Once upon a time, a girl went with her family to the lake in August in the scorching Texas heat. Fortunately, she was skilled in making wise sartorial choices in order to keep her cool, for she knew that polyester, pedal-pushers, and above all, full-length pants were no Texas-in-August girl’s friend.  Alas, although she harbored a deep and abiding love for breezy skirts, her passion was overshadowed by her desire to keep the details of her foundation garments to herself.  Which was a desire that was often thwarted by her 5 small children who seemed to think that the world should—nay, deserved—to know the exact color, pattern, and make-up of their mother’s underthings—a belief that they regularly practiced with frequent tweaks, twists, and twirls of their 10 undie-exposing little hands.

So our fearless slightly concerned, heat-beleaguered heroine wore shorts.  But to soothe her skirt-deprived little soul, no ordinary shorts would do.

Oh no. She needed color. So, she wore:

green shorts

…paired with a fantastic, mint-condition leather Fossil bag she scored on Craigslist for $40. (And then partially ruined by forgetting about a jar of baby food which then exploded on the leather. Sigh).


And then there were:

yellow shorts

And a bit of hair experimentation, which our heroine now regrets.


Oh, and we can’t forget…

pink shorts

Although that was hardly her favorite part of this picture.

And finally, we have the:

floral shorts

Because, sometimes, only color and pattern will do.

And so, with well-ventilated legs and well-protected undergarments, our protagonist was able to return to doing the things she loved most:


And they lived happily ever after until her 2-year-old discovered how easy it is to goose people who are wearing shorts.

The end.


  1. It’s amazing to me that ladies these days justify wearing immodest clothing for the sake of their comfort. There are not discrepencies in God’s Word and I’m pretty sure wearing short shorts, spaghetti strap tank tops, barely there workout gear etc. to appease your overheating is not reason to wear these things. It’s disappointing to read someone’s words that are true and honest about their love for Jesus but then only consider what’s convenient. This is a real issue, it’s not nit picky or an exaggeration.

    1. I don’t think you’re nitpicking or exaggerating, and I appreciate your taking the time to share your concerns. The “story” behind my outfits was meant to be more lighthearted and less literal about my wearing what I do for “overheating” reasons. But I do understand what you’re saying, and I don’t want to hurt my witness, so I’ll definitely pray about it. Thanks!

  2. Snort-laughing over here! I’ve only got 6 little hands to contend with, but I totally get the ‘goose’ too!

    You always look so put-together…I couldn’t even manage to put on mascara today.

    1. Oh, Julie. I go around makeup-less more often than not. I just don’t post any pics of it. Knowing that I want to take pictures helps me to make myself be more put together. Seriously. (Right now, I’m wearing a p.j. top and workout shorts, and that’s the norm during the day). That’s the beauty/danger of blog world. You’re doing great, sister! 🙂

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