Welp. Today is a Monday. For sure. Nothing so terribly wrong. Just…Monday. Please tell me you know what I mean?

In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, here’s what this week’s Project Elephant checklist looks like:

project elephant checklist1[4]

Yup. That would be half done with the closets (the ugly half of it…the half where I got it all out but have only gotten the boys’ clothes back, and Della’s room looks like a bomb went off at the little girl dress factory) and one of my fabric art pieces redone.

fabric art


Let me just say that I picked that word for my chalkboard ($15 on clearance from Marshall’s) very intentionally because it was a) how I feel about the cooler weather that has made its way to sweaty East Texas and b) a desperately needed reminder for everything else besides the weather.

You know you’re a bit tense when you tell your husband to get away from you because you can tell he’s about to do something disgustingly sweet like hug you, and you don’t want to start bawling because there’s too much to do, and crying just won’t get it done.

And then you write a word like, “Rejoice,” with the one decrepit piece of chalk you can find in the entire house as your oldest bongs on the piano keys, and the twins scream in their high chairs because they ran out of snacks, and the 2-year-old shrieks in horror at the fact that her middle brother just yanked a blanket out of her hands and ran off laughing maniacally.

And you start to giggle. Because it’s almost funny just how easy your life is and yet how easily stressed you get.

My children are happy and healthy (and can prove it with their volume). What more could I ask for? And yet I have so. much. more. The fact is I’m happy to dwell on words like, “Rejoice,” when the children are quiet (read: napping), and I’m caught up on the laundry (read: never).

But here’s the truth of what I’m called to do:




Darn. I was so hoping Monday gave me a pass.

So, here’s to gentle nudges from the Holy Spirit (“Rejoice” was literally the only word I could think to write in the midst of the cacophony) and half-finished projects.

After all, as I might have mentioned before, it’s not about perfection. It’s about progress. Even (or maybe especially) if some of that progress happens in my own heart.

So, what about you guys? Did you fare better than I did this week? I’d love to see the chomps you took out of your elephant!

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  1. Well, you know that old saw about 2 steps forward and 1 step back? I think I just reversed it. I’m afraid I have added to the mess on the dining room table…Its also my cutting table and I’m having to do a border for a quilt top. I did manage to get more fabric wrapped so that was my step forward. Then my granddaughter came for the weekend to go to the wedding of one of her good friends. So everything stopped. I did get some of the stack atop my shredder actually shredded. Yay, me! {wanders off shaking head and mumbling “one bite at a time”}

  2. Thanks for the encouragement……something I need to be reminded of….I agree with you about the weather! I’m from the livingston area and the cooler weather has been awesome! I do want to rejoice in all circumstances and be content, there is so much to be happy about! I found out Sunday we are expecting number 5! autumnmcox@yahoo.com

  3. Well, I’d say you did really well! After all, its about one bite at a time…….so you made progress, my dear! And I love the Rejoice! reminder….I need that one everyday! Because even though I’m loving P.E., the things on my list are piddly-dinks compared to the Love of Christ 🙂 And I am so very blessed even if I get nothing on my list done!
    But, with PE as motivation…..I conquered the fabric stash & made 2 of the cutest velvet punkins you ever did see 🙂 haha! Washing the fabric was my biggest stalling point because I had to serge the edges of the velvet before washing which means I had to re-thread my serger (major boo!). But, I prevailed and rocked the rethreading, which lead to the washing of the velvet (it came from grandma’s stash & reeked of moth balls….yikes!), which led to the crafting of the pumpkins. I still have 2 more stems but many more I wanna make for gifts, etc…..but, I’ve got to come by some real pumpkin stems. Hubby suggested pulling them off the ones for sale at the store, but I decided I would try my hardest to acquire some stems w/o thievery being involved…..he was only joking 🙂 I am hoping to drive past a massive field of pumpkins in the near future. Would make my heart happy!

    Can’t remember exactly what I reported on my PE list last week, but I did also crochet 3 washcloths (while riding as a passenger in the car……making the most of my time 😉 for Christmas gifts. Hoping to get more of those done and shampoo carpet in living room/bedroom. Oh yes, and procure more pumpkin stems!! Tally-HO!
    Here’s to another productive week!! Rejoice!

  4. Ok, I did make progress! I rescued my brass pot, finished my tray, AND I finished out (with Dad’s help) and installed the massive (6-foot) towel bar for the boys’ bathroom! Although, I’m not happy with the sturdiness of the french cleat, and may move to a few D-rings to bring the backplate closer to the wall. I also made some progress on the huge wall – painted a couple of frames and ledges/shelves. Now it’s on to the layout (maybe tonight IF I’m feeling motivated) and hanging of everything. Though I have to confess, I’m stumped on how to hang our HUGE antique fire sprinkler alarm bell – that thing weighs a ton!
    Oh, did I mention that I was so busy I did not take time to blog about any of it? I DO have some photos, so maybe I’ll do that tonight instead. Give that wall a bit more time to marinate in the ‘ol noggin.

  5. I definitely struggle with Mondays… but I just love Project Elephant, what a neat reminder that no matter how we’re feeling, we can tackle projects ‘one bite’ at a time! And rejoice while we do it 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!