Good morning! It’s FRIDAY, but in my case, that pales in comparison to the fact that I’m only one day away from getting my husband back from his work trip.  Now that’s a reason to celebrate.

Speaking of celebrations, have you heard of the Declare Conference? It’s a Dallas-based blog conferencewith a heart to equip women with encouragement, support & community as they seek to know God and make Him known.”

There will be chocolate and coffee, yummy food and great prizes, laughter and good conversation, and great sessions on a variety of blogging topics, led by absolutely fantastic speakers…including the least fantastic of all, I’m sure: ME!

Yup, that’s right. Little ol’ me will be leading the DIY blogging session on Saturday, August 10 in the afternoon, but the conference actually starts on Friday, August 9. If you’re in the Dallas area (or feel like a road trip), why don’t you join us at Declare? I’d love to meet you!

 (Oh, and this is super-cool: if you’re looking to get published, there will be a literary agent there to review your work).

If you have other questions, head on over to the FAQ page and see if that answers them for you. Otherwise, email me, and I’ll do my absolute best to find the answer for you if I don’t know it already!

And if you’re already going, email me that too so we can connect! Maybe even attach a picture so I’ll know you when I see you.

And one last thing: please don’t tell the twins. They’re only crawling now, but if they hear that Mama is abandoning them for two whole days, I’m afraid they might figure out how to tie me to the bed while I’m sleeping.


Onto other business. Did you know that Google reader is going away? Like soon. As in Monday. Gone. Do you follow me on Google reader? If so, would you do me the favor of joining me on Facebook (the most fun way to follow—I think—because I post a lot of things there that never quite make it here AND that’s where all the best pictures of the twins are…yes, I know, I’m shameless) so you don’t miss a post? Or you can choose any other method of following along like Bloglovin or Google Friend Connect (although, that’s probably going away soon too) or email subscription (my posts—and nothing else from me—will come straight to your inbox)…or simply click on over to the blog each day in your browser (I don’t make hardly any money from this blog—none, if you factor in my expenses/time spent—but actually visiting my page and clicking on it does generate a teensy bit of revenue, so I certainly won’t object if you choose that route; I always type the address of all my favorite blogs in my browser so they get credit for my visit).

In any case, my point is this: I like you, and I want you to stick around. So, if on Monday, you wonder why my post didn’t show up in your reader (or your reader’s not working at all, which is more likely), remember this post and stop on over in person to see what we’ve been up to. I’ll be here. 🙂

Probably nibbling on one these:


Don’t these Peanut Butter Banana Creamsicles  A Pretty Life linked up to last week’s party look absolutely scrumptious? (I love the striped straw idea!).


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  1. One word. Feedly (in place of Google Reader, GFC, Bloglovin, etc.). It is the bomb! Check it out for reals.
    Would LUUUUURVE to hang with you in Dallas in August. Sprinkle some pixie dust on that wish and see if the dream fairies can do their magic 🙂

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