Do you ever get a color crush? I mean, y’all know that I’m a-little-on-the-disturbing-side obsessed with all things blue-green. But that’s hardly anything I’d call a crush. It’s more like a marriage with an iron-clad pre-nup.

What I mean is: do you ever find yourself drawn to the same color in a particular medium over and over? For a period of time, anyway.

I think you know where I’m going with this: I have a color crush. And it is Emerald. Not just green. But Emerald. And above all else, I love it in dresses.

Dresses like…


This Keyhole Front eyelet Dress from Ehakti,

green eyelet dress - Polyvore - Mozilla Firefox 872013 31836 PM


I liked the dress on its own (especially since the keyhole is fun but still modest), but I loooooved it when I spotted it in the above style board on polyvore.



This Emerald Ripple Dress from Anthropologie


Although…(and I mean no disrespect to the model or the 34 calories she’s consumed in the last 2 years), it would look considerably better on someone with more meat on her bones. (I’m also convinced it would look better if it doesn’t cost over $160).



This BCBG Max Azria emerald silk chiffon rosette detail one shoulder gown (now, there’s a mouthful), which is, sadly sold out.



It reminds me of this fabulous one-shoulder rosette maxi in the perfect shade of emerald that a woman wore to my brother’s wedding. I could see her out there sitting on the groom’s side, and it was all I could do not to hand my bridesmaid bouquet to the next girl and march out there to ask her where she got her gorgeous dress. Somehow, I restrained myself, but you better believe I tracked her down during the reception, only to discover that she had bought it at Ross for something ridiculous like $16. Which sounds wonderful until you realize that searching for a specific dress at Ross is a little like looking for a needle in a stack of needles. Sigh. Someday. Someday (assuming I haven’t already gotten over my emerald crush), I will find a one-shoulder rosette emerald green maxi dress (and yes, I have typed those exact words—and any possible iterations thereof—in my Google search bar multiple time). SOMEDAY!


And then there was…


The emerald maxi skirt.


Sorry, no sources for this one. I found this image several times on Pinterest (find me at Abbie @5days5ways), but none of them actually linked back to the original post from the blog. If you find the link, let me know, and I’ll insert it!

Update from a reader: here’s the link.

And finally, there was…


This “When the Night Comes” lace number in Emerald from ModCloth.



Something about that deep, rich green paired with lace just screams Old Hollywood to me. I would definitely wear this one (well, depending on the length…hard to tell how short it is) to a wedding or a fancy dinner. Or just to dance on the back patio under the twinkle lights with my husband. Nope. Especially to do that last one.


Strangely enough, none of my links are particularly budget-friendly, and you know I’m always looking for a bargain. It wasn’t for lack of searching, though (I was actually really surprised at how difficult it was to find a dress in this color that I liked for under $100). If you have any leads of your own, please leave me the link. I’d be ever so grateful.

So, how ‘bout you guys? Any colors you can’t seem to get out of your head? And what do you like them most on?



  1. Would you believe I AM wearing that final dress from Modcloth in my friend’s wedding (I am a bridesmaid) however we got it in blue. FYI, it sits just above the knee if you are an average height (I am 165cm) 🙂

  2. I was WalMart this morning getting a few toiletries, and I took a quick stroll through the clothing section. The striped maxi skirt that you got? They have one similar in an solid emerald green at my local store.

  3. I’m going to sound like I work for them, which I don’t, I’m just a fan. Have you ever checked out Eshakti? I’m positively in love with their dresses and they’re customizable for very little moolah. You can change the sleeve, skirt length, etc. They’ve got some lovely emerald options. Love this maxi: and this skirt is to die for: And this dress is simple but great as well:

  4. Oh my! I am married to green with an iron-clad pre-nup (to borrow your words), and this post has made me immensely happy! And you’ve also made me want to make a visit to Ross…

    My color crush right now would probably have to be coral. But I am forever loyal to green!

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