5 Things Thursday: BOoooING!

Disclaimer: if you have objections to large quantities of cute little kid pics, especially when the little kids in question have dirty faces, do not read this post.

I have so many fond memories of hours (upon hours) spent bouncing, lying, role-playing, rough-housing, game-creating, slip-sliding, and just generally having a ball on the trampoline. Of course, it wasn’t my trampoline. But, considering that I spent most of my waking hours at my friend Ronda’s house, and it was her trampoline, it didn’t much matter who technically held the title to that magical contraption.

25 years later (man, I feel old), and the enchantment has yet to fade.

Of course, when you get seven people of varying sizes/ages who are all related to each other on the same trampoline, the results can be a bit theatrical.

Which is how I am able to bring you…

The Water Bottle Saga: An Epic Dramedy in 5 Parts.


Set Up


Boy Drinks From Water Bottle




Little Sister Spies Water Bottle


Boy Shares Water Bottle


Then Shares Some More


Little Sister Gets More Than She Bargained For


After Recovering, Little Sister Marvels At The Wonders Of Plastic Cappage




Twin Sister Spies Little Sister Having Fun With The Water Bottle


Twin Sister Decides That Little Sister Has Had Enough Fun With The Water Bottle


Little Sister Disagrees. LOUDLY




Little Sister Reclaims The Water Bottle, Then Is Immediately Beset By Remorse For Her Stinginess


A Happy Ending


Twin Sister Seeks Solace In Daddy’s Bosom


Her Spirits Are Revived

Meanwhile, their siblings look on:

IMG_4894    IMG_4917 IMG_4968

Do you have any cherished trampoline memories (or sagas) to share? I’d love to hear them!

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3 thoughts on “5 Things Thursday: BOoooING!

  1. we never had a trampoline growing up and none of my friends did. we were fostering and state guidelines do not allow trampolines, but since we aren’t fostering anymore it’s the top thing on my list to purchase.

  2. We used to have a trampoline at our old house. I think I played on it more than the girls did. One year, it snowed right at Easter. Of course, I had to go out and jump to see what it was like to jump on a trampoline in the snow. The neighbors were looking out of their windows at me like I had completely lost my mind. But then, to be fair, my children were looking at me the same way. When we moved, we couldn’t take it with us because this backyard isn’t trampoline-friendly. That made me sad. Someday I hope to have a trampoline again!

  3. The property we’re moving to in FOUR WEEKS (yes that’s right, marriage in four weeks!) has a trampoline and I’m beyond excited about it. Forget a husband, I get a TRAMPOLINE.

    best. day. ever.

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