Okay, so this is the second time now that I’ve used a Spanish word (moda = fashion) when my brain refused to procure a related English M word for today’s topic.

You guys don’t mind if I teach you a little Spanish via blogging, do you?

So, I mentioned on Saturday that I exercised great restraint in packing for our trip to the giant pear (y’all are funny) Big Apple. I wore all my shoes at least once. And almost all my clothes.

Shaun had already checked the weather extensively before we left (I kind of think the man missed his calling by not becoming a meteorologist. Or does your husband like to report on the weather twice a day too?), so I knew that boots and cute jackets weren’t even an option, since the average temps while we were there reached a high of 80 and bottomed out at a barely chilly 58 degrees.

Was I disappointed to not be able to say “I just love  New York in the fall” with a hot cup of something in my hand, a la Kathleen Kelly? Yes. I can’t deny that I was. But I don’t actually like being cold very much, and the heat allowed me to wear one layer at a time for the most part, which made stuffing all of my clothes into a carry-on bag possible and also kept me from accidentally leaving my jeans jacket behind on a train (not that I’ve ever done that before).

Speaking of You’ve got Mail, here I am in Riverside Park.


(Top: Target, girl’s section, XL – $9, Shorts: American Eagle, $20, Sandals: LOFT, from summer clearance, $10)

And here’s my plane outfit, to which I had planned to add a cardigan and a scarf, but it just wasn’t cold enough, darn it.


(Top: Target clearance from last week – $5.50, Jeans: Rich and Skinny from my fantastic jean haul – $3, Booties: Target from last spring – $10)

And here I am wearing my least favorite outfit with my least favorite hair (not that I’m “wearing” my hair; it’s real, I promise) of the whole trip.

The concept of a chambray shirt over a polka dot tank with white shorts and striped sandals sounded cute in my head. But in real life, it just looked a bit blah.


(Shirt: Walmart girls’ section – $8, Shorts: Old Navy clearance from about a month ago – $8, Sandals: Ross – $12)

Which brings us to what I wore to a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (which was really entertaining and resulted in a .015 second cameo of me and Shaun wildly waving before the Olive Garden graphic obliterated our heads as they cut to commercial).


(Top: Kohl’s clearance from a while back – $10, Jeans: GAP, at least 4 years old; Shoes: Seen here – Style and Co. from Macy’s, $18,)

And finally (almost) to the gussified outfit I wore for our night out on the town, which I memorialized with my $53 blowout (it’s still straight—Day 6, in case you haven’t been getting my instagram updates).


(Dress: From a boutique over two years ago, but this was the first time I’d worn it. Originally $280. I paid $25. Shoes, $0—OH THOSE SHOES!)

This is right in the middle of Times Square after we saw Motown the Musical (which was so so good, by the way). It was lit up like day. And that guy’s saggy-pantsed bum that is photo-bombing this picture was one of the more modest views around. Holy Moly! There were kids everywhere (even though this was taken at almost midnight), which made me all the more eager to tell the lady wearing nothing but paint and a thong and the cowboy in only his whitey-tighties strumming his guitar on the corner to take a hike! Sheesh.

We got back on Saturday night, and this last one was taken the next day. After my family watched all five of our children for 4 days and nights, his parents were nice enough to babysit while we went out for dinner and a movie on Sunday (my actual birthday).


(Top: GAP, old, $9, Jeans: GAP outlet, old, $15, Jacket: JcPenney from last spring, $10, Shoes: same as above, Bag: Fossil—a birthday present from the hubs)

We saw Gravity (which was a little hard for someone with an aversion to dark, open expanses). Of course, it’s a bit tense for anybody, considering the subject matter, but I won’t ruin it for you—only recommend that you watch it once (now that I’ve seen it, I have no desire to again, but it was really well done).

The only hiccup in our birthday date came when we tried to go to no fewer than 4 of my favorite local restaurants, only to discover that every one of them was closed on Sunday.

Somehow, we ended up at Outback Steakhouse, which is most definitely open on Sunday. We really need to stop scheduling special occasions on that day of the week.

So, there you have it!

Tomorrow, I’ll share more of the details of our fantastic whirlwind Big Apple trip, but at  least now you have the peace of mind of knowing what I wore (phew, right?).

Did you have a favorite look? How would you have styled that outfit I didn’t like to make it more interesting?

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  1. Oh dear….It looks like I’m really the only one to suggest something (you asked!) for that outfit you don’t like {yikes}, so here goes….you could add a belt over that denim shirt OR throw a scarf on (like a lighter weight yellow/white chevron)! Maybe that would have felt more “you.” Glad you got away and had fun and I know the reunion with the munchkins (hey….there’s another “M” word) was fun.

  2. Don’t you just love still being able to grab tops from the girl’s section?! I just recently bought snagged a cardigan from the girl’s section at Walmart. The price was way cheaper and fit me way better than some of those that I purchased from the juniors section.

    By the way, I love that blue peplum top and the casual outfit with the chambray shirt!

  3. I’m glad you and your husband had a great time. I live on Long Island and I love the city. Unfortunately, the naked cowboy has been in Times Square for at least 15 yrs. I used to work in the city before I had children and saw him all the time in all types of weather. I absolutely love the white dress. It’s so pretty and you look great in it. I love the camouflage jacket also. I’ve been looking for one that is fitted and feminine-looking and yours fits that bill.

  4. well, not sure what this says about e but I really like the outfit you do not care for. it looks very classic and as though it would be an outfit one could wear just about any of those places where you are not quite sure what will be proper.Glad you had so much fun. I bet the very best as the homecoming and all those little arms hugging and welcoming Mommy and Daddy back

    1. I don’t think it says anything bad about you at all. I think the problem is less with the outfit and more with how I felt in it. It just didn’t feel like *me* if that makes sense. And, yes, my favorite part is always coming back and getting jumped on by the kids and getting to hold my babies. Nothing better!

  5. Sounds like you really had a great time in the Big Apple. I really miss that city in some ways. I used to be a nanny in the Upper East Side. And live in Queens. Oh..yea about the naked cowboy I’m surprised he still there 🙂
    You looks gorgeous and great in all those outfit. My favorite is the one in Times Square. That dress looks stunning on you !

    1. Ha! We had fun seeing if we could spot which ladies with strollers were actually nannies (quite a lot of them, actually). And thanks for the compliments! (The Naked Cowboy…still shaking my head :)).

  6. im so jealous that you got to see Jimmy Fallon! He’s my absolute fav and makes me laugh out loud everyday. You looked super cute to go to the taping too…I would dress up like that too because you never know when you are going to be on TV. I was on the Today show in high school and had a t-shirt on…no good!

    1. The funny part is that I totally regretted dressing up by the end of the night because my feet were KILLING me from all the walking in heels. But I looked good for my .015 second moment of fame! : )

  7. New York has nothin’ on you, lady! You ARE stylish and fabulous, and your confidence shines. Beautiful!!

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