I don’t know why I get such a kick out of polls and opinion posts, exactly, but I do, so today we’re playing the, “What’s in mah belly?” game.

Assuming you’re caught up on our latest big news, it’s time now place your most educated, well-thought-out, and, let’s face it, just-as-likely-to-be-wrong-as-right guess as to what manner of wee one is kicking around in my belly.

So, are you…

TEAM PINK                                         OR                               TEAM BLUEguessing the teamI will say that, as much as the words on my shirt seem to be saying yes no matter what, we have confirmed that there is only one sweet babe in there this time, so guessing Boy AND Girl will not work to your advantage.

Allrighty, happy guessing, and may the gender-determining force be with you, etc. etc.

{I’ll do the big reveal on Wednesday}


  1. Have no clue but perhaps you’ve unknowingly given us a hint by using a question mark on the pink side?!? LOL…my guess is blue!!!

  2. PINK…because you worked on Della’s room, so you must be thinking about where baby girl will live, but then maybe BLUE…because you worked on a girly room first so you could then focus on boy-baby stuff…maybe I’ll just wait until Wednesday’s post…

  3. Team blue! Love your blog by the way! I’ve been a non-commenting reader for a while now and really enjoy ALL your posts! They’re always interesting even when on a more serious topic and I even wait to read new posts till I have my coffee in hand.;-) Silly of me I know but its part of “Mamas relaxing time” for me. Keep the posts coming! 🙂

  4. I’m feeling girl, so team pink! But I am almost always wrong (even with my own), so it’s probably a boy. Confusing answer?

    1. You sound like me! I’m always wrong and have guessed all of mine wrong too!

      I’m gonna guess boy which=girl. One of us will be right

  5. Blue!! We are also 20 weeks and will possibly find out this week. We have two girls and are voting for a boy!

  6. Pink! You seem to be carrying high and compact, and are slender everywhere else. (Which makes me a little bitter… 🙂 You are too cute!!

  7. I just read your comment line of loving “comments so much” they’d be your sixth kid. And here you are taking a poll of your sixth baby! That’s great! I’d say I’m Team Pink! Congrats!

  8. Because I think the blue looks really cute with your outfit in the pic, Blue! 🙂 Makes sense, right? 🙂

  9. Team blue, for no other reason than the fact that everyone else I know (minus one) who’s had a baby in the past year and a half gave birth to a boy. There must be something in the air…

  10. Blue, because I like things to be even and symmetrical! (Although I have 1 girl and 2 boys and we are “done”, so, anyway, maybe we’ll adopt a girl!).

I love hearing from you guys!