If yesterday’s post was an ode to the triumph of stumbling upon something you’ve been stalking for a while, today’s is all about the hunt.

So, what am I after now?

The perfect military jacket.

I keep talking about how I’m not trendy, but there are certain aspects of certain trends that definitely speak to me (harem pants never utter a single word). And the whole military look, with its brass buttons and olive green and general air of tough femininity…yeah. Me likey.

I’ve been hoping to blunder into a really great military jacket deal but haven’t had any such luck so far, so in lieu of being able to show you the real deal, here are five that I would snap up in a heartbeat…at least if I found them at Goodwill.


This Cotton Cargo Jacket is actually in the “big girls” section (question: if one is old enough to qualify as a “big girl,” wouldn’t one rather not be referred to as such?), but the reviews indicate that adults are buying it as often as not, and Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns, so trying it on is a definite possibility (oxymoron, I know; but I like the phrase).

big girl jacket

{Psst: the best part is the rear view, so make sure you take a peek at it}


This juniors version (also from Nordstrom) is cute too, if considerably less clean-cut.

rubbish jacket


I’m a sucker for anything with a hood, and I think this version is adorbs. And it’s actually from the women’s department, which is good since it might not be best for an almost 31-year-old woman (1 and a 1/2 weeks…sniff, sniff) to buy too many things from the “big girls” and juniors departments.

on navy jacket  anorak jacket

(Don’t think I’d be pairing with Daise Dukes, though)


Trust J. Crew (Factory, actually) to have something I love …for way too much money (not that it matters since it’s sold out).

j crew jacket


This one’s a bit of a departure from the rest, but I wouldn’t say no to something ruffly and all buttoned up if it looked like this.

arden b jacket :

(Of course it’s sold out too)

So, what do you think of military jackets? Do they pass muster for you? (Sorry; I had to go there).

And which style do you think I should go for? Tailored and pretty or casual? Did you have a favorite? Or a link to one you love? Do tell!


  1. I LOVE the military jackets and finally found one I like from Old Navy in the spring. Unfortunately, that exact one is not online anymore, but they do have a cute one. I’m not crazy for the patch (I like military, but lets not take it too far ;), but I think it could be easily removed. And they are having 20%off right now…..here’s the link: https://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=74688&vid=1&pid=648134002

    I also really adore the last one you posted with the ruffle…..it is a totally different style, but super cute!
    And yesterday, I said I was looking for a military vest and Old Navy has a cute one of those too. But after posting my comment yesterday, I headed to pinterest and found a link for one from JCPenney for $15 on clearance and found a discount code which made it $12!!! Had to pay $8 for shipping, but could have picked it up delivered to the store for $2, but I’m 30 miles away. I can’t wait to get it! I wasn’t crazy about the embellishments on the collar, but I think I could take ’em off. I’m having trouble w/ the link, but its on jcp.com and search “decree military vest”.
    My style inspiration has been from this blog:
    I love how she layers with lace & chambray……I’m all over it for the fall! Well, with my 30 week preggo belly 🙂 I’m still gonna rock it!!

  2. Abbie, would you believe I picked up one last night at Savers 50% off (similar but not the same to GW if you’re not familiar) and considered purchasing it for YOU, but didn’t trust my own judgement?! Guess I should have gone for it and you could have regifted or resold if it wasn’t right for you.

  3. I’m on the search for the perfect vest of this same style. I’m further south in TX than you – I’ll NEVER wear a jacket! 🙂

    BUT – I’m on the look out for real leather knee-high black boots with a great heel. Any suggestions on where to find a pair of those?!

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