There are so many great articles–both Christian and secular–out there about why the “erotic” BDSM novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, is wrong (you might be surprised by how many of these objections are coming from the secular feminist camp) and why the equally pornographic movie (if you think I’m exaggerating, consider that the director admits to its having 20 solid minutes of sex scenes out of its 90 minute run time) is the last thing our society needs.

I feel a bit redundant even bringing the subject up. Not to mention I’d rather give as little attention as possible to the book/movie/smut.

And yet, I feel like I’ve been given a platform–no matter how small or seemingly insignificant–to share truth. And the truth is: this book/movie are junk.

(And not even chiefly because critics have universally panned both as clunky and poorly written/executed).

Lest you think I’m being too harsh, let’s break down that innocuous sounding acronym: BDSM.

It stands for –





Ignoring all of the others for now, let’s just take a look-see at the definition of sadism, shall we?

Which is the…“enjoyment that someone gets from being violent or cruel or from causing pain, especially sexual enjoyment from hurting or punishing someone…a sexual perversion in which gratification is obtained by the infliction of physical or mental pain on others.”


Kind of blows that whole, “It’s just harmless fun” argument out of the water. (An argument that I’ve heard from many who identify themselves as Christians). The best I can tell, harm is kind of the point. And fun has nothing to do with it. Unless, of course, you’re the sadist. Any hands on that one? Anyone? I didn’t think so.

In case you’re wondering, I have not read the book, nor do I plan to. And I won’t be seeing the movie.

Mostly because of this:

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

There are all kinds of warnings in the Bible against sexual perversion, against wrongdoing, against willfully choosing sin. (Right after I wrote this post, our morning Bible reading was 2 Peter 2, and I couldn’t help but cringe). They are enough.

But even if I were to attempt to justify sin by claiming that these standards are archaic or inapplicable to our modern times, or even that this particular offering is really “not that bad,” I would be hard-pressed to ignore the flip side, which is the encouragement to focus on true, honorable, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, praiseworthy things.

Fifty Shades of Grey is none of those things.

It is, in fact, a mockery of them all and, outside of any Biblical argument, a source of serious concern for our society as a whole and the messages we are sending to our young men and women in particular.

This article is excellent and focuses on the far-reaching effects that normalizing violent behavior can/does have on the view our next generation has of sex in particular and relationships in general.

I love this question that the author of the article poses at the end of the piece:

“What does sadism and sexual torture (consensual or not) say to our culture about the value of girls? What does it say to boys about how they should treat girls? The youth of today are inundated with porn and sexually violent material—is nobody—nobody—at all worried about the impact this has on them? On the girls who are being abused by boys who think this is normal behavior—and think it is normal themselves?

Dr. Gail Dines relates that when speaking to groups of women who loved the book, they all grow deathly silent when she asks them two simple questions: Would you want your daughter to be in a relationship with Christian Grey? Would you want your son to turn into Christian Grey?

If the answer is yes to either of those, someone should call social services.”


Maybe I’m preaching to the choir, and you’re nodding your heads as you read this. Maybe you think I’m completely overreacting and have already unfollowed me. Maybe you’re on the fence and were planning on tagging along with some girlfriends because it kind of sounded fun.

Whatever your current stance, can I just encourage you to prayerfully examine your heart for any possible justification for supporting this sort of “entertainment” that falls so far outside the bounds of anything honorable, excellent, or praiseworthy? If you can find none (obviously, I’m going to argue that you can’t), please don’t go see the movie.

I have no doubt that crowds will flock to see it, either because of the buzz or because they read the book and need their imaginations realized by seeing it all acted out or because they believe the misleading packaging as a “romance” (excuse me while I snort).

They don’t need your ticket too.


  1. Hahaha!!! I stumbled on here looking for how to’s on shoe painting and ended up on a Texas bible thump site!!! Hilarious!! Would never see this movie because I’m a woman that would never “submit” to anyone, my husband included but you “Christians” sleigh me… Always judging the other guy!!! So funny, heaven forbid one of your children is gay!!! At least you have that re-education camp to fall back on!!! Keep praying away the gay and god bless!!!

    1. Wow-could you be more rude? I’m not Christian, I’m totally pro-gay rights and I’m sure there are many things I disagree with a lot of these ladies about-but I’m also sure we might have MORE common ground. Mocking their beliefs shows a ridiculous amount of intolerance on your part.

  2. And here is another great article where the writer took the time to write in details what is wrong and should make people stay away from a stupid, unhealthy story line which seems to codone physical and sexual abuse by turning it into a “cool”, “romantic”, “,exciting” “must see” film and book. It is truly appalling that violence, cruelty and rape are encouraged under a million poor excuses that may mess up a lot of young people and teens, who may want to try it just because the movie is being made so popular.

  3. I have read the books. And I enjoyed them.
    If a relationship is consensual and between two people who care for each other who is anyone else to judge?
    “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven”

    Platform’s are for opinions and if you want to use yours to judge that’s your prerogative but your line about “people who identify themselves as Christians” read pretty snide.
    Are you a better Christian because you didn’t read them but judged others who did?
    I am a Christian. In fact, I teach Sunday School. You may have many people in your life with a certain taste sexually that you may not approve of nor know about. And you’ve judged them and made them feel like poor Christians.
    While I’m sure this wasn’t the intention (I would hope) I still believe that it was an unfair post.
    I like your blog and wish you well.
    God Bless

    1. Just FYI: You realize when you say “who is anyone else to judge” YOURE MAKING A JUDGEMENT?!
      Does the Bible really teach us NOT to judge? No. It teaches HOW.

      1. I’m actually not judging her or anyone else.
        Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
        I must not understand the Bible the way you do, or at least we interpret it differently.
        I don’t want to condemn others for their views on sexuality. That’s between them and God.
        I don’t judge you for your view, or Abbie for hers we’re all entitled to our beliefs and as Christians will take responsibility for those opinions when we answer to God.
        Thanks for the FYI. We can agree to disagree.
        I’m obviously not going to have the popular vote because it’s different from yours. That’s ok. I’ll take my chances and answer to the God I know, love and believe in.

    2. “We live in a world that increasingly strives to (supposedly) promote the idea of tolerance, but actually becomes intolerant of Christian absolutes as it does so. Whether it involves religion, behavior, or human sexuality, there is a growing anti-Christian sentiment in America and other Western nations. Ultimately, built into this “tolerance” is the concept that truth is determined by each individual, not by God. This has led many people to conclude that making judgments on anyone (especially coming from Christians) is wrong because the Bible says ”judge not” (Matthew 7:1). Interestingly enough, those who reject the notion of God or the credibility of the Bible often attempt to use God’s Word (e.g., by quoting verses out of context) to excuse their actions when they are presented with the gospel and the plight of sinners for rejecting it.”

  4. I did see the movie. I had started to read the books a few years back but honestly couldn’t stomach it after the first few chapters of book 1. I struggled spiritually for several days of whether to see the movie or not when my girlfriends were planning their night out. I knew enough about the book from my two best friends who read the books multple times to have an understanding of how things were so I shouldn’t have been surprised. I prayed and fought a spiritual warfare internally but I ultimately decided to see the movie as to have a better understanding what was portrayed and seen so i would understand if/when my 15 year old twins (daughter and son) happens to ever watch it. Cause one day soon it’ll be on DVD and guess what?… one day He or she willl be at a friends house whose parents wiil not be closely monitoring and doesn’t have the same belief’s I do and they’ll watch the movie or heck even at school someone will have it on their phone or device and he/ she will see some/all of it. So I wanted to be prepared to talk with them about it and help them understand it does that ever occur. AND I HATED THE MOVIE…AND it’s only 1 of a 3 movie series. I was so emmotionally and mentally disturbed when it was over. I hardly slept for 3 days and my mind just goes over and over how awful it was. I wished I had never seen it. I pray my kids never see it but I know deep down in this society that I can’t prevent that from happening. I just want to be prepared to help them and talk with them as an informed adult. It scares me what this world deems justifiable and acceptable and that my children are growing up in it.

  5. I’m totally out of the “entertainment loop”!! These days I’m thinking this is a good thing. I did hear of this book, but had no idea what it was about. I didn’t even know there was a movie coming out. But YUCK!! I totally agree with you Abbie and thank you for taking a stand. And no, you don’t need to view the movie in order to decide that it is filth. That’s like saying, I think this meat has e.coli but I better eat the whole burger to make sure. Ummmm, no! You will pay dearly by throwing up your toenails for days. If you know in your heart that the Lord wouldn’t approve, no need to fill your mind & spirit with things that defile it. Appreciate your heart on the matter Abbie!

    1. Lol e.coli!!!!!!! Yes! Exactly! Let me pretend this isn’t going to harm me in some way just so I can get my fill because it tastes good in this moment…..forget the side effects! I’ll just pretend I’m not sick! …… are spot on w your analogy.

  6. Secular Jew here chiming in because I love your blog, Abbie 🙂 and I’m happily home with my wonderful husband and family this afternoon while a bunch of girlfriends are going to see this dreck (Yiddish for junk). Didn’t read the book and have NO intention of seeing the movie. There are too many other wonderful things out there to read and watch. I, however, do keep my opinions to myself in real life-it isn’t my job to be the viewing police for my friends.

  7. Abbie,
    First, let me say I love your blog and your devotion to The Lord. I’m surprised you would judge a book or movie without reading or watching first. You seem to have a problem with the subject of BDSM. Would you be surprised to know that BDSM is not portrayed in an attractive light in this story? It is how the main character copes with a traumatic childhood. He gives up this lifestyle when he falls in love with a woman who does not share his passion for it. Now, if you said you were against it because it encourages sex outside of marriage, or because you have no desire to watch strangers being intimate, then by all means go for it. But to criticize something so specifically without really looking into it? That seems strange for a well educated woman like yourself.
    Thank you for allowing me to share.
    God Bless

  8. Well said, I so totally agree, I have read book one, and half of book two, and do not think I can finish. You are spot on… we do not need to fill our minds with this. Thanks for speaking up! So many of my Christian friends have happily advertised to FB that they have gone to the movie,,,so scary sad….please Jesus pour out your grace and mercy on us all…we Love you but we do not know what we do,,,

  9. Just another thought and perspective. I have not read the book and do no plan to see the movie. I have heard this is a sexual relationship between two consenting adults. Great.

    Are the two adults married? I don’t think they are. From a biblical perspective, this is still not ok in the eyes of God. We are called to view our bodies as living sacrifices for God and not to commit adultery. Adultery is not just cheating on our significant other, but also not honoring them in all we see, read, and do. Even our eyes and minds are part of that living sacrifice.

    Abbie pointed out there is 20 minutes of sexual scenes. Now, if our husbands were going to see a movie with sex scenes we would be calling this porn. Why is it ok for women to see movies like this and not men? The people that make porn movies are two consenting adults too, but that does not make it ok. I know my husband would not appreciate me seeing this type of movie and nor would I want him to see it.

    Our society says it is ok for women to show their breast in sexual scenes, but many people do not think it is ok for a mother to nurse her baby without a cover. I am not trying to start a debate about nursing mothers, but maybe just cause people to stop and think. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, however, there are no gray areas when it comes to one of God’s rules for our life. He doesn’t give us commands to make us not have fun, but to live a full life. Commandments not only show us our sin like a mirror, but also curb and guide us when we need to be shown our sin. Thank God for the amazing grace he showers us with daily!

  10. Agreed. Thank you! Also, have you seen the bdsm things for sale at Target? Makes my heart sad!
    “A weakness of Western culture is the accelerating breakdown of families. Every Christian should be strong in upholding families”•
    Do bsdm items & does this movie glorify God & strengthen the family?

  11. thank you. how does one cleanse their brains of garbage ? then, the desensitizing that takes place from feeding ones conscience with it leads to more garbage.

  12. Amen. I have not read the book and will not be watching the movie. When the previews are on the tv, I can tell immediately by the way I feel that it is not something that I should be watching. Thanks for the post.

  13. Abbey, thank you for taking the time to take a public stance on this issue and for standing for Biblical truth. I pray that you have a great day and that you and your family have a wonderful weekend. God bless!

  14. I agree that we need to be careful what we consider to be entertainment (and that we should definitely avoid this book/movie). I’m glad that people are being so vocal about how dangerous it is.

    I also think that the principle of avoiding any “sort of “entertainment” that falls so far outside the bounds of anything honorable, excellent, or praiseworthy” can and should be applied to much more than just Fifty Shades of Grey. There are so many other television shows and movies that are incredibly popular that definitely do not fit into that category. I’m not, of course, implying that you have this problem. Just that generally, I think we (Christians) could use a lot more discretion when it comes to entertainment choices.

  15. Well said! I made the mistake of reading the books a couple years ago, and the story’s main character, Anastasia, is one of the weakest, most poorly developed characters I’ve ever come across. She is a horrible role model to any woman, and it is no surprise to me at all that the criticism is coming from the secular feminist camp. Kudos to everyone who stays away from the book and the movie!!

  16. I too, would rather just ignore such bad literature and anything that joins the rank of pop culture unfortunately doesn’t require much, or any, depth, skill, or talent of any sort on part of writer or reader. We also have to remember as women, our children-our girls-are watching us. It is easy for those with little ones to say ‘who cares, lighten up’, but I wonder if you would one day want your daughter to date a teenage boy who saw this movie and was under the impression that this is what your daughter would like? I wonder if she got her hands on the book as a teenager and would know you read it and liked it, as her mother, could you explain that? Would you want to?
    There is SO much good literature out there-even good romantic literature if that is the appeal-but this? This is just, for lack of better words, illiterate ridiculousness.

  17. For those Christians defending BDSM and therefore defending the books/movie… let’s not even focus on that form of sexual lifestyle or whether you deem it appropriate, but instead on the fact that the books & movie are pornography, which is biblically not ok in the eyes of God. I continue to be amazed that if this were targeted at men, it would never have gained so much popularity as a book and probably wouldn’t have been made into a movie. Men need to go on their computers or anonymously rent porn to watch it. But because it targets women, it is called “romance” and women are giggling and openly flocking to the theaters to see a naked man and woman get it in on and calling it silly entertainment… Really? How can we be so blind as a society? If I were a man, I would be offended that it’s considered OK for women to do this.

    1. Excellent point. The truth is that “erotic” novels–no matter what method of sex they represent–are simply another form of pornography and completely against the God-ordained beauty of sex within the bonds (ha! bad choice of words) of marriage.

  18. I’ve read the books. And I’m not seeing the movie. I had originally made plans to, but after being convicted by the spirit through numerous ways, I am choosing to not follow through with seeing the movie. Thank you, Abbie. For being a great example and reminding us what the truth is.

  19. As someone who actively lives in a relationship that includes both marriage before God AND BDSM, SM doesn’t necessarily mean SADISM.

    That little “S” there?

    It’s also UNIVERSALLY understood to be SUBMISSION. Which I am, as a wife, called to do IN ALL AREAS, INCLUDING, BIBLICALLY to NOT deny my husband my body for his pleasure (nor he his body for mine!) for ay reason other than illness. The “M” is used in those instances for Master, of which my husband IS Biblically called to be the master of both our home and my body, as his wife. And yes… we have spent time discussing our choices with our pastors.

    It brings us great pleasure, both physically and SPIRITUALLY, to live this lifestyle. ANd in the end? It doesn’t look any different from YOU styling your hair or wearing clothing YOUR husband deems attractive, presenting your *goodies* in ways that only HE gets to appreciate them, etc.

    New Testament.


    My problem isn’t with people wanting or not wanting to read the book/see the movie/tell us all why we should or shouldn’t read/watch it. We’re all, in the end, entitled to our opinion, and responsible to God for our choices.

    BUT I do take issue with people judging a lifestyle they really know NOTHING about other than what the media sensationalizes because it isn’t plain old missionary sex.

    1. Well said melle. Is it not also a sin to pass judgment? Yet almost everyone on this blog is laying that one on thick. Maybe you should read the book first and then have an opinion. If you did read the book you would feel a bit silly as you would realize just how off the mark your opinions are.

      1. Actually, telling people not to judge is not biblical at all. That verse has been taken way out of context. We are to actually lovingly confront another Christian brother or sister with his or her sin. Jesus does, however, tell us to remove the plank in our own eye before trying to remove the speck in our brother’s. If Abbey were reading the books and watching the movies, and then telling us not to do so, she would be in error. However, as it stands, she and the others are doing the biblical thing here.

        Destiny Kidd

      2. I read the books and found the only emotion I felt while reading them was sadness at the weakness and lack of stability both characters showed. I found nothing interesting or romantic in the books. I found them to novels about dysfunctional people and relationships that we are supposed to buy into as being normal or loving. And there is NOTHING romantic to me about a man that is obsessed with me in any way, emotionally or sexually. And I found nothing endearing about it in the books either. And I would certainly feel sad if my daughters read the books someday and accepted that relationship as normal, healthy, or romantic.

  20. This is Abbie’s blog so she has the right to say how she feels on it. Christians are obligated to help others to see the light of God. We all should remember that the world is lying in the power of the wicked one. That is where this garbage is coming from. As far as interpreting the bible, it interprets itself. The words are there as plain as day and if we choose to think that isn’t what he meant or that’s too old fashioned, that’s on us. He still feels the same as when those words were written. He does not change and his will will be done on earth

  21. I’m glad you wrote this. Typically I don’t jump into the fray when it comes to certain topics, but I actually shared an article on fb. This movie and the ideas it promotes are not okay and we shouldn’t pretend it is. I think the movie being in theatres can trick people into thinking it’s not that bad.

  22. I don’t watch much TV, but when I did, I will admit to being desensatized to a lot of what’s on there. Once I stopped watching it, I realized that most of it was just garbage. When I think of why 50 Shades is on the Best Seller list, I start to realize that society is blind enough to support this! I think there is something deep down poking people making them think, “aww….this isn’t the best thing. It’s a little messed up, but everyone else is reading it”, but the fact that everyone did “support” this book by giving it ample amounts of $ says that we really do support this idea, and we need people to speak out and say, “Really! Think about this! Do you REALLY support this?! Because you shouldn’t!!!” Sometimes (me included….like every day probably) We all need to take the blinders off!

  23. Certainly, I fall into the “choir” camp on this subject. A good amount of my close friends are wanting to see it but that is one girl’s night I’ll not be attending. Way to point us back to His word, our hearts, and asking Him to direct our actions. That was the best “opinion” you could have offered on the whole subject.

  24. I am a faithful reader, and while I rarely leave comments, I NEEDED to thank you for this post! I have always been completely against this book – both for the content which normalizes and justifies abuse and for the literary embarrassment that it is. (No, I never read it, nor will I ever read it, but I know enough to stand firmly against it). It saddens me deeply to watch society support this. I have been very vocal about my feelings, and most people think I’m uptight and judgmental for it, so it’s incredibly refreshing anytime I come across someone who shares my feelings. I commend you for sharing this and I pray that at least one person impacted by your words.

    I also want to say to any survivors who are reading this that there a whole community who recognizes the horror in this book and movie. It’s not “just” entertainment, it’s certainly not “romance”, and it’s NOT OK.

  25. While i have no interest in reading the book or seeing the movie i think your view on it borders on the line of overreacting.

    Don’t forget that BDSM does not mean males dominating females. It is just as often the other way around. It’s so very wrong for you to outwardly judge someone elses sexual preferences. Just because this sort of sexual relationship isn’t your bag doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s certainly not my bag but i don’t think that in 50 shades of grey the sexual relationship is not consensual. Our children could have any combination of sexual interests as they grow up that really aren’t our business nor are we able to control what they may be.

    Although i have no interest in seeing this movie, I think super judgmental thoughts about sexual orientation should be kept off of a home/lifestyle blog.

    1. I haven’t read the book either, but I’ve read several articles with excerpts that show the relationship is, in fact, not consensual. I think that’s one of the biggest concerns – this is not even an accurate portrayal of a BDSM relationship – it’s a portrayal of an abusive relationship involving mental, physical and sexual abuse. I’ve worked with survivors of domestic abuse for years and this book is, unfortunately, a nightmare-turned-reality for many women (and men). The fact that so many people read this book and believe it’s consensual only shows me that our society still doesn’t understand that no means no. I have three young children and I will always support them and whatever sexual preferences/interests they have, but I will NEVER accept or support them being in abusive relationships and will do everything in my power to prevent it, including teaching them that this is not normal and it’s not ok. I sincerely hope my daughters never meet a Christian Grey and I would be devastated if my son ever acted like one.

  26. One thing we as Christians should understand is that we should not be entertained by sin. We should be repulsed by it. We should seek to rid it out of out lives and live in the light of Christ. That said, it took me a long time to realize that a lot of the romances that us women are attracted to involve a whole lot of sin entertainment. And whatever you think about this book, it is sin entertainment. And we should be repulsed by that.

  27. I love your blog and Your family is gorgeous 🙂
    But I’m going to disagree with you on this one! I DID read the books and I’m going to see the movie with a group of girlfriends tonight. I actually liked what I read.. And no, I don’t want my husband to tie me up now.
    To me, it’s a book, it’s a movie. It’s a story. Just like every mystery book I read, I know the difference between reality and a book. Maybe some people have a hard time with that?
    To each is own, and I understand why some may have issues with this book/movie. For me personally, I have no issues with it and am not embarrassed to say I enjoyed the book. I’m also not embarrassed to say I will be watching the movie. In this scary , hard world I live in .. Sometimes I just need to get a way from it all, and this is one of the ways I choose to do that ! No christian guilt either.. I got rid of that a long time ago 🙂
    I do appreciate your side though! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    1. I would rather you defend your position with Biblical truths rather than just your personal opinion. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you personally think or what I personally think – it’s about what God thinks. Read what the Bible has to say about sex and sexuality. The books and movie are in direct conflict with the Bible, as Abbey explained quite well. Filling your mind with things that go directly against the Bible in such an obvious way is very dangerous and sinful. It’s essentially shaking our fist in the face of God, telling Him we know better and His commandments don’t apply to us.

      1. There is a presumption by you and the essence of this post that all people interpret the Bible the same. We dont. I am Christian in my heart, mind and actions. But I dont think consensual sex in its many forms is a sin. And while this movie or book are not my cup of tea I am not going to tell people you are “shaking your fist at God” by watching or reading. That may be your biblical truth but not mine.

      2. I don’t need to defend my position to anyone. That is a fact. I was stating my opinion, a opinion I stand by.
        And SERIOULSY.. Do NOT tell me what I am doing is sinful!! What a disgusting judgemental thing to say. You may interpret the bible one way.. And I may another way. I don’t claim to know more then anyone else about the bible.. But I know one thing… I would never be so holy that I would tell someone what the choose to read or watch is a sin. You, April, give Christians a bad name.
        I did NOT feel as if Abbie was being judgemental at all, she said what she felt in a loving way. So unlike you.

      3. Amen, April! The “Christians” who are trying to justify reading and seeing this trash are being deceived by Satan. I would ask them, “Would you take Jesus with you to see this film?” Well, if you have been saved by grace through faith, and therefore have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, you ARE taking Jesus with you too see this filth. Based on what the Scriptures say in Philippians 4:8, I do not think Jesus would be pleased with this film and I think born-again Christians should avoid it.

        1. Seriously. I cannot handle
          Being a christian anymore.. If this is what it’s like. The judgement is more then I can handle. Really.
          Being “deceived by satan”? Are you people CRAZY???? It’s a book. It’s a movie.
          People are RUNNING away from the church.. Because of people like you.
          What happened to not judging? What happened to Faith Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is love? What happened to just loving one another ? I’m blown away.. Totally and completely blown away by the pure mean spirited way people throw God around. Like I stated before.. Abbie started this conversation and she came across caring and non-judgemental. I am pretty sure when she wrote this she was not wanting people to come on here and call 50 Shades readers sinners and deceivers of satan.
          I’m fed up. I’m angered by Christians. It’s saddenes me and hurts to know that this is the way people feel.
          Those who sit behind a computer screen and try and use Gods name in a hurtful way is NO BETTER then us sinners who like a book!!!!!

          1. Beck, I want to respond first by saying my intention was not to hurt you in any way, and I do apologize if I have hurt you. My intention was to love you the way the Bible defines love. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find we interpret the biblical definition of love differently, as well.

            There *is* absolute truth. There *is* a right way and a wrong way to interpret the Bible. I’m sure I get it wrong sometimes the same as any other fallible born-again Christian. But while some things in the Bible aren’t always specific to a certain situation, it’s VERY CLEAR on the topic of sexuality. Leaving aside everything else regarding the sex in these books and movie, from what I understand the sexual activity that goes on between the two main characters is between two *unmarried* people. The Bible clearly states that is outside the Lord’s plan and boundaries for sex, which makes fornication and adultery disobedient to God and therefore wrong and sinful.

            Beck, you are angry at me for being judgmental, but you are judging me for having my opinion that I am trying to base off of biblical truths. The absolute truth is we all must make judgement calls about everything, but we will be judged by the same standard we judge, so it’s important to be careful. Yes, I do judge, but I also realize that I am subject to being judged myself. It’s inevitable. People will judge. We just have to be careful how we judge.

            I don’t intend to continue responding to this thread because there comes a time when I just need to leave things in God’s hands (not that they ever weren’t in His hands to begin with). However, Beck, I do want to ask you something. You can take it or leave it, think about or respond or don’t. It’s up to you.

            If these are truly “just books” and it’s merely “just a movie,” why was your response so visceral towards me? By your logic, I’m just another person stating their opinion, and if these books and the movie are truly not worth so much effort, then why feel the need to defend them, be offended, get angry, etc.? It shouldn’t matter to you. And yet it seems to matter to you a great deal. Why is that? Is it just because I’m being so judgmental? Because I disagree with you? So what? By your logic, my truth is my truth and your truth is your truth and we may not share the same truth. Big deal.

            You see, truth is truth, and you can try to deny that all you want, but that doesn’t make it any less truthful. Either the Bible is your standard or you are. And I’m banking on the fact that God has a much better knowledge of truth than I do. After all, the Bible says God IS truth. And the Bible also says God is unchanging.

          2. April.. I really don’t want to respond again.. Because this is really stupid.
            However … To answer your question as to why I was “visceral” towards you. It’s not because we don’t share the same opinion. It was because you called me a sinner and accused me of shaking my fist as God. That’s why. I could care less what you feel about 50 Shades. However, when you started name calling because of MY opinion.. That’s when I was not ok.
            Second.. If your new opinion is that the movie/book is bad because of the “fornication”before marriage…. Then I’m assuming every book, movie, TV show that is read/watched by anyone that shows/talks about this is also a sin? That must mean everyone who reads or watches tv is sinning/shaking their fist as God .
            I’m done with this… I will not be coming back to read anymore comments, I just hope you can understand how you came across so hurtful and judgemental. You never know who is reading what you wrote and how you can hurt someone.
            Being a Christian (in my opinion) is loving as Christ loves us. I choose to live my life not judging ones lifestyle, not judging what one reads or watches. I choose to love and accept everyone. I pray my love for those around me, shines for God. I pray people will turn to God and feel his love the way I do. I cannot possibly understand how calling someone a sinner and judging what one does will Bring others around me closer to God.
            This is how I choose to live my life and Raise my children.
            I’m quite proud of my life and how far I’ve come. I will not let someone I dont know, make me feel like I’m a sinner and not worthy of Gods love. Words can hurt. Please, don’t ever forget that .

          3. Beck: I want to support what you said. Not all Christians are the same, hence the many denominations that follow Christ. People do interpret the Bible differently. Its been translated , interpreted and reinterpreted multiple times before any of us studied it. So to say that God’s word is absolute is factually untrue. What is absolute is the more conservative Christian’s commitment to their version of the Bible’s interpretation. I respect that but its not way I look at Christ’s life. I know they believe evangelizing is their mission. I am more likely to listen and engage if they are respectful and try to understand my POV. I think Abby does a good job of that.

  28. I have no idea what this movie is as I don’t watch movies or have a tv, but it sounds like that old serpent is up to tricks again. May God protect us and our children.

  29. I totally agree! I don’t consider myself particularly conservative or particularly religious, however this book and subsequent movie really bothers me! On a separate note, the Vermont Teddy Bear Company is selling a “50 Shades of Grey” bear this year……how weird and disturbing is that?


    1. Hi Ginger. I have heard that teddy bear being advertised on the radio. My husband and I were disgusted! The amount of perversion in our society today is astounding!

I love hearing from you guys!