I’m no social media maven. I’ve pretty much given up the Twitter-ghost, except to tweet my posts or to double-post my IG shots. I’m equally bad at Pinterest, which is practically a shameful thing for a blogger to admit.

But Instagram? Instagram I can get behind (you can find me at @misformama). I can’t even explain why exactly except that it just feels more…real…than most other social media outlets.

I use it to document the little moments of our life (I’m never going to be a scrap-booker, that’s for sure) and to interact with you, my sweet reader-friends.

Oh, and also to stalk the inspiring, pretty, funny, fantastic goings-on of lots of talented, creative, encouraging women out there in blogland.

If you’re an IG-lover too, then you’ll want to take a gander at these fun ladies’ accounts. I could have added plenty more, but these are the handful that I make sure to check in on on a regular basis. And since sharing is caring and all, well, I’m sharing…



Some of these ladies are my go-to source for escapist eye-candy when my kitchen is a mess and the laundry piles are up to my eyeballs, but most are that + a huge source of encouragement to me.

It’s so great to feel camaraderie with fellow homeschooling mamas like Laine and Mary (who amaze me with their craftiness on a budget and orderly homes), to laugh along with Sara and Jami (who are the queens of quips and spot-on emojis), and to feel uplifted by Woodsermom’s beautiful photos and wise/practical words (as she raises goats, plant-babies, AND 9 kiddos!!!), and on and on.





What about you guys? Are you fellow Instagram-lovers?

Any must-follow suggestions for me? I’m a sucker for pretty pictures, real posts, inspiring words, Godly advice, and funny hashtags.



  1. One of my fave momma IG’ers is @camppatton. Soooo hilarious….kind of a dry, sarcastic humor, but I’m always laughing at her posts & hashtags! Her blog is a must read too. She is married to an OB/GYN resident….almost finished, and they have 4 kids (5 & under) and she just announced another on the way.
    And as the previous commenter mentioned I just found joannagaines and love her too. I ran across her show while we were at a hotel (the only time we have cable) and I watched as many as they had on that night. We just have Netflix, so I’m hoping they’ll add some episodes there, but get my fix on IG for now 🙂

    1. Oh man, i just started following her because of your rec. She’s hilarious! Also, her hubby’s name is Simon, one of her littles is Theo, and one is Sebastian. Kind of crazy! 🙂

  2. I’m mostly a lurker cause I’m loving the children. Now I’m going to direct you to chatbooks.com
    The owner was just on a local tv station. App is free, 60 pg books are $6. There is also a custom book which she talked about that can go up to 365 pgs. Date and subject printed on the spine. I think you can just use the photos on your hard drive from what she said.

I love hearing from you guys!