texas is more the true TX. Enjoy your beautiful drive.

  6. That’s a very nice place you live in, Abbie. I also like quite and peaceful places and, although I don’t live in the countryside, my house is located in a residential area near the beach and there is a small park in front of my entrance door. When I walk the dog out, I only hear the sound of birds and the one of kids playing in the park 🙂 Also, I have a beautiful view of the rock of Gibraltar which makes everything even nicer 🙂 At the beginning I was scared to move out of town, but now – after 8 months – I wouldn’t change it for anything else!

    1. That’s so cool! I have to admit my “thing” for pine trees has kind of been overwhelmed by all the, well, pine trees. But they are pretty!

  7. I JUST moved out back out to Flint and I’m realizing day by day how much I love living out of “town.” I’ll take the wind-y road down Lake Placid over a neighborhood Brookshires ANY day.

    sadly… it also means that I’m joining a different gym. ~whompwhomp~
    You better believe I’ll pay to come to a combat class a few times a month anyway.

  8. Love it! That is a beautiful drive you have!!

    I’m a country girl living in the city, but it is a small enough city and our lot is large enough that I’m ok for now. Having neighbor kids 30 seconds away for my kids to play with is something I didn’t have growing up and it sure is lots of fun! We do make it out to the “country” a lot, though, and my kids love spending time at grandma’s and all the unique things there are to do there.

    1. Yeah, the neighbor kids 30 seconds away does sound lovely. I guess that’s why I have so many so they can be their own neighbors! 🙂

  9. Oops! I always thought Texas was flat, dry and dusty! lol! It looks a lot more lush and beautiful than I imagined. I’m in the Midwest and yes, it’s sort of flat here! ;-D


  10. I love your road! I’m a south GA girl and it reminds me of home a bit. We’re still in the country, and I have a favorite spot on the way home of pasture and stream and yes, cows, that I love.

  11. Hubby and I bought a condo in “town” 9 years ago. Me no like. I don’t like opening up my slider to my deck and listening to birds and bugs. I’m a city girl born and raised. I like to hear traffic, sirens, people. I know, some people are thinking “this chick is cray cray” but that’s me. City Girl. Honestly, I think I would be terrified to live in the boonies.

    1. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get more city girls weighing in! I can totally see the appeal if that’s what you’re used to!

  12. Yes I have the song in my head now….. and part of it fits my life at the moment. Round here we stay up very, very, very, very late!! haha =D

    My husband and I bought a house last summer in our little city, and having always been a country girl, I really miss the peace and quiet. I love our little home and the five minute commute to my office can’t be beat, but I sure do miss the expansive green and all of the trees!

I love hearing from you guys!