After last week’s ode to the wonder of boys, I thought it only fair to give my girls some exclusive time here on the blog.

(Plus, it’s been forever since I’ve bombarded you with cute twin pics).

So, when the weather turned warm this week, and I remembered the matching outfits from Uncle Shae and Aunt Hannah (my bro and sis-in-law) hiding out under my bed, I decided it was time for a photo shoot.

I shot these at the bridge on the running trail behind the gym where I teach, and the light was really great, which is good because I didn’t have time to do anything fancy or artistic.


The girls were too busy being, well, little girls to be much interested in posing, but between the boys being willing to chase down the repeat runaway (EVY!) and lots of runners and bikers coming through and oohing and aaahing over the triple cuteness threat, they stayed interested long enough for me to get a few good shots.


{Ru-un, Ev-y!}

Love this one.


{Watch out, Nola! Big Sisterzilla ‘bout to bounce you DOWN!}

Both girls are usually quite smiley, but Nola’s usually the more expressive of the two.


{Work that smolder, girl}

Not this time, though.


She insisted on maintaining a poker face throughout, while Evy clowned around.


I only have one brother, and he’s almost four years older than I am, so we didn’t really bond until I was about 11 (and by “didn’t really bond,” I mean that we had knock-down-drag-out FIGHTS that involved kicking and wrestling and scratching and screeching).


Since then, we’ve been the best of friends, but I haven’t the slightest clue about sisterliness, and to be completely honest, I was never one of those girls who pined for a sister growing up. That’s probably almost entirely attributable to the fact that I had a best friend named Ronda who lived a mile and a half up the road and with whom I spent practically every waking hour most days. We were so inseparable that “Me’nRonda” was practically one word in my vocabulary (much to my English-teacher Mama’s chagrin).


But just because I didn’t miss having a blood sister of my own (M’nRonda were pretty much the equivalent) doesn’t mean that I’m not thrilled that my girls get to experience the joys of sisterhood.

When the twins were first born, I was a little nervous about Della’s reaction. She was almost two at that point, and since 3 months, she’d been the biggest Mama’s girl you’ve ever seen—in the most endearing way. She was my little mini-me, and we were tight.


I worried she would resent this double-intrusion into her special bond with Mama. But, by the grace of God (and a lot of prayer), she weathered the transition amazingly well. She grew even more attached to Shaun, started playing more with her brothers, and, from the beginning, displayed a sweet fascination with “her babies.”


It wasn’t until recently, though, that they really all started playing together and interacting in a more meaningful way. In fact, when I went to pick Della and her brothers up from my mom’s house the other day, she threw her hands up with ecstasy when she saw the twins, exclaiming, “SISTERS!” as she ran over to hug them and drop a kiss on their heads. Then she tugged at their arms and said, “C’mon girls. C’mon. Wet’s go pway.”

That’s new. And I like it.


{I love Nola’s bemused expression here}

Their new favorite past time?


jumping on the bed

Jumping on the bed.

I can’t wait to see my girls get closer and closer as they grow up. I know the twins will have a special bond that Della can’t fully share, but they’re all such happy, outgoing, friendly little misses that I am hoping and praying that they will all be best friends. Yes, even when one of them uses the last of the other’s favorite nail polish, and somebody sticks somebody else’s bra in the dryer (on purpose or not).


Do you have sisters? What was that like growing up? If you didn’t, did you always wish you did?

What about little girls? Got any of those? I’d love to hear about your little sweeties!

P.S. If anyone else thinks that the twins look like adorable little Martians with spriggy antennae…I totally agree.

P.P.S. I’ve got a new MOMbassadors interview + giveaway for you tomorrow, and you’re going to LOVE it!


  1. Too stinkin’ cute!! I have two sisters, one older and one younger. Our relationships with each other have gone through SO many changes over the years. Sometimes I would be super close to one sister, then I’d spend more time with the other. It was a weird dynamic. But overall we were all close (shared a room… even shared a BED for years!) and even in our teen years we’d do random things like read through the whole Series of Unfortunate Events together, aloud.

    I’ve got one little girl and a baby of unknown gender coming any day. My daughter (2) is adamant that it’s a “girl baby.” For her sake, I’m kind of hoping that it is… or at least that she’ll accept it if it’s a “boy baby!” 😉

  2. I was blessed with 4 sisters! My dad really wanted a boy so I was named Lari (pronounced Larry) for him :). My sisters and I have always been close but losing our oldest sister to cancer when she was 26 (I was 18) brought us even closer together. I have 3 children…2 girls and a boy. My girls are 4 1/2 years apart but I am proud of how close they are….there is nothing like a sister!

  3. I have three sisters, 8, 12, and 17 years younger than me. Because of the age gap my oldest sister and I didn’t really connect until I was 16 and she was 8. She’s been my best friend ever since, with the two others and Mom close runners-up. My mom was an only girl with 6 brothers. She said she used to watch us in fascination because the whole sister thing was something she’d not seen before/personally experienced. She thought perhaps we were all insane, then realized we were just being sisters. : )

    Now I have two girls (in the middle of 6 boys), 2 years apart. Everyday is a tea party with their best friend. They fight like cats often enough, but couldn’t imagine not having each other. It’s so fun to watch (not the fight part!)!

  4. I love all three of my sisters. We didn’t always get along the greatest as kids but it seems the older we got the closer we grew.
    Now I have six little girls of my own. They have their times, let me tell you, every single day. But when it’s time to turn out the lights they all want in a bed with another sister so they can talk and snuggle the night away. And much as I want them to just go to sleep I just love when they get along so well at night. I just need one extra large king bed for them to pile into.

  5. Hi Abbie,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now and absolutely love it! When did the “babies” get so big? Time goes so fast doesn’t it? I have two sisters-eight and ten years older and i have to say I can’t imagine my life without them in it. They have taught me so much-about God, love, life, laughter. We have walked together through some dark,hard times (the death of our father to name one). I remember speaking at my father’s funeral with my oldest sister and breaking down in mid sentence. She gently touched my back and continued speaking for me-it was so seamless and natural …and when I was ready to speak again she seemed to know to stop and let me continue. That is just one example of our incredible bond-they have been just so incredibly supportive and have loved me through much. The bond that Della has with the twins may be different than their bond with one another, but it will truly always be special in itself, and she will always, ALWAYS be the big sister whom they can look up to and admire. Hugs to you all. By the way, I have two boys and one beautiful girl..

  6. I have 1 sister, nearly 8 years older than me. We are different as can be, and the age difference was a damper until I hit my 20s, but not we are quite close. It’s an amazing bond I’m loving!
    Love the photos of your little girls. How exciting to see them grow up close together.

  7. I had one sister, 6 yrs younger than I. She passed away Nov 2012. I miss her. Growing up we fought like cats and dogs, but as adults we bonded and though we only saw each other once a year since 2001, we emailed, facebooked, and quilted Round Robins during that time.

    My children are both girls…oops, women…who are 4 years apart. Again, didn’t get along well until they reached late teens and early 20’s. Now they live on opposite coast but phone, text and see each other as often as possible. Grandaughters, one in Seattle, one in Chapel Hill, NC. They are about 9 years apart. Growing up they saw each other in the summer and so are fairly close. Older one is now married and younger is 16. She has a younger brother.

    I could probably do a whole blog on this subject, assuming that I really did a blog.

  8. I have two sisters, but the first one wasn’t born until I was 13 and the other wasn’t born until I was 21– about 4 months before I got married! My relationship with my youngest sister is more of a mother/daughter relationship, especially since my little sister and my oldest daughter are best friends!

  9. I have 2 girls who are two and a half years apart. They are the best of friends and I absolutely love listening to them and watching them play together.

    I will never forget when I had my youngest (Claire) and my hubby and oldest came to the hospital. I said to Bridget (who was 2 1/2 at the time), come and see your new little sister to which she replied “It’s okay, I’ve seen her already”.

    As they have gotten older, the bond between then has become incredibly sweet and strong. Bridget has helped her younger sister Claire when it was time to start Sunday School, walked her to school on the first day, helped her get dressed. And for her part, Claire just adores her big sister. It is incredible, and I really could ramble on but I will stop there.

    Your daughters are so adorable. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on sisters and prompting me to ponder what I see everyday between my two girls.

  10. I’ve been thinking about sisters a lot lately! I have 1 older sister, 1 older brother (poor only boy), and 2 younger sisters. I also have a sister-in-law who never had a sister before and she told me she never really wanted one. I feel bad for her, because I honestly cannot fathom life without sisters!!!
    My big sister is 6 years older so when she was a teen I pestered her a lot, but somehow she was always patient with me and we are very close now. My little sisters are 1 and 2 years younger and when we were little we made a song (“Buddies, pals, buddies forever!” very creative…) that we sang all the time. We also shared a room and every night was a sleepover. There were times growing up when we fought like cats and dogs, but as we’ve gotten older and gone our own ways, we each cherish our regular phone calls and time together. I don’t have kids, but at this point in life, I don’t know of a stronger bond!!

  11. I am an only child and always wanted a sister! I have a girl and a boy and have enjoyed seeing them as siblings. I used to always wonder, “Why can’t siblings just love each other!?!” Now I get it! They love each other, but may not always like each other.
    My husband has two sisters, so I enjoy those relationships too.
    Thank you for sharing your pictures and sweet memories and thoughts about your girls!

  12. No sisters for me. I wished for one throughout my childhood! All three of your girls are growing up so fast! I thought of you at Hobby Lobby today…they had a whole table full of coral and turquoise “home accent” items for 90% off! Maybe they have the same at your local HL or online…

  13. They are so cute! I have 2 sisters. I was always close to the one 2 years older than me. My younger sister was 4 years younger, and we weren’t as close until she was in her teens. But I’ve stayed close to both of them.

  14. I have a sister that is 12 years younger than me, and originally is was a little weird because I was more of a “mom” than friend.
    Now, we are super close. She’s in middle school and I’m still pretty cool to hang out with and be around, which I’m eternally grateful. I’m sure one day soon I won’t be as cool and she’ll want to be with her friends instead of me, but until then, I’m cherishing these moments.
    My greatest hope is that I can use my life experiences to save her from things, and that I can teach her love and kindness.

  15. Cuteness overload! (Totally a good thing in this case!)

    I have two younger sisters, one five years younger, the other ten (almost 11) years younger. The age gap delayed any closeness with either of them for a long time. Still working on that with youngest sister. She’s the most like me out of my siblings, so we tend to clash more. The middle sister and I are pretty close now, though, and that’s a blessing!

    No, my brother and I have always been best friends. So I get the brother-sister fighting and bonding.

    It’s looking like I won’t be gaining any SILs, so my sisters will just have to do! And I’m totally good with that. 😉

    Oh, and I had a “Me’nEmily.” Haha!

  16. I have a sister that is 16 years older. She married and moved out when I was around 4. We were always close, but now she is my closest friend. Our daddy died in 2010 and since then my sissy, mom, and I have been going on Gaither Homecoming cruises together. This September will be our 4th. It is the most amazing time. We laugh like crazy, act silly, and worship! I am so thankful to have my sissy!

  17. I had no sisters either growing up and i loved it that way!!! 😉 I’m sure I would have killed her anyway and God in all His wisdom spared her. I had 2 older brothers and like you had a best friend “Me’nMichelle” right next door!
    God didn’t let me go forever though and I’m sure He chuckled when I found out His plan for me was 6 girls all in a row…..

  18. Sisters! LOVE! Your littles are SO sweet! I have 3 older sisters, growing up we were friendly but not best friends. I was really close with one and not the others due to our age differences. The oldest is 10 years my senior. But we got married just 2 years apart and now have little girls the same age! Having new experiences together has really let us get to know each other in a new way as friends and we LOVE it! We are actually going for a “sister weekend getaway” with no kids or husbands just to have fun as girls and be with each other! Sisters are the best! So much more fun than my 3 older brothers…

  19. I don’t have sisters. I have a SIL who is the closest I’ll ever get. She does have a baby girl though, and she’s about to have another one (any day now..) and I’m so excited to watch these little girls grow up. Yours are so precious!

I love hearing from you guys!