This is just happened at our house.


{Somehow, I don’t think Nola is going to love me for this pic when she’s 16}

That would be a Banana Bread Break out on our back patio on a gloriously sunny and crisp fall evening.

I used this recipe, and it was divine. My kids are not huge carb-eaters, but they gobbled it up until I was uttering stern invectives about getting in “serious trouble”  if they didn’t take their grubby little butter and crumb-coated mitts away from the loaf.


The recipe didn’t call for nuts. But really—what good is banana bread with no nuts?



My favorite part (beside the pecans) was the crunchy (in a good way) crust.

IMG_7931 IMG_7934

Evy just knew she would love the crust too.


And she was right.


Not that Nola disagreed.

So, consider this a public service announcement that if you ever want to have a moment of family togetherness that looks not altogether unlike an advertisement for Country Crock (with a side of 4 spilled glasses of water, 1 tantrum, and 3 rather soggy diapers), then take 20 minutes and finally put those overripe, leaking-all-over-your-kitchen counter bananas to good use by turning them into oh-so-yummy bread.


And for 4 whole seconds, all you’ll hear is:


What’s your no-fail recipe (literal or otherwise) for putting a smile on your family’s faces? Special treats or tickle-fights almost always do it for us!


  1. I made some last night after reading your post and seeing the bananas on the counter! It was a good late night snack!

  2. Yummy! I LOVE banana bread…..and so does my fam 🙂 I think the quickest way to put on a smile on their faces is cookies……esp chocolate chip. They are crazy for them! Well, might have inherited it from me…..LOL!
    The pics of the kids are adorable! And the twins eyes’…….amazing blue! Beautiful lil’ gals 🙂

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