Somehow, some way, although I cannot begin to fathom exactly how it came to pass, it’s been 9 whole months since I gave birth to—in my humble and completely unbiased opinion—the world’s most adorable, cheek-squeezingly winsome identical twin girls. EVER.

9 months.

Three-quarters of a year.

75% of the time it takes for the earth to completely orbit the sun.

My mind is blown.

I’m not particularly sentimental. In fact, one of the ways that this blog helps me is by reminding me to document important (or sometimes trivial) moments in my children’s lives that would otherwise be lost forever by my tendency to let them slip by unnoticed and unrecorded.

But as I was carrying the twins down the stairs this morning, an abrupt wave of sadness washed over me at the thought that they won’t be babies much longer and that I will likely never again have the privilege of watching two little halves of one person grow and develop like I’m doing now. And, yes, I know that sounds like a challenge to God (Twins: Part II, coming right up, Abbie), and it’s not a sensation I often experience.

But the girls are at such a fun stage—learning, growing, interacting—with such a genuine love for people—especially their family—that it’s hard not to mourn the fast-approaching day when their eyes will no longer dance and sparkle simply at the the sight of their mama coming through their nursery door in the morning. It makes my stomach clench a little to think of the day when they won’t clamp my sides with their little feet when I hold them, even curling their toes a bit to get a better grip.

Not that I have any business worrying about tomorrow. Or that it does any good. Which is why I decided to take another round of pictures and dwell a little on all of the delightful things the twins are doing today. Things like:


I shot these pictures earlier this morning when it was the kind of humid that makes each inhalation feel like you’re drinking your air rather than breathing it, and I didn’t realize that my lens had fogged over until I’d already done a whole round of shots…which is a real bummer since this little gem of Evy came out a little hazy.

But I still love her expression here. This is quintessential Evangeline. Pixie-ish and a wee bit shy, but always with a glint of fun behind her eyes.


And then there’s Nola. Or Big Nola as we call her on the days when we don’t worry too much about how many quarters we should be adding to our Future Therapy Bills Piggy Bank.


Nola is an open-mouthed, whole-bodied smiler and is currently the more Mama-obsessed of the two. It’s really sweet. And kind of a pain. All you mamas with children who have fixations on you know what I mean, I’m guessing.twins1

They’re starting to interact more and more (especially if by interact, I mean, “Oh, look at that toy she’s holding; I think I’ll take it. And maybe pull her hair while I’m at it”).


I live in the South: AKA the land of head-swallowing little girl hair ornaments, but I never really got into the whole bow-bigger-than-your-noggin trend. Which is probably why I get asked a lot if the girls are, in fact, boys. As they bat their long, girly lashes. While riding in their pink, floral car seats. And wearing dresses.

Face palm. 

Maybe I should have them wear their ginormous flowers more often.


{Not a bagboy in the land who would mistake them for boys in that getup}

The twins don’t have particularly big feet, and I’m definitely thinking they missed out on their Mama’s (and Softa’s) sasquatch genes. But those adorable metallic bow sandals? They’re an Old Navy size 0-3 month, y’all. Yes, you read that right. 0-3 months. That’s messed up.


Oh, and as a further illustration of their personalities, this is what happened when I told them we were about ready to wrap up taking pictures.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go squeeze some cheeks.


  1. GAH!!! They ARE just so cute!!! I remember having those glimpses of “this is probably the last time I’ll….” with the baby of our family (who, it kills me to say, will be 6 in September!!!)! To really understand and relish the fleeting time of babyhood…it’s hard, but truly goes so, so fast…thanks for the beautiful pictures and update! Wonderful that you can keep memories here for the girls (maybe that’s what I need to do since I am not overly sentimental either…if I could just find a way to store all their Co OP crafts in here…hmmm…) 🙂

  2. Just too cute for words! I always love when you share about the twins. They truly are a blessing from the Lord! 6-9 mos is always my favorite baby stage…..they are just so stinkin’ cuddly & squishy! I am with you on the ginormous headbands & bows. But, now I kinda regret not putting more in my little girl’s hair because she really won’t wear anything in it. For church, I just take a bow along & put it in her hair in the parking lot. If she is distracted enough, she will keep it in. I have seen other mom’s who have their girl’s wear headbands every day from day 1 and now when they are 2 & 3 yo they wear them with no problems. But hey, that should be the least of my worries, eh???
    I have never desired twins in the past. Been almost scared of it….like I couldn’t handle it. But, after following your blog for the last 1yr +, my heart has changed. In fact, when we went for the first sono for baby #4, I was secretly hoping for twins….all because of you! The sono showed only one baby this time. So still very blessed around here indeed!
    Hope you are doing OK sans hubby! Hang in there! The heat is oppressing here in the Panhandle. Can only imagine w/ your humidity…..Yikes! Hanging in the A/C round here 🙂

    1. Aw, that’s so sweet, Leigh Anne! I’m glad that I’ve managed to accurately convey the absolute joy my twin girls bring me. They are such a unique and unexpected blessing (both because I didn’t expect to have them and because I didn’t expect twins to be so great!).

      Maybe you’ll get some someday? 🙂

  3. just adored the update on those precious little souls. You are so right to be cherishing. Having older children probably makes how fast this progresses even more obvious having been there and done that..

  4. I think that every bagboy and old man Walmart greeter thinks that every baby is a boy! I have all girls, who always wore pink, in a pink carseat, with a pink dangle-y toy and they’d ask me how old “he” is. Sheesh!

    But, I avoided huge bows, too. Good thing I don’t care too much 😉

  5. Two halves of the same person? Do you really think of them as a single person and not as two individuals? I’m just curious. That line caught my eye.

    1. No, I definitely think of them as completely separate individuals, but it’s also super-awesome that they came from one egg, so in some ways, they are literally one person, halved.

      It’s just a cool thought. But they are already asserting their own unique personalities on a daily basis, so it’s impossible to really think of them as one.

    2. I really wasn’t trying to be snarky. I was just completely curious. Thanks for answering without making me feel like an arse! 🙂

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