I guess you’ve already figured this out by the fact that I’m posting something new this morning, but…


And I’m even feeling somewhat normal (after that 2 hour nap I took yesterday).


One of the various busynesses from last week was Saturday’s launch of BODYPUMP release #85. It was fun, challenging, and, well, real.

I thought I’d share a few tidbits of wisdom I gleaned from this particular release.


The phrase, “Strike a muscle pose,” means very different things to different people.

From left to right {back}: Peggy, me, Sara, Mandy, Tiffany, Jenn, {front}: Austin, Cindy



Peggy: cheerfully show off my (impressive wing span)

Me: flex bicep and make an unsuccessful attempt at looking tough

Sara: admire fingernails

Mandy: Disco, baby!

Tiffany: two words—duck lips

Jenn: raise your hand if you’re Sure

Cindy: Happy, happy, happy!

Austin: I cannot be seen with these women. I will now bow my head in shame.


Even with further clarification, the results can be equally unpredictable. Oh, and Peggy’s shoes emit an otherworldly light with no help from electricity.


I think I’m laughing. But I might be sneezing. Or singing 80’s hair band music. Either way, it’s not pretty. Oh well.


Even when you’re wrapping up the busiest weekend ever and can only be bothered to put your hair in a ponytail, a quick pass over the bangs with the straightening iron is always a good idea. Clearly, Sara agrees.


Side note: I now know why my children look a little afraid of me sometimes.


It’s a bad idea to lie down for the chest press track with your ear right by the rather large speaker. Not only will you be unable to hear what the person teaching that track is saying. But you will be unable to hear period for the rest of the class.



Conversely, it’s a very good idea to shave your underarms and blow your nose before class, just in case your fellow instructors deem it necessary to take a shot like this one.



When you yell at your participants, there’s a pretty good chance you could end up scaring your fellow instructors as well (Sara appears to be inching away from me slowly).



Perfectly posed shots aren’t nearly as fun as the spastic ones.



If you attempt posed photo-ops in the hallway with your bestie, you will get photo-bombed.

(Side note: It’s not fair to look as good in spandex as Mandy does when you’re 5-months-pregnant).


P.S. The sweatier you get, the more the unruly bangs incite rebellion among their folicular neighbors, which means that #3 really should have read: “Skip straightening iron and go straight to bobby pins.”


Even when you completely flub the lunge track and are jumping up on the box when everybody else is down on the ground and vice versa (not that I did any such thing, mind you), if you bring cute twin girlies with you to class, no one seems to care.



Zip front exercise tops should be the de rigeur attire for all nursing mamas. Those things are awesome!


This is the Instagram version of the above pic that Austin took for me. Thanks, bro!

So, there you have it—10 little nuggets of universal wisdom that will no doubt rock your world should you ever find yourself launching a Body Pump release…as the mother of twins…while wearing a zip front top.

You’re welcome.

P.S. Just because I love a bit of good, drama-filled suspense…here’s a quick heads-up that I have something super-exciting coming for you on Wednesday. Prepare yourself. : )


  1. hahha! well, thanks! 😉 I was feeling it was definitely more spandex than any 5m pregnant girl should probably ever wear at one time…LOL… and I’m totally thinking we should get 85’s drawstring shorts for when I’m 8+ months preggo next launch… hahaha 🙂

  2. Abbie- I’m excited to see this post today! I joined a gym on Saturday and told the trainer that my goal is to start taking their Bodypump classes in a few weeks. I’m trying to ease in to a new fitness routine so I won’t fall over in the first 5 minutes of the class!

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