Hi there, guys.

Sorry about the weird posting schedule this week.

Honestly, though, it pretty much mirrors the events of the week, which have mostly consisted of waking up multiple times a night with an ear-achey toddler and getting ready for Allume.

I’m sorry, what? Did I forget to mention that I’m in South Carolina at the moment? Did y’all not get that memo? My bad.

I totally meant to write a post about it before I actually hauled the 3-hours-of-sleep version of me (which is way less fun than the 7-hours version, letmetellyou) out of bed at 4 AM so I could drive to Dallas to catch my flight to freedom…er…a blogging conference.

Anyhoo, if you’re looking for an explanation of why I didn’t follow through… see above mention of an ear-achey toddler.

It’s been over 23-ish hours since I’ve fed a baby or wiped a nose/bum/bleeding boo-boo, and while I miss the little boogers—okay, not the actual boogers—(especially after Shaun told me that Della sweetly said, “I want she,” when she saw my picture on his computer earlier; totally melted my heart, bad grammar notwithstanding), I’m not going to deny that this whole meals-prepared-for-you, Hello -Ann-Voskamp, I-don’t-mind-if-I-do-have-another-cupcake business isn’t fantastic. Foshizzle, yo. (Because apparently very little sleep + large amounts of sugar bring out my inner wannabe gangsta).

Throw in the fact that I have a fantastic roommate:

kristin and me

…a bag full of swag (SWAG-BAG! Did I mention I’m tired?)

swag bag

…and have already won something…

free shirt

And this is shaping up to be an amazing weekend already.

Consider yourself updated.

P.S. If you’re here at Allume (then you’re probably having too much fun to read this), and we haven’t met, come find me! I’ll be the one swatting at imaginary gnats with one hand while holding a cupcake in the other.

(Betcha can’t wait to come find me after that description).

I love hearing from you guys!