I  had planned  on popping in to share the results of Wednesday’s Thrifted or Grifted yesterday, but it just didn’t happen (so many distractions and unplanned “stuff” are tied up in that phrase, as I’m sure you well know).

That said, as always, I LOVED reading all your fun, creative, nice comments here and on Instagram and Facebook.

I took them all into consideration when choosing the “winner” of the 5 free entries into our upcoming giveaway, and I couldn’t choose just one, so I broke them up into categories.

But first, I should tell you which outfit was thrifted and which was grifted.

thrifted or grifted results

Jeans: GAP/GW, $5
Top: J. Crew Factory/GW (with tags till on), $4
Sweater vest: Banana Republic/GW $4
Shoes: Mossimo (free from clothes-swap), $0
TOTAL: $13
Jeans: Old Navy, $12
Top: J. Crew Factory, $8
Sweater: J. Crew Factory, $9
Shoes: Old Navy, $8
TOTAL: $37

I wasn’t trying to tell you the answer in my original pic, but it was actually labeled correctly.

A was Thrifted.

B was Grifted.

In case you were wondering, 62% of you guessed that A was thrifted, citing everything from the slightly more worn out knees to the “sag” in the pockets of the sweater vest. In other words, you took my charge to scrutinize closely veeeerry seriously. Well done, you!

OH! And since I couldn’t choose, I broke up my favorite comments into three categories:

1) The Nicest AND Most Apologetic:

I definitely think b is thrifted, I always hate saying my reason why because I’m afraid I’ll offend you:( but here goes, the shirt in option b seems a little short for your normal style. Hope that wasn’t to mean :( it’s still really cute on you;)

Erin Dickson

Erin, if that was an insult, then you can insult me all day long. You are too sweet!

2) The Most Confidently Wrong

B is thrifted … because those leopard print flats in A are so de moda!
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Maggie B

Maggie, I always love your comments, and this one was no exception. You might not have been right, but you were not right with style.

3) The Best Storyteller

I think A is thrifted because the knees look faded in a non manufactured way. Aka, faded where a Mama’s knees rub on the ground as she trails her busy kids, gets down to tie shoes and zip up coats… you know the drill. ;) Those faded knee spots are my constant nemesis in keeping jeans! And as a side note, I LOVE both pairs of shoes you are wearing!

Laura Gehris

Loved catching that glimpse into your life, Laura!


So, there have it. Another round of T+G posted, voted, and done!

I’m already looking forward to next time! 🙂

P.S. With all of your detail orientedness, I am VERY surprised that no one commented on one little wonky thing (about something on me, not my outfit). As in something that’s missing (sort of). How’s that for cryptic? But still, I’m curious. Can you spot it?

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


  1. lol you only polished one set of fingernails…at first I was going with haircut until it caught my eye! As one mom to another, I’ve done that. Though sadly, not from chasing little ones around, but chasing after teenage boys who like to torment each other as if they were four.

I love hearing from you guys!