Have you ever looked for an article of clothing for so long that you despair of finding it, only to stumble across it when you least expect?

That happened to me right before my brother’s wedding. I was on a desperate hunt for a pair of white, size 7 sandals to match Della’s flower girl dress. It sounds simple enough (and no, that is not the article of clothing I was talking about in the first sentence of this post), but they needed to match the other flower girl’s, my sister-in-law had something particular in mind, and, apparently, when everybody bought their Easter sandals, there was an elephant stampede in the size 7, flower girl sandal department.

Time was running out, so 2 days before the wedding, all five kids and I went to no fewer than 4 department stores in a wild, last-ditch effort to shod Della’s little tootsies in an appropriately wedding-ish  fashion.

If you’re wondering what small children do when their mother drags them to yet another boring place full of stuff they can’t touch…


There’s your answer. They find an empty display shelf and take a lie-down…on top of each other.

It was at the 4th boring place—Macy’s to be exact—that I spotted them. No, not the perfect size 7 little girl sandals (ultimately, we wedged her poor little toes into a size 6).



(Macy’s: Style and Co., $20)

That would be a pair of blue (turquoise, to be precise) suede heels—the possiblity of which had been nibbling at my consciousness for, oh, a good year, at least.


Of course, they didn’t have my size, and I was a feeling a bit bereft until I found a pair a 1/2 size lower than my usual. I snatched them up, elbows akimbo just in case there were any fellow turquoise heel enthusiasts lurking nearby. And then I gingerly slid my foot inside, teeth clenched, breath held, hoping, praying they would fit. I’m guessing you can tell from the fact that I’m writing a post about them that they did. (Not that I have the best track record for resisting the temptation to buy shoes that aren’t a perfect fit if they’re cute/cheap enough…more on that later).


Remember this dress? It’s the first time I’ve worn it since being pregnant, and I have to admit that all those flouncy ruffles make me feel a bit…blimpish. Hence the lovely photo op above.

But the shoes? The shoes are quite slimming, I think. My feet look at least a quarter inch narrower, I’m pretty sure. And who doesn’t want that? Plus, the best part is that they’re just as versatile as I’d hoped.


{My husband stared pointedly at the huge hole in my pants as I came down the stairs and got ready to leave; but I informed him that if he pressed the point, I would change pants—again—and he clammed up in a hurry}

I also wore them with a leopard print 3/4-sleeved tee from the girls’ section at Target (I’m wearing the XL).


Of course, “versatile” is a relative term. I love these shoes so much that I’m tempted to wear them with everything from my workout clothes (now, that would make BODYCOMBAT interesting) to my date nights. Apparently, I’m not the only one who approves either, if the random older guy I caught eyeing them in the Walmart checkout line is any indication. He glanced up as I watched him watching my shoes and didn’t even blink. He just said, “I sure do like them shoes.” I’m not going to lie. It made me question my own taste. After all, if both I and the male wearing, shorts, argyle dress socks, and sandals both hold such a high opinion of my shoes, what does that say about me? It didn’t take me long, though, to decide that, beneath his don’t-give-a-rip exterior was a person of exquisite discernment who knew something good when he saw it. And then I went on my merry way determined to avoid eye contact with all men except my husband for the rest of the day.

So, now it’s your turn to tell me about that elusive dream piece of clothing that you’re hoping to stumble across for 50% off + a coupon someday (because, yes, that what’s happened to me…whoop!). Have you found it yet, or are you still on the hunt?

ALSO, would you do me a favor? I asked this question on the Facebook page and got lots of great, helpful answers, but I know not all of you follow along there, so I would love to know:

What are your favorite things that I do on the blog? What keeps you coming back for more?
Is it the style posts? DIY? Tutorials? Deep thoughts? Mama stories? My faith in Jesus? Silly randomness?
I’m all ears…

P.S. These shoes are for sale. I LOVE them. Like LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE.

mia shoes 2mia shoes

Sadly, while I can wear them for an hour with no problem, any longer gets a bit torturous. It might have something to do with the fact that they’re technically a size and 1/2 too small for me. Just a thought. ANYHOO. As much as I hate to part with them, I guess I’d better:

Price: $15

Brand: MIA

Condition: Excellent

Shipping: $6

Size: 7 1/2 (but they fit more like an 8)

Thanks ahead of time for your feedback! It helps SO much!


  1. Abbie, I’ve been reading your blog and following you on Instagram for awhile now, and I’ve always loved your sense of humor, your adorable, endearing imperfections, and your love for Jesus. Now, I’ve decided we could be best friends. I have those same turquoise heels. But the XL girls shirt from Target put me over the edge. So cute! That is so something I would do. Thanks for brightening my day!

    I like you telling genuine stories about life with babies. I like talk about thrifting. I like pictures of outfits. I like talk about fitness. I like talk about Jesus. It’s the variety (and the authenticity) that keeps me coming back… well, pictures of the twins. 😛

    I originally stumbled onto your blog when my husband and I were dreaming and researching the idea of buying some land and building a house (the dream is still alive; maybe in a few years!). And I loved it all enough to keep reading! 😀


  3. I like it all! I like the variety of your posts! I love that you let us into different parts of your life. Honestly, your blog is one of the ones I read most consistently because of your authenticity and honesty!

  4. LOVE the shoes! I used to have a pair of turquoise snake-skin high heeled sandals (Macy’s rocks the shoe department) – they were my favorites EVER. I lost them during a move, and have searched and searched for 10 years for something similar to ring my bell…

  5. I love your writting in general – you have a great voice – I love that it fluxes between house stuff and outfit stuff and family stuff and God stuff. That’s how I blog and that’s what I like to read. I like that you give me a glimpse into life in America – as a canadian I love that.

    I faithfully read everything you post – though I never comment because I usually read it on my phone and it always seems overwhelming to try but I love your blog and keep coming back 🙂

  6. Those shoes are AWE-SUM! I love all the outfits you paired them with…..they add the perfect pop of color 🙂 And that pic of your boys could totally be mine…..yep, dog-pile on the department store shelf…….they would be all over it!
    I have been looking for a pair of pointed-toe patent leather flats with bows in an orange/red color. Of course, JCrew has some, but I just ain’t payin’ that much……so maybe someday! I would also love an olive green military-style vest for fall layering. I’ve seen so many cute styles with them. I don’t think this one would be that hard to find…..I just have to actually look…..LOL!
    As far as what I love on the blog…..well, I love it all! Hard to narrow it down actually. I love your fashion posts & DIY & faith posts…..but mostly I love your honesty & wit! I always walk away with a smile or the feeling that you understand 🙂 That’s what keeps me coming back!

I love hearing from you guys!