Well, that was fun! At the time that I stopped counting last night, the voting numbers for Team Blue and Team Pink went a little something like this:


Votes for GIRL: 44 – 26%

Votes for BOY: 122  – 71%

Other (in other words, those that didn’t get the memo that it’s not twins): 4 – 2%

So, you guys were pretty sure about yourselves, huh?

Yeah, we’ll just see about that.

Honestly, the kids already knew the answer since they were there for the sonogram, but I’ve yet to meet a small person who will turn down an excuse to make cake. So, Ezra, Simon, Della and I spent the morning yesterday making a gender-reveal cake, just for you guys (except, of course, that we’re the ones who actually get to eat it).

And not only that, but my first ever ombre cake. I thought the kids would have fun getting their own bowl of color to mix.

I was right.kids helping make cake-001

They stirred and giggled and then happily licked any remaining dribbles.


But honestly, you guys don’t really want to see cute pics of my kids right now, do you?

No, all you want to know is:



Well, let’s just cut that lopsided monstrosity open and see what’s inside.           IMG_3950

Et voila!


Y’all can tell that that’s blue, right? I did not anticipate the difficulty of transforming white (really, slightly yellowish) batter into blue, without its skewing green. But I am not, in fact, giving birth to a turtle.


So, there you have it!

The majority was right!

And we are officially the Brady Bunch.

(My mind hadn’t even gone there, but I’ve already heard it 10 times in the brief period since we found out gender, so I fully expect to get it a lot more).

Oh, and FYI, ombre cakes are pretty darn easy to make (unless, of course, your second layer breaks in half and causes your entire cake to start sliding off to one side…not that I would know anything about that).




Send me a pic if you make one of your own!

Just don’t forget to let your kids lick the bowl.



  1. I was actually right for once! This is so exciting!!!

    Congrats on another sweet little boy! You’re such an amazing person! We have four and want six!

  2. Awesome! I’m currently pregnant with my fourth child. We are having a girl. So that will makes us even Stephen! 2 boys and 2 girls. 😉 We will look into fostering or adopting in the future when we aren’t living in 1400sqft. Lol

  3. Congratulations!!! I’m so evicted for you and your family!! We’re expecting our 5th child in January – we have 1 boy and 3 girls so everyone is hoping for another boy 🙂 but we’ll take whatever God gives us!

  4. I hope that cake batter didn’t have raw eggs? I have a friend who got salmonella so bad doing that. he couldn’t even hold his head upright

  5. Oh, congratulations sweet little Mama! Ok, I guessed girl just because I wanted to go against the grain, but did anyone mention that in your pics you had a question mark after the girl but not after the boy? I saw that after I voted because my pics were slow to load. That was a total Freudian slip (is that a kosher thing to say anymore? I can’t recall if people say that for normal things anymore. I totally still have baby brain three months out!).

  6. Congratulations! We have three boys and three girls too — it’s so much fun. However, I’m still always hoping for a tie-breaker baby.

  7. Congratulations! That’s awesome!! I’m having baby #5 in February, but we have yet to find out the gender. Maybe I will do the same for family back home as we are currently overseas!

  8. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! And, it feels good to have been right 😉 Congratulations!!!

    Now we get to wait for the delivery, birth story and name…Eeeek! Love all the anticipations 🙂

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