On Friday, I asked your opinion about what I should do about my deep and abiding longing to change up my hairstyle (okay, so it was more like a recent impulse, but still).

And pretty much every single person said, “CHOP IT!” With the prevailing reasoning being, “It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.”

So, after I spent an hour or so soothing my long hair’s hurt pride at y’alls being so willing to see her whacked, I went and got my hair chopped. Okay, so actually, I already had an appointment that day which I had made over a week before with the intention of getting my bangs trimmed and my ends tidied up.


(One last shot of the my long-haired self right before The Big Chop)

When I marched into my stylist, Hollie’s, salon and answered her usual, “What are we doing today?” question with, “Hacking it all off,” it’s no wonder that she stuttered a little as she said, “Uuuuh, a-a-all off?” (What can I say, I was feeling drastic).

But when I showed her the inspiration collage that I showed you last Friday, she was all, “Let’s do this thang!” (We say stuff like that in Texas). And so we did that thang.

And you know what?


I luuuuuurve it!

I think my favorite part is the way it angles from shorter to longer from the back to front.


{Top: Actually a dress from Banana Republic, $13, Skirt: Clothes Mentor, $12, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, $20}


But let’s stop talking about my hair for a minute (oh, yes, please, Abbie!) and discuss that rockin’ skirt, shall we?

I bought it on the same trip to Clothes Mentor during which I scored all of those fantastic designer jeans because, well, it was just too happy to pass up. I was drawn to it immediately, but it was two sizes too big (on the tag anyway). So, as I stood there deliberating and desperately wishing it were my size, the manager said, “You know, I love that skirt. It’s a Neiman Marcus exclusive, and I only get a couple like that in every year. You should buy it!”

Call me a sucker for a clever sales pitch if you want, but the truth is that I didn’t need much convincing. It’s incredibly well-made, and to find something so unique and fun for only $12 is such a rare thing that I promised myself that I would find a way to alter her if need be.

Turns out, the need didn’t be. Instead of hitting me at the waist, she sits at my hips, and the natural fullness of the skirt works well in a larger size. 

Plus, I wore it on a date with my husband and the twins, and I really think it’s the ideal date-with-children (now there’s an oxymoron) skirt since a) it’s not fitted, thus allowing for maximum breadstick consumption, and b) it has approximately 52 different colors and patterns, both of which are great for hiding spills and baby drool.

And then was this little ditty


{Top: Target, $12, Skirt: Clothes Mentor, $15, Shoes: Clothes Mentor, $10}

IMG_4787 IMG_4788

I do believe that this skirt is how the first one is *supposed to fit. But it’s not nearly as conducive to carb consumption, which would make me sad, except that I wore it to church, where the only things I ingested were a tiny bit of communion bread and grape juice. You better believe I loosened up those zippers for lunch, though.

And now, since I feel that a recap is in order for this rather rambly post, here’s the takeaway, folks:

If you have a really great haircut you want, go for it. After all, as one reader so eloquently put it: “I think we get way too caught up in the vanity that is the strands growing from our dermis–eww.” (Ew, indeed).

Oh, and if you have a Clothes Mentor near you, go for it too. There are some fantastic deals to be had.

And now, my friends, it is time for me to return to the real world where laundry and dirty diapers await me.

It’s been fun! See you tomorrow!


  1. both of those skirts are TOO CUTE!!!! And they compliment your PERFECT new cut!!!! I think it’s pretty tricky for you thick, curly haired girls to go shorter…but when it’s done RIGHT: WATCH OUT!!!! I’m am sure there are girls all over America pinning your new hair RIGHT NOW!!! Unfortunately, I am not blessed with that thick, curly hair…but I am loving yours!!!! SO glad you took the plunge!!

  2. Your haircut has inspired me to cut my hair. It’s been long ever since a really horrible haircut in high school where I ended up looking like a boy (sadly, this was before I knew how to manage my curls, or use a straightener)- and that was more than 10 years ago… at any rate, (thankfully) I now know how to manage my curly hair, and am quite good with a flat iron, so I think it may be time to take the plunge again to short hair land. It’s so hot here in Phoenix that I end up wearing it in a bun most days anyway, so I think a change will do me good.

  3. LOVE the hair cut! Looks great on you……loved the previous one too 🙂 I so wish we had a Clothes Mentor…..sounds like me kinda place. Love the 2 skirts you got there….great finds 🙂

  4. I LOVE that black skirt! Its so versatile. I need to check out our local Clothes Mentor. Local as in its an hour and a half away. But its worth it I think. 😉 And I had a haircut exactly like yours once…I wonder why I didn’t keep it that way, I loved it. Do you find that your curls are bouncier now that its shorter?

  5. I found our nearest Clothes Mentor (two hours away!) and stopped there on the way back from the airport. Wow! In a fifteen minute trip I found shoes, a bag, and two necklaces. And they gave me 30% off because it was my first visit! Love, love your hair!

  6. I love both of those outfits! I’ve always loved skirts with bold/wild prints on them. And the second is one of my favorite styles (classic with a twist!)

  7. Your hair was gorgeous before and is fabulous now! I recently whacked off more hair than you did…. quite a change!! But oh so liberating! I cut off about twelve inches, and it’s now about jaw-length. The change feels pretty darn good and takes me about 4 minutes to fix. WIN.

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