I mentioned sometime last week that the weather had been especially dreary for a while now.

Well…(some of you are about to hate my guts)…the high today is 76. Of course, it’s also overcast and muggy, so today might not be the day you should hate me for. But Monday? Oh man, Monday was breezy and sunny and warm and absolutely delightful. Yeah. You may commence the hating now.


The day we took these pics, though, was not a nice day, as you might be able to tell from the water stains on the deck. It was drizzly and MUCH too chilly for a light jacket with 3/4 length sleeves.


{Excuse my while I tug at said 3/4 length sleeves in a vain attempt at covering more of my goose-pimply arms}

Still, it’s a yellow coat, y’all. And when else could you possibly need to wear a yellow coat more than on an icky, nasty, ugly, rainy day? Especially considering the material is very water-resistant, which makes it the closest thing I’ve got to a raincoat.

Do y’all remember my leather jacket splurge? Well, this little number is the OPPOSITE of that.

The brand is Larry Levine, and coats just like this one are currently selling for $130, but I just so happened to stumble across mine at Goodwill for—wait for it—FOUR DOLLARS. Oh, excuse me: $3.99 (before tax, of course).

I took a poll on FB and Instagram to see who thought I should go for it, and all but one of the Facebookers were fans, but the IGers were considerably more divided (mostly because of its not-very-fitted silhouette).

But for $4? I just couldn’t pass up the chance to wear a sunny yellow jacket, even if only once or twice, knowing full well I could get my money back in a snap.

And now, let’s talk about my hair, shall we?


It’s been in a super-awkward phase for the last 2 weeks. Too short/thick to put up. Too long to leave down for exercise. And then there’s “Flip”—an adorably defiant little curl on the right side of my head that insists on airing her differences with the way the rest of my hair lies on a regular basis.

I have a hair appointment next week and had gotten myself all geared up for another big chop since every time I’ve blow-dried my hair in the last fortnight (isn’t that a fun word? Oh, and by “every time,” I mean all 3 times), Flip has made her presence fully known and the rest of my hair has started following suit so that the whole hirsute situation is about as angsty as a 14-year-old hopped up on massive amounts of hormones and bad country songs.

And then, of course, today—apparently because I was mentally threatening vengeance with scissors—Flip decided to lay low. Literally. And without their fearless leader, the rest of my hair decided to be all tame and swirly and pretty as it is known to do once every 6 months or so.

So, now I’m in a quandary. To chop or to trim? Sigh. I JUST DON’T KNOW. Also? I think I might need some chocolate to help me decide. Or George Strait. Or both.

Any thoughts on this oh-so-important matter? (Assuming you’re still awake?)


  1. I love the coat & love your hair. However, i have stick straight hair so have absolutely no experience or personal advice for your curly hair. But I think that yours is beautiful and always looks great!

  2. Love the coat! I wish I could wear such a happy color, but unfortunately yellow and my skin time do not get along at all. 🙁
    As for Flip, I vote for a trim. 🙂 If you are counting votes.

  3. Girl, my head is FULL of oppositional defiance disordered strands of hair. I cut my own hair bc it’s very curly and no one ever cuts it correctly bc they don’t know how. Well, I’ve been cutting on it again lately bc it needed to be layered a little more and I couldn’t get it symmetrical on the sides. Well, long story (or hair) short…now it’s too short on the sides. Like, it won’t lay down AT ALL short. Straight or curly. And God forbid it start getting humid again here. I live just north of Houston so I deal with humid like 24-7 times infinity. Once it starts getting humid again I’m gonna be looking like the flying nun of the south.
    Ok, But seriously, if it’s bugging you, my advice is to just let it grow out. Don’t cut or trim it. Atleast until you can put it up without any kind of awkwardness going on. Especially if it’s in that inbetween mode. You might regret it. But that’s just me.) And just for the record, I think it still looks cute despite what you see.
    By the way, I love the yellow coat! It’s very cute and cheerful!

  4. love your YELLOW raincoat! Perfect and for $4! Wowza! I was just tellin’ my co-worker the other day about you and your finds— I said she must live near some rich peeps! Though I must admit I have only been to GW 2x to shop for UGLY sweaters and many times to donate. (maybe I need to make a visit to see if I can match your finds?— although I am not a digger). As for “flip”….. what do you use on your hair (products)? You could pull off any length hair and it always grows back (but not fun to grow back). If you have never had a chop— then chop (Flip may make an appearance at any length)! or trim and try some other products to tame Miss Flip!

  5. I think you made the right choice in purchasing that rain coat. And yes, I hate the fact that you’re having such awesome weather right now.

  6. You know it’s some kind of natural law that once you decide to chop your hair, you’ll have a perfect hair day: never fails!!! Still, my opinion is to just trim it; this will be the first cut SINCE this major cut, right??? Your hair is probably still going through a learning phase; give your stylist a chance to trim up those rebel hairs before you go for another chop! Plus, it looks really cute and sassy this way, so let’s enjoy it a little longer! You can always cut it if the hairs just won’t obey

  7. First, LOVE the jacket. Glad you bought it!

    I say trim. Coming from a girl who loves in humidity, you may want to pull it up this summer! But, always cute, either way. : )

  8. I say trim not chop…and I am loving that you are a George Strait fan! And so jealous of your $4 find! Eat some chocolate and be thankful you have such happy hair 🙂

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