We have this saying here in East Texas that goes something like: “Don’t like the weather? Wait five minutes.”


I know that’s not very original or specific to our state alone. But it’s pretty darn accurate. I like to tease my husband about his weather app obsession by pointing out that it may say that we’ll have freezing rain on Saturday now (which it does, by the way), but that in no way guarantees that it won’t be 65 and sunny instead.

Like it is today, for example (after several weeks of fairly consistent 30 degree lows).   


{Dress: GAP outlet, $6; Shoes: Goodwill, $3}

I wore this outfit several weeks ago to church, but I thought it was appropriate for today, given the unseasonably warm temps. This has to be one of the most comfortable dresses I own since it’s made of super-soft cotton jersey.

It was only $6, but it was two sizes too big. Good thing I have mad ghetto tailoring skillz so I could buy it anyway, right?

I just took the sides in, and—voila!—a super-comfy, $6 dress to wear on those fall days when it decides to be 75 (after hitting a low of 28 the night before).

I love the pretty crochet details (the other thing that sold me besides its softness).


The tie around the waist has the same pattern and makes it easier to cinch it up.


So, what about you guys? Once fall shows up, does it stick around? Or does it come and go? It definitely comes and goes around these parts.

Also, please tell me how a girl is supposed to clean out her closet and get it organized when she can wear boots and a coat one day and shorts the next. (I have a feeling you folks with the snow in September are glaring holes through your computer screen at me right now).


  1. It has been in the 40s during the day here until this week when it’s been in the 60s. I’m a runner and I’ve been so, so looking forward to the mild temps they were ( and still are) predicting. Of course, I came down with a a deeo chest cold this week and can’t run. Ugh!

  2. I’ve traveled to several parts of the country and that “wait 5 minutes phrase” is everywhere. Here in lower Michigan autumn lasts about 6 weeks and then winter follows for the next 6 months.

  3. Oh warm weather how I miss thee. We had a major snow storm here yesterday (Reno, NV) and it going to continue for the rest of the week.

I love hearing from you guys!