the best is yet to come

Welp. We did it. We made it to the end of October with an entire month full of M-themed posts. I’m pretty sure I need a plaque. Or a MMMmmemorial? (groan) Maybe we should pour some wet cement so I can put my hands in it. On second thought, let’s not. My kids would like that way too much.

Of course, I didn’t actually blog for 31 straight days (I think it was something more like 28 days total, with a few hiccups in between). But I’m good with that.

Thanks so much for tagging along on this marvelous, meandering, month-long journey (ha! I just had to).

But now that it’s done, it’s time to look ahead to what’s coming for M is for Mama.

I’ve got some ideas up my sleeves (one in particular that I think/hope you will love!), but if I’ve learned anything from life with 5 small children, it’s that flexibility is crucial. Well, not actual flexibility, thank goodness, since I’m the girl who has to stretch first before she tries to touch her toes.

But since you guys are such an integral part of this here shindig, I wanted to give you a chance to tell me the things you’d like to see more of on the blog.

Are you interested in hearing about:


My kids



Room Reveals

Mama Stories



My love for clipping fingernails (just making sure you were still with me)


I’d absolutely love it if you’d leave a quick comment telling me what you’d love to see more of in the future.

And don’t worry. If I don’t get any feedback, I’ve already got about 4,567 cat pictures saved on my computer as filler fodder until I find my way.

Won’t that be fun?


  1. i looove your room/project reveals, I would like to know more about homeschooling, decorating and diy”s plus any of your kid’s stories are cute and funny!

  2. Man, it’s hard to choose! I really enjoy all of your posts. Maybe more homeschooling and crafts if I had to pick.

  3. Love posts about the children! DIY, decorating, crafts and your Elephant project certainly strike a cord with me. Keep it real and just let your faith keep on shining through!

  4. DIY and decorating, Project Elephant (love him!) Also, I love it when you tell us stuff to “keep it real” and talk about stuff like patience, humility, being a flawed but faith-filled person.

  5. I LOVE everything you write about. Always seems to be “just right” for what I’m feeling that day :). I do love your DIY posts, fashion, home decor, kid/mama stories, faith, exercise…..ok, well that’s just about everything and then some…..LOL! Keep it coming…..I’ll be along for the ride!

  6. love your blog keep doing what you are doing mama! All us mommas need help on all the things you talk about!

  7. I’m a fan of projects but don’t mind the adventure stories of shopping with your whole clan or other kid stories mixed in.

  8. diy kids,fashion,crafts. I also have to tell you about the fingernail clipping story my kids will never forget. there was a lady that was the wife of an officer in our church that would sit down a bit late and as soon as the pastor began speaking, out came her nail CLIPPERS and ker chunk at least then times over her nails. the pastor just continued speaking over the noise week after week with everyone waiting to see how this would be dealt with. she was not OLD so no one knew what to think.. ended up being a brain tumor. who would have thought that was a signal. she did recuperate with treatment to shrink it. still interesting.

  9. I would love to hear about all of those topics. I love reading your blog and hearing your heart! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love DIY, room reveals, kids, Mama stories, fashion, and absolutely anything creative. I can’t wait to see what you will come up with!

I love hearing from you guys!